1.2 / March 20, 2018
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Become the best legend hero in one of the biggest survival missionOpen World 3D gameplay. Enjoy the best survival action packed 3Dmissions. You can roam freely in this battleground & feel theexcitement of this survival shooting mission. You will gain theentire weaponry to shoot the evil terrorist squad of thisbattleground. German soldiers are here to conquest with you. Don’tbe afraid of the wicked enemy you have incredible weapons to shootthe adversary hard. Aim & shoot the terrorist mafia you have toeliminate the single enemy to win this combat.Just target yourantagonist and shoot them with your lethal gun. Play& Downloadnow for free one of the best fps shooting game. Armory:• Ak47, MP4,Knife, Sniper and many others. How to Play: Use your guns &weapons to shoot easily. Practice all initiative controls todefeat enemy easily. Eradicate every terrorist to complete themission.  Fight with your guns to move further. Use yourdeliberate mind & heroic skills to move further. Features: Marvelous 3D environment.  Addictive tasks to play. Realisticfeatures & 3D graphics. Fabulous sounds track.

App Information Rules of Max Shooter Survival Battleground V2

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    Rules of Max Shooter Survival Battleground V2
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    March 20, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Play Clan Games
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Relish in the supremacy of Rules of Max Shooter SurvivalBattleground 3D gameplay. Get ready for action bursting 3D OpenWorld environment & feel the excitement of shooting survival.You will obtain the entire weaponry to shoot the wicked terroristmafia. Enjoy FPS survival shooting 2018 & roam freely in thisbattleground. German soldier here to conquest with you, so be awarefrom terrorist enemy squad. Eliminate the every solitary terroristto win this survival battleground. Use your strategic vigilant mindto save yourself from terrorist sudden attacks. You will obtain themodern weaponry to shoot terrorist enemies from this combat. Becomea protagonist survivor shooter of this Rules of Max ShooterSurvival Battleground. Armory: AK47, MP4, MP5, Knife, Sniper &many others.How to Play:  Use your modern weapons to shooteasily. Practice all controls to defeat terrorists easily.Eliminate every single terrorist to compete.  Use your strategicmind & heroic skills to win this task.  Fight with yourweapons to move further. Features of Rules of Max Shooter SurvivalBattleground: Amazing 3D action packed missions to play. Smooth& Easy controls to use. Incredible shooting missions.  Modernweaponry.  Amusing sound effects.
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