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Get yourself ready to relish in this amazing action packed 3Dsurvival battle. Take your guns & wipe out the enemies fromthis shooting war. Enjoy the best FPS shooting in the world ofbattleground & show your fighting skills & strategies.Enemies are here to destroy you, be alert about their suddenattacks and fight like a war hero. Use your war weapons likeShotguns, Small arms, and Rifles to become an astounding soldier.Set in this ultimate shooting war to enjoy the supremacy of modernwarfare shooting environment. Get hold on your weapon to shoot yourenemy in this modern captivating shooting war & feel like asolitary warrior of this battleground. Clear the battleground to bea legendary warrior of this war. Play & download now for thefree action packed gameplay. Armory:Machine gunsSmall armsGrenadesRiflesShotguns How to Play:Use your guns & weapons to shooteasily.Practice all initiative controls to defeat the enemies. Useyour strategic mind to fight with the enemy. Fight with yourgrenades to stay long in this task.Use your vigilant mind &heroic skills to move further. Features: Wonderful 3D battleenvironment. Addictive shooting missions to play.Incredibleshooting with rifles.Marvelous sounds effects.

App Information Rules of Royal Shooting Survival World War

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    Rules of Royal Shooting Survival World War
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    December 6, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Chilli Game Studio
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    Kemp House, 152, City Road, London, EC1v2NX
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