1.0 / December 21, 2016
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Just a simple endless running game. The purpose of the game istojump over various obstacles that appear randomly and just keepitrunning. Game speeds up white a higher score. What high scoreyoucan get?Why he's running? No one knows. As the speed increasesyouhave to keep up the tempo. So it's good test for yourreaction.Don't be fooled if this game looks easy and pointless. Itreallygets hard in no time.

App Information Run Lucas run

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    Run Lucas run
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    December 21, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Raimundas Indriulis
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    Kniaudiskiu 77-9 Panevezys LT-37129 Lithuania
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Interval timer 1.1 APK
Features:-Variable number of sets;-Variable number of repetitionsper set;-Variable rest interval time;-Variable work intervaltime;-Variable rest interval between sets time;-Sound alert forrest time;-Sound alert for work time;-Optional sound alert for halfwork time.-Full screen digit time;-Time pause/resume when screen istouched.This interval timer is absolutely free and has no adds. Imade it for my personal use and decided to publish it. Anyone whohas suggestions to make it better feel free to white [email protected] timer is used for:-Highintensity training(HIIT);-TABATAprotocol;-Crossfit;-Endurance;-Speed training;-Lactatethreshold;-VO2max;-Diseases prevention (metabolic syndrome,cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes);-Fat burn;-Decreasewaist circumference;-Anyone who is after being fitter, healthierand more efficient;
Zombie apocalypse survival 1.1 APK
GamePlayYou start a game at a small area with a horrifyingapocalyptic environment. For now it's only one map. Charactermovement is controlled with multi-touch screen. Two buttons forattack and jump, one 2-axies draggable control unit for movementdirection and one touch-pad for looking direction. Base weapon isan axe. In upcoming updates maybe more variations are up to come.Chainsaw, shotgun and etc. Player is defined with health andshield. Player is alive while health is more than 0. Health can beregenerated to max 100 while touching first aid post. Shieldproperty at start of the game is set at 50. It can be maxed to 100while touching shield regeneration post. Enemies appear at constantrate in random positions. Once you get in their sight, they willfollow you until they get you. During the game neutralized enemiesare registered. Simply keep moving and keep alive for as long asyou can. Almost an infinite runner game, but it's a horrorgame.FAQQ: How to control player?A: Character movement iscontrolled with multi-touch screen. Two buttons for attack andjump, one 2-axies draggable control unit for movement direction andone touch-pad for looking direction.Q: How to win?A: To win is tostay alive for as long as you can.Q: Game is running slow? What todo?A: While the game is optimized for the low-end devices, some canstill be to slow. I have developed a event lower setting versionthat I am planning to upload at the future. Also higher detailversion is coming for hi-end devices.Final wordGame is still atdevelopment state and many more features like more weapons, moreenemies, more maps will be added. I am open for suggestions feelfree to contact me if you have any ideas.
6kb Tiny Flashlight 1.1 APK
Tiny flashlight is a simple tool for lighting your environment withyou smartphone screen. Just one button press and you have whitescreen with 100% brightness. When flashlight is off screen is blackwith minimum brightness level. Tiny flashlight is useful for thosewho have a device without integrated flashlight.Once I had an ideato build smallest app possible. Using Android studio was not anoption because it limits you to base size of 600kb. For this task Ihad to make my own custom tools. And after some tweaking I managedto build smallest app on app store that still has a function.
TrackBack 1.0 APK
Ever got lost in forest? Never again! Just save your currentlocation and you can get back there when ever you want. App usesGPS/A-GPS sensors to point you to previously saved location withrotating arrow dependably of you moving direction. Also distance toyour destination, moving speed and altitude is shown. Perfect forhiking and trail travels. Because no map is used, app is smallsize. You can save unlimited number of locations. - forestnavigation;- navigation without map;- like a compass but better;-hiking navigation;- mark places where you want to came back;
Marble Match three Puzzle game 1.0 APK
Color matching puzzle game. Swap marbles to get color match ofthree balls. More than three matches get get special marbles. Fromfour matches you get column/row destroyer. For more than fourmatches you get star marble that will destroy all selected colormarbles on the board. If two star balls are swapped whole the boardare destroyed. There are 48 levels to complete. Either level haslimited number of moves or limited time. In both way to complete alevel you have to rise a target score. But completing the levelperfectly target is not enough. Get significantly above targetscore and get thee cups. Level boards come in various sizes. Forlevel variations you not movable box obstacles that can bedestroyed if ball are destroyed next to them.
Quick Workout 0.103 APK
As a fitness professional and full time developer I used my skillsto create fitness tool that saves time and is mobile. Quick workoutis a set of workouts that don’t require any equipment and can be athome, office, hotel room and etc. To boost your metabolism youdon’t need fancy equipment or sports club membership. Every one canspear few minutes a day, so why not use then for personal health.Interval timer, voiced announcements and illustrated exerciseexamples makes it easy to use.My knowledge from university fromwhere I’ve got master degree in sports, health and fitness and manyyears of work experience helped me to bring only best workoutoption that work for everyone and don’t need personal trainer foradaptation. 7 minute workoutClassic seven minute workout. Theshortest possible full body workout to bust your metabolism andburn few calories. Every exercise is done for 30 seconds and youhave 10 seconds for rest. Total of twelve exercises. Try tomaintain same pace in all exercises. As you progress the pace willgrow.Burning sensation absBurning sensation abs is a six-packguaranty. It hits lower, upper and side abdominal muscles and hitsthem hard. If you can keep up through all workout you have reallystrong abs. Do this workout 3-5 times a week to get bestresults.Morning wakeup workoutBest thing for waking up in themorning is a workout. You don't have time for that. Yes you dobecause this workout takes only 7 minutes. Role out of bed, doworkout, take a shower and you're ready for the day.BootyshaperAlmost 15 minute booty workout that will cause burningsensation. Do 3 times a week for best result.Plank for coreVarietyof plank exercises to strengthen your core and to prevent lowerback pain.Bikini workoutGet ready for the beach with this shortworkout. Warning! Lots of sweating! But it's common sacrifice forgood looks.Tabata protocol workoutTabata protocol is method ofreaching better endurance and getting more energy during the day.Yes it's just 4 minutes long, and it's just on exercise. But it canbe hardest workout you ever had. Just use your maximum effort andyou get result you seek. Good practice is to do it every day.HIITworkoutThis is a workout for those who are serious about theirfitness. 1 hour long workout for maximum calorie burn. Highintensity workout is perfect for weight loss. HIIT has alladvantages like aerobics, interval training and tabataprotocol.Pregnant workoutPregnancy isn't the time to get lazy. Ifyou plan to get back in shape after birth it's a good practice todo some exercise during pregnancy. Benefits like lower back painprevention, easier birth and faster recovery aren't deniable. Thisalmost 25 minute workout is just what you need. Rest time isn't aconstant so pause workout if you need more time off. Just rememberthat aim isn't to push yourself out of comfort zone. Just a littlebit higher heart rate, better mood, maintained joint mobility andhealthy choice living. CAUTION: Before doing any exercise duringpregnancy you must get your doctors permission.
Accurate level meter 1.0 APK
Calibrating instructions:Put your phone/tablet on a back on a flatsurface that is already horizontally aligned. Press "Calibrate"button and it's accurate as a physical tool. It is common thatinternal sensors of android device aren't aligned from the factory,so if you accuracy you're after, calibrating has to be done.
Square Wings 0.14 APK
Fun three dimensional game where you have not to crash for aslongas you can. Touch the screen to accelerate up and tilt deviceto gosideways. Speed constantly increases so it's impossible tokeep upfor ever.