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A simple, but very handy on screen ruler. No Permissions, Free& No Ads. Automatically sizes to most screens. However, checkscaling with a normal ruler on first use. If it is not correct,touch CAL and stretch the ruler to the correct size. • Centimetersand inches. • Measure length between two markers. • Copy toclipboard.

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  • 1.02 (2)
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    Publish Date: 2017 /2/8
    Requires Android: Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Size: 707.0 kB
    Tested on: Android 4.4W (KitKat, with wearable extensions, API: 20)
    File Sha1: 1bbdb38252c3440dadd53dca9816e36379dab23a
    APK Signature: f39d54cfd2c1fbf7be930848219577fc7ef9b2d8
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Function Generator APK
Dual channel function / waveform / signal generator for the speaker/ headphone audio output. No Ads, No Permissions, No In AppPurchasing, No Limited Features. Full Version. Output is 16 bit foreach left and right channels and at 44.1kHz. Output will depend onyour device hardware. Some device hardware may may filter out theDC bias and low frequency signals. At high frequencies, thewaveforms will be distorted due to limited number of samples foreach waveform (for example at 4.41kHz, a sine waveform will beapproximated by only 10 points). Therefore this is forfun/educational use, for critical applications use a realcalibrated function generator. Left and Right audio channels can beassigned to either channel 1 or channel 2. Sine, Square &Triangular waveforms. Frequency range from 1 mHz up to 22 kHz.Amplitude as percentage 0-100%. Set duty for square waveforms orskew triangular waveforms to get saw waveforms. Offset the phase ofwaveforms. Sweep frequency or amplitude (Single, Repeat &Bounce modes). Amplitude Modulation (AM). Frequency Modulation(FM). Burst mode for a specific number of waveforms (1-10000).White noise & pink noise Generator. Pink (1/f) noise falls ofat ~3dB per octave between 43 Hz and 44 kHz. Memory slots to save& recall channel configuration. Select values with springslider or number pad. More detailed explanation available onwebsite
Metronome APK
♩ Beats per Minute (BPM) from 10 up to 310 in 0.1 BPM intervals. ♩Moving pendulum with motion blur effects. ♩ Accelerando slider forgradual speeding up/slowing down. (0.1 to 10 BPM/bar) ♩ Beatshighlighted on musical staff as they are played. Accent or mute anyof the beats by tapping above/below note. ♩ Select up to 12 Beatsper bar. Set beat value to half note, quarter, eighth or sixteenth.♩ Three different sound effects to choose from. ♩ Select from 0 to9 sub beat divisions.
Bluetooth Electronics APK
Control your electronic project with an Android device. This appcommunicates using Bluetooth to an HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth modulein your project. This app comes with a library containing 11Bluetooth examples for Arduino. It can also be used with RaspberryPi or any other rapid prototyping system in which you have includeda suitable Bluetooth module to your project. Ideal for learningelectronics in a fun way. Ideal for rapid prototyping a new idea.Ideal for exhibiting your project. Some electronics skillsrequired. Requires an Android device with Bluetooth capabilityenabled. Version 1.1 only works with Bluetooth Classic. Version 1.2supports Bluetooth Low Energy and USB connectivity in addition toBluetooth Classic. Large selection of controls available includingbuttons, switches, sliders, pads, lights, gauges, terminals,accelerometers and graphs. Drag and drop them onto the panel grid.Then edit their properties. 20 customisable panels available.Import/Export panels. Discover, Pair and connect to Bluetoothdevices. Then click Run to use the panel. Library of 10 ArduinoExamples to get you started: LED Brightness - PWM with a Slidercontrol RC Car demo – Basic Button controls Persistence of Vision –Text control Repeater Demo – Send and Receive Terminals UltrasonicDistance Sensor - Light Indicator MEGA Monitor – Graphs UNO Monitor– More graphs Temperature and Humidity – Temperature GaugeConfigure HC-06 Demo – In-case you want to change Baud rate MotorControl Demo – Accelerometer and pad controls Version 1.3 enablespanels to be built/modified with commands sent from connecteddevice. Finally, You undertake any electronic project at your ownrisk. Please be careful. Consider what is going to happen to yourproject if the Bluetooth connection is lost, or the Android devicecrashes.
Audio Frequency Counter 1.11 APK
Frequency counter based on the microphone input. Counts when theinput rises or falls past a set level and converts into intofrequency or a time period. FOR INDICATION ONLY. Results depend onyour device and its hardware. If you just want to know thefrequency of a sound with harmonics (e.g. mucial instrument), a FFTbased app such as keuwlsofts spectrum analyser or guitar tuner(both free) will be better. This app can provide more accuratefrequency measurement for single frequency input signals. Featuresinclude: Display of triggered event count and frequency or timeperiod. Graph of input signal, 2.5 ms/div up to 640 ms/div. Gatetime of 0.1s, 1s, 10s or 100s. Gain from x1 to x1000. Trigger onrise or fall. AC or DC coupling. Set a noise level so new event isnot triggered until the signal has first passed this level. Moredetails can be found on the website.
Spirit Level APK
Spirit Level. No Permissions Required. Free & No Ads. • Bullseye level with roll & pitch gauges screen • Horizontal andvertical bubble level and angle gauge screen. • Calibration featureto correct for accelerometer misalignment & different axissensitivities. For best results touch CAL and calibrate first. TheSpirit Level is only as good as your accelerometer. For indicationonly. Don't damage your tablet or phone, use a real spirit levelwhen appropriate. • Pause button to hold the current reading. •Zero and reset button to make measuring angles easier. • Option toauto select screen based on inclination. That's it. Enjoy.
Gauss Meter APK
This app uses the magnetic field sensor on your device to measuremagnetic flux density (B) in Gauss or Tesla. FOR INDICATION ONLY.Results depend on your device and its hardware. Your device musthave a Magnetic Field Sensor for this app to function. Featuresinclude: Analogue dial to show current reading. Averaging. Maximumand minimum values. Gauss or Tesla units. 4 time constant options.3 Refresh speeds. Graph – Shows the time depedence of the magneticfield. Compass Ferrous metal detector – sound frequency will changewith gauss level. Autoscale or manual (pinch & pan) Y-Axis.Calibrate option – If you have a calibrated gauss meter or knownmagnetic source, you can use this option to calibrate the meter.(However app is still for Indication Only). More details can befound on the website.
Wifi Analyser APK
Monitor strength of your wifi network, (and those nearby). Use tofind a good location for your wifi hub. Or use to identify achannel with little overlap with neighbouring networks. PleaseNote: For Android 8 (Oreo) and higher, the rate at which othernetworks are scanned is greatly reduced and may even be stopped inthe future. Therefore you may see reduced or slow performance fromthe Channel, Graph and List screens of the app which are used forscanning nearby networks. However the Gauge Screen should continueto work fine for monitoring your own wifi network. App has 4screens: • Gauge – shows the signal strength of the currentlyconnected wifi network. Also shows maximum, minimum and averagevalues. Graph with auto-scale & speed options. • Channel –shows how the wifi networks are spread across the channels andoverlap each other. • Graph – shows how the signal strength of allnearby networks vary with time. Auto-scale & speed options.Select which networks to display. • List – Contains basicinformation for all the detected networks: name, mac address,frequency, channel, encryption type and signal strength. Note thatto scan for wifi networks, location services needs to be enabled onyour device and also the app given location permission. Forindication only.
Guitar Tuner APK
Straightforward guitar tuner. Single screen app that starts in autotune mode. Simply run the app, hit a string and start tuning yourguitar. Tune into the orange region for a good results or green forperfection. This app uses your microphone to detect the stringbeing played and indicate if you should tune up or down. Pitch pipefunction also included. The standard EADGBE guitar (not implementedfor very small screen devices) indicates current note being playedor allows fast note selection in manual mode. Tuning range from 30Hz (B0) to 4186Hz (C8), so can also be used to tune other stringedinstruments.