/ June 26, 2018
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Utilities and Applications for Setting up Smart PositioningTechnology (SPoT) by Ruckus – A Technology Platform for AccuratePositioning for Location Based Services.

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With Ruckus Smart Wireless Installation & Provisioning Engine(SWIPE), you can more easily register the Ruckus Access Points(APs) being managed by the Ruckus SZ or vSZ. Deploying a new AP isnow as simple as scanning the barcode of the AP, entering in the APName, taking a picture of the installed AP, and choosing aconfiguration profile (AP Group) for that AP. The AP willautomatically connect to the SZ & download the appropriateconfigurations. Ruckus SWIPE makes it easier to remotely manage ortroubleshoot existing APs by highlighting APs with issues andone-click navigation using Google Maps. SWIPE can also test theperformance of existing APs and store the data. SWIPE also helpseliminate the inefficient and error prone process of manuallyupdating backend systems with AP serial number, MAC addresses,location, IP address, etc. using a notepad, email or phone. SWIPEusers can simply email information such as serial numbers, MACaddresses, AP model numbers, firmware version, location(Latitude/Longitude), as-built pictures, etc. SWIPE Requires SZ orvSZ 2.5 or higher
Ruckus SpeedFlex 2.16.1 APK
ONLY DOWNLOAD if you have SpeedFlex or a Ruckus Wireless network!SpeedFlex is a wireless performance testing tool. Based on the opensource performance test tool, Zap, this comprehensive yet easy touse application from Ruckus gives users a simple way to collectsite performance data. It can be used to validate the performanceof an existing installation, or assist in planning a new sitedeployment. Simply connect to a Zap server – such as a RuckusZoneFlex AP or ZoneDirector - and you can instantly test networkthroughput. Easily capture real time through put, packet loss andsite data. Send an email with the results packaged in a PDF, CSV orKML formats. Throughput based analysis Test throughput by protocol(TCP/UDP) and link type (UP/DOWN) See instantaneous graph ofthroughput while test runs Choose destination from a list of nearby APs on the current network Save screenshot of the test resultsEnable application logs and share them for troubleshooting Usesharing options to share the test results to social networks likeFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (provided that these apps areinstalled on the device) Print or email results with location data
Ruckus - Harmony for Xclaim 1.1.2 APK
A New Way to Wi-FiHarmony for Xclaim makes Wi-Fi management forXclaim products easy, accessible, and simplified, unlike cumbersomemanagement solutions that require Internet access or hardwarecontrollers. With automated and secure Access Point detection, theuser simply logs in to the app and steps through the wizardprocess. This allows any user, with little to zero technicalbackground, to be able to setup an enterprise grade Wi-Fi networkin minutes. Key Features:- Controller-free multi-AP management-Simple & secure AP discovery- Elegant user interface- 4 SSIDsper AP- Simple wizard driven setup - Real-time statistics-Dashboard view of network- Hassle-free maintenance
Ruckus Cloud 2.9.0 APK
Use Ruckus Cloud app to manage your Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi enablednetwork. Managing a Wi-Fi network has never been easier. Whetheryou are a SMB store owner, or a School District IT manager, youhave 1 AP or 100, the Wi-Fi network can be set up, monitored oreven quick updates could be made with simple clicks on your mobilephone. * Add APs to your network by simply scanning the serialnumber. * Insert text or image ads into your guest Wi-Fi page atany time and as many number of times as you like * Unblock a guestWi-Fi user who has just consumed the free Wi-Fi limits * Getnotified when AP status changes - the use cases are limitless. Andwe are just getting started. Welcome to Ruckus Cloud family.
ZoneDirector Remote Control APK
ZoneDirector Remote Control is a groundbreaking application thatenables users to configure & monitor Ruckus ZoneDirectors (ZDs)and Access Points (APs). Users of this application will be able toperform AP configuration on the go, using a phone or tabletincluding tasks like : -Adding / removing & monitoring WLANs-Adding & monitoring new APs -Viewing which clients are usingWi-Fi, which APs they’re on and how much traffic they’re using-Seeing how much traffic is on Wi-Fi -Add, modify & removeGuest PassRequires Android OS version 4.1 and onwards and a RuckusZoneDirector running firmware 9.5 or later.
Ruckus SPoT APK
Utilities and Applications for Setting up Smart PositioningTechnology (SPoT) by Ruckus – A Technology Platform for AccuratePositioning for Location Based Services.
Ruckus Unleashed 5.74.1 APK
Ruckus Unleashed is a controller-less WLAN solution that providesreliable WiFi at affordable price. It is extremely easy to deployand manage yet filled with rich WiFi features. Unleashed solutionscales up to 25 APs and 512 clients. It is a highly resilientsolution. Unleashed Mobile App further simplifies installation andmanagement of your Ruckus Unleashed WiFi. Unleashed access pointsare packed with ten years of patented Wi-Fi performanceinnovations—innovations that ensure you and your customers are inWi-Fi heaven, no matter how tough the environment. As icing on thecake, it is backed by world class Ruckus Support.
Ruckus Billing APK
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