1.4 / March 3, 2018
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Simple Run Game!Bear invades the human marathon contest.Let'sovertake humans, generated from the world ranking!-BGM/SE魔王魂様https://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/

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    March 3, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    1-14 Motomati,Kiyose,Tokyo,Japan
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Sweet! BLACKHOLE Game 3.4 APK
***** You can manipulate the black hole,thesuction spree the stars! *****It is a game that you should increase with flick operationablack hole, inhale the stars in the surrounding.1. Black hole will increase Flick the screen. It is smallerandlet it.   (It becomes bigger and bigger Flick continuously.)2. By stars inhale, score changes! (I like black holesissweet.)3. If you inhale a manned rocket, the game isoverhumanely.Let's give it good to change the trajectory.4. Combo will be added by inhalation in a row star.Black hole can use the special skill when determining thecontinuouscombo!
Girl vs Bear!!! 3.3 APK
From bear attacks that use the deathblow , it will Nigekiro jumpand dash !
Manboo Crash!! 2.2 APK
The camera on the screen, it is AR gameapplication stoic to keep dodging earnestly, the sunfish coming toassault.As bullfighter of how dodge cow, let's aim for high scores andpast the sunfish in the timing exquisite.Further, by rotating the abdominal muscles to the movement ofsunfish,You may make a little exercise.★ How to play1. Please find a sunfish that looking around, and migration.2. If you find sunfish, let's follow-up so as not to lose sightfrom the screen. Sunfish will come and assault after a while.3. Let's pretend to the left or right terminal character of"Escape" If you get. I can dodge the sunfish.
KUMANTA Bear and Manta !! 1.7 APK
[story]Bears in a forest have begun to be extinct because humancaught salmon too much...Angry bear flies in the air by Manta andgoes to attack a fishing boat!Bear(Kuma) + Manta = Kumanta!!ButKumanta encounter military and come under keen fire!!!challenge theWorld Ranking by the number of the acquired krill!
スタンプで戦うアクションRPG クマVSマから始まる生物図鑑 2.9.0 APK
野生のくまが、マから始まる生物たちと激闘を繰り広げるアクションRPGですクマ。 (多分に非生物を含みます)【白熱のマジトークバトル!!】 スタンプの応酬によるリアルタイムバトル!!クマとマの熱い駆け引きを体感できるアクションRPGですクマ! 相手のスタンプ発動を阻止しながら自分のスタンプを叩き込むクマ!【倒したマを仲間に!】 マを一定回数倒すと、なかマにして召喚できるようになりますクマ。あんなマこんなマ従えて、人間たちにマジリベンジクマ!! 【ストーリー】 サーモンの枯渇から、築地市場で盗みを働く森のクマ。しかし人間たちはクマの暴挙を許さなかった・・・ 襲い掛かる国家権力の尖兵「マッポ」、クマの天敵「マタギ」。しかしクマの前に現れたのは人間だけではなかった・・・!! ・音楽 魔王魂様http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/ ・声(冒頭のMA) 夢空輝星さんhttp://office-artist-award.com/kokiyumezora.html A wild bear is anaction RPG that fights fiercely with organisms starting from Ma.(Probably contains non-living things) 【The Incandescent MagicBattle! ! 】 Real-time battle due to stamp reward! ! It is an actionRPG that you can experience the hot bargain of bear and mama bears!A bear who knocks down his stamp while preventing opponent'sstamping! [Defeat the mother to a group! 】 If you defeat a certainnumber of times, you will be able to summon it as a bummer. Such amaid like this, Maji Revenge Bear to human beings! ! 【story】 Fromthe depletion of salmon, a bear in the forest that steals in theTsukiji market. But humans did not allow the bear's violence ..."Mappo", a scout of state power that attacks, natural enemy of bear"Matagi". But it was not only human beings that appeared before thebears! ! ·musics Mr. Demon Kinghttp://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/ · Voice (MA at beginning)Yumekya starring http://office-artist-award.com/kokiyumezora.html
UMA Melancholy 2.0 APK
Spineless UMA ( Unidentified organisms ) Atchaparupika living inthe Amazon .He diligently to daily net surfingYou do run away fromthe looming expedition ! ?
RunJumpBear 1.4 APK
Simple Run Game!Bear invades the human marathon contest.Let'sovertake humans, generated from the world ranking!-BGM/SE魔王魂様https://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/
Terasene - Tower defence & Novel game 3.30 APK
She is the girl who get hurt by the sunshine.So she can go outonlyduring the night.
You become the Sun and must defend her.- TheSunrotates in reverse while you(player) are touching the screen.-Byusing your light, please burn off devils approaching her. -Whileher umbrella is on the ground, be careful not to expose hertosunlight as possible.- You can change the type of sunlight fromtheupper right button. this change needs some orbs.