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Run Chilli Run is a free challenging veggie runner-game. Chilliisthe main actor of this game that has to escape fromdangerousobstacles by jumping and sliding. The way is verydangerous andchallenging, So you need to duck, dive, swipe andslide to reachthe destination. Swipe left and right to dodge, upand down. Youjust need to tap on screen to jump. Hot red chilli runthroughdifferent knives and blade obstacles placed on kitchen path,so becareful with it and save your chilli from this obstacles.Avoidchilli body cutting, smashing, chopping and burning in thisnewadventure run chilli jump game. Make chilli run and jump overtheobstacles and collect maximum gold coins as you can. Just needtojump accurately and holding down to keep it running andjumpinguntil it reaches the destination. The main objective of thisgameis to cover more distance of successfully jumping overseveralspikes and obstacles. How to play Run Chilli Jump? • Tap onscreento jump the chilli, but mind the gap and the obstacles. •Collectmaximum gold coins as you can but do not fall off thekitchen path.• Keep running until chilli reaches end of thekitchen. Hot Chillineeds your help. Please help it to run out ofdangerous kitchenworld. Run Chilli Run Features: • Totally free andfun game. •Unique and stylish veggie. • Dangerous hurdles inSausage run game.• Attractive graphics and awesome sound effects ofvegetablescutting. • Very smooth touch control. • Optimized forbothsmartphones and tablet. • Suitable for both children andadults.Lots of fun is waiting for you. Please gives us a review andtellsus what you think !! It’s time to run and jump with amazingRunChilli Run game.

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