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Gear up, load your guns and prepare yourself for a tough challengein this action packed shoot 'em up. Shoot down monsters, and jumpover obstacles while you are trying to escape from the deadly firesof hell. Collect treasures and unlock new equipment for yourcharacter, guns and armour.Run and Gun is a free 2d shoot 'em upvideo game, which includes elements from platformer andsidescroller games.How to play:Take control of the futuristicsoldier, and guide him through the different levels, try to collectall the coins and treasures to gain better equipment. The playercan control the soldier with two buttons, one button for jumpingover obstacles and over holes, and a button to shoot the gun.Becareful, this game might be one of the hardest games ever. Expectto die a lot!! This game is for those who enjoy a very hardchallenge!Features:Intuitive 2 button game controls.Good old 8-bitera game difficulty.4 unique and challenging levels.4 bonuses tounlock.

App Information RunGun: Extreme hard game!

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    RunGun: Extreme hard game!
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    February 22, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Zygne apps: Mind bending apps and games
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Ear Booster - Better Hearing: Mobile Hearing Aid 1.4.6 APK
Do you have hearing problems, or just want to hear the things whichother people cannot hear? Then this is the perfect application foryou. Ear booster allows your to improve your hearing, by using yourandroid device as a hearing aid. Just plug in your headset, andstart to hear better. Select which audio source, the applicationshould use, and get the best audio quality. To use this applicationa headset is required. Not using a headset will result in aterrible feedback. Improve your hearing today, with this superawesome and simple app!. How to use: Start up the application andplug in a headset. Press the power on button, to start hearing theworld around you. Use the equalizer for fine tuning, and use theoptions button to reduce noise and echo. The main intent for thisapplication is to function as a hearing aid. This application canprobably also be used for ghost hunting. You may be able to use itto hear conversations from the other side. Includes: + Super simpleuser interface. + Equalizer for fine tuning. + Noise suppressor. +Multiple Audio Sources. + User notifications. + Works inbackground. + Record the audio. Please act responsibly when you areusing this application. If you like this application, please leavea review and a rating *** Important Notice *** The applicationrequires the following permissions Permission to access internet isonly to display ads, nothing more. Permissions for audio, is toallow the app to use the microphone of the device which is toimprove the user's hearing. This application does not store anyinformation about the user. We a Zygne Apps respect the user'sprivacy. This application is perfect for people who cannot hear toowell. Plug in a headset, activate the application and improve yourhearing immediately.
SkyBall 2.1 APK
Use the finger to steer the ball and avoidtheoncoming obstacles. See how many points you can get.A fun casual game to play, while sitting in the bus etc.
Starship Warrior 5.3 APK
Challenge yourself to a space battle of a lifetime. Action packedspace shooter for Android. Blast your way through hordes of enemiesand unlock bonuses. Starship warrior is a 2d space shooter wherethe user takes control of the spaceship and tries to survive for aslong as possible by flying around or shooting down oncomingenemies. Try to gain as much points as possible, to unlock newweapons and spaceship. Points are rewarded for survival time andfor shooting down enemies. In the game there are 13 unique enemies,which the player will encounter. The longer the player survives thestronger the enemies will become. Enemies which the playerencounters include monsters, meteorites, trash from human spaceexplorations, and spaceships from other galaxies far away.The gamefeatures:Intensive gameplayThirteen (13) unique enemiesThree (3)levelsNew and super awesome spaceshipsHuge and explosive weaponsfor your spaceshipHow to playControl the spaceship by touching thescreen. Tap the screen to make the spaceship shoot. Quick tap forprimary fire, and long tap for secondary fire.The primary firetravels faster than the secondary, but it is not as powerful.Don'tyou just hate when aliens from outer space come to planet earth anddestroy all of humanity. As seen in the many science fictionmovies. Well now you have to opportunity to destroy them all beforethe arrive to planet earth. Now go on soldier and destroy all thoseevil space aliens, and defend humanity, and all the innocentcivilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy!
Stop Watch Calorie Counter 1.0 APK
Stop watch calorie counter is a stopwatchwhich counts the calories of a workout. The applicationupdates thenumber of calories burned in real time. Stop watchcalorie counteris a handy stop watch application which allows theuser to save theresults of a workout, and then compare the workoutsto see how manycalories are burned for each workout, and the totalnumber ofcalories. This application makes it fun to do exercises,byallowing the user to see live updates of calories burned, andtoallow the user to exercises and check if a progress is made.The application uses METABOLIC EQUIVALENT (MET) VALUEStocalculate the number of calories burned, for a specificexercise.The formula for calculating the number of calories burnedis:burned calories = (weight in kg) * (MET value for workout type)*(time in hours)How to use:Select a work out and input the weight, in kilogram. Presstheplay button to start the stopwatch.Important notice:The number of calories burned is an approximation, therealnumber of burned calories will vary for each person.The application features:Simple user interfaceSelect between exercises to get a more accurate calorie countSave data and compare to see progressThis application is completely free, and best of all, it doesnotcontain ads.
Brain Game - train your brain 1.0 APK
Brain game is a fun and challenging pattern matching puzzle game.The player has to match a pattern, which is displayed on the gameboard for a few seconds, if the pattern matches then the playerwill advance to the next level. The game features a customizablegame board, where the player can create his own puzzle.How toplay:Press the play button, then the squares on the game board willchange color for a few seconds, one at a time. When it is the usersturn, the user has to press the exact same squares, which changedcolor, and in exact same order. If the user is correct the gamewill advance to the next level.
RoboJumper Free Fun Robot Game 1.2.8 APK
Take control of the mega cute robot and activate the stargate, toallow the robot to travel to other levels.Robo-Jumper is a funaction packed arcade / puzzle game which will entertain you forhours. The game contains 5 challenging and unique levels.NOWINCLUDED IN THE GAMEWorld leader-board, compete with the entireworld to see who can gain most points. Compare yourself with othergamers all around the world. Share your highscore with your friendson social websites.***NEW LEVELS ARE CURRENTLY BEING DEVELOPED.STAY TUNED!!***UpdateMulti-touch controls have been updated. Forsome devices the multi-touch controls did not work properly. Thisbug should now be fixed.If you enjoy playing this game please givea rating and a review and share it with your friends. Thank you.Howto playCollect coins to activate the stargate to get to the nextlevel. For each new level you have to collect more coins to openthe stargate. The game is played like a marathon. The player has tocomplete levels without dying too often. If the player loses allhis lives the game will start from the beginning.The game will beupdated regularly with new levels and missions.Included in the gameSuper fun graphics Super funny and cute voice and sound effects.Fluid multi touch control Easy and addictive gameplayThe gamecontains super awesome electronic music by Teknoaxewww.teknoaxe.com
Lose fat and have fun! 1.4 APK
Get rid of those ugly love handles and beerbelly with this super simple and useful weight lossapplication.Included in this application is a workout timer, which allows youto count the calories which you burn during a workout.How to use?Set up your personal profile, to allow the application todetermine your basal metabolic rate. Write down all the caloriesyou eat during the day, then the application will tell you how manycalories you have used and how many calories you have consumed.Use the workout timer to see how many extra calories you burnwhen you are active. Select a workout and activate yourself.When you go out for a use the workout timer to count thecalories burned during the walk, to give you a better overview ofexactly how many calories you have burned.Included in the workout timer is a selection of standardexercises, this list can be customized by you!The application features a personal database, where you can inserta list of food items, which can be accessed easily when the youconsume calories.START LOSING BODY FAT NOW! AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOINGIT!
Money Manager 2.0.1 APK
Do you know where your money is going? Mostpeople do not. Here comes a simple and effective application whichcan help you to understand where your money is spent.Simple money manager, is a simple and user friendly applicationwhich helps you to track your expenses. The application allows youto create time periods. Months or days, where you can log youractivities. The purpose of the application is to help you, theuser, to keep track of your money and help you to improve yoursense of economy.The application features:Simple and user friendly user interface.Intuitive controls.Analyse past periods with graphs.Analyse a period with pie chart.No overwhelming and unnecessary fields.All of this is completely free. Gain control of your money forfree.If you enjoy this application please leave a rating.