1.1 / October 1, 2016
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Run Jump Run is a jumping game where you will jump and fall andhave a lot of fun. This 2D game will be a source of your free Happyhours. Dash into play store and download this new fever of funfilled jumping. The mega fun is right on the play store board. Getyour devices and get started with this free to play jumping game.How To Play:• Tap on the screen to make your character jump. •Protect your character to bump into hurdles or to falloff.Features:• Attractive environment• Rich Graphics• Eye-catchingcolor

App Information Run Jump Run

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    Run Jump Run
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    October 1, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Thinkbox Games
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    164-p Gulberg lll Lahore
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Run Jump Run is a jumping game where you will jump and fall andhave a lot of fun. This 2D game will be a source of your free Happyhours. Dash into play store and download this new fever of funfilled jumping. The mega fun is right on the play store board. Getyour devices and get started with this free to play jumping game.How To Play:• Tap on the screen to make your character jump. •Protect your character to bump into hurdles or to falloff.Features:• Attractive environment• Rich Graphics• Eye-catchingcolor
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