1.0 / February 22, 2017
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The best civil war shooting game of this eraishere!
It will bring you to reality of different game experienceandmissions which take you to the world war mission.
World war maps mission you will enjoy the world famous warmissionlike
• Apache War
• Bosnian War
• Cold War
• Creek War
• Gulf War
• Iraq War
• Kosovo War
• Navajo War
• Sioux War
• Zombie War
Russian Civil war has its own environment and game playenvironment,You can select the desired war from the map and playto perfect yoursniper aim. Beat the world with your sniper.
Do you aspire to be a crack shooter? In this game, with therealsurrounding and physics engine, will definitely satisfy youwithoutany doubt.
In this civil war, you are the sniper who masters all the lifeanddeath.
Now download Russian civil war 3d and enjoy it!
Kindly give us your positive feedback so we can do that innextupdate
Thank you!

App Information Russian Civil War 3D

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Did you ever drive the crazy Monstertruckbefore? NO! Then this is the right time to drive thecrazyride.In this winter season hop in to the craziest monster truck youwillever see, go wild and unleash your inner joy and make yourselfacrazy monster truck hero.Go in the deep forest for adventure of in the desert whereveryoulike but drive very carefully as it is a monster truck and itwilldamage very quickly. These big machines are very powerfulfrominside but they cannot take too much from outside of the body.Sobe careful when you drive. We make a repair button for ourspecialusers whenever they get hit by a pole or crash they can usetherepair button and make their car new again.Drive this 4x4 truck wherever you want to drive and fall inthemadness of crazy monster truck escape.Discover the more secrets inside the app as well withinthegame.Public Service Message: wear your seat belt always. Your lifeisvery important. Stay safe.Features:Real environmentReal time physicsReal damageAttractive graphics schemeTouch to Race, brake and repairTilt option.Thank you for downloading this game.Kindly take a moment and rate our app thanks.
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Highway traffic rider Forest track.Racing is an art. Everybody loves to ride. Some people lovestodrive fast and some people drive slow but in both cases youenjoythe show. In this highway traffic rider game you can enjoybothstream by diving your motorbike as fast as you can or you cangowith medium pace.The circumstances are different if you increase your bike speedthenit’s difficult to control the heavy bike and chances ofcollisionwith other traffic are more while on the other hand ifyou go with aslow pace let’s say 100 kp/h then you can controlyour heavy bikeeasily, you can increase your attention towardssightseeing.There are 3 gameplay in this forest track Free ride, EndlessandTime Trial. So be careful in the forest no wonder what cameinfront of you, it could be anything.Highway traffic rider Forest track features:Free levels with full actionDifferent gameplay, ENDLESS, TIME TRIAL, FREE RIDE.Realistic gameplayAwesome graphicsSounds effects with different musicNatural forest modelGameplay:Tilt your screen to move your bike (Left or Right)Press the right side button for accelerationPress left side button for brakePress horn button when there is Car in front of youPress NOS (Nitro boost) button to boost your speed.Download this game free of cost and dominate in theforesttrack.Enjoy the bike Ride 
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Monster Truck 3D Drive 1.0 APK
monster truck 3D drive for toddlersandkidswe have develop this game only for kids and toddlers who arebetween2 to 10 years old. Because we think this is the age wherethey startsensing something and getting to know a little bitaboutthings.So If your children love trucks then this is for them a verysimplemonster truck but attractive racing game for yourtoddlers.Gigantic buttons makes it easy for the child to play thegame. Theplay back sounds, starting of the engine and horn soundmake itvery interesting to play this game.So kids accelerate as much as you can because there is no needforlicense to drive this 4x4 monster truck. You only need yourparentsandroid smartphone. So hop in an drive in the city and roamallover the place. Go wherever you want to go, enjoy party and haveablast.The gameplay is not hard so you can avoid any obstacles whichcamethrough you.We will add more monster truck in upcoming updates. If youhaveany favorite character tell us we will create a monster truckforyour special character and name the truck after it.Go and discover the outer world start hill climbing andenjoy.Features:* Monster Trucks* Fun and HD graphics* Music tracks.* Engine starting and horn sounds * best terrain*Natural environmentThanks for playing our games.
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Highway traffic rider Snow track.Are you ready to ride the bike in the Snowy terrain? Nowonderwhat will comes towards you. You need to be very careful.Drivecarefully and don’t make any kind of wrong turns otherwise youwillcollapse. Overtaking is an art not everyone can overtake anycar orother bike so come and let’s see how efficient you are inthisfield.Let’s get ready to play endless racing game in Snow. Do youhaveyour license to drive the heavy bike? If not then come andplaythis Highway traffic rider to practice and enhance yourskills.This is one of the best endless racing game along withbettergraphics and attractive theme.You can play 3 different levels Endless Free ride and timetrial.In each category there is a sub category you can choose onewaytraffic and 2 way traffic.In Snow there is no help from other people, you are onyourown.Features:· Full jam packed action· Realistic gameplay· Sounds and amazing graphics· Natural snowy winter modeling· Amazing scenesGameplay is very easy just tilt your mobile screen to moveyourbike and press left button to apply brake and right buttontoaccelerate. Press NOS (nitro) button to boost your speed. Ahornbutton to clear the road.Press NOS (Nitro boost) button to boost your speed.Download this game free of cost and dominate in thewintertrack.Enjoy the bike Ride J
Monster Truck Reloaded 1.0 APK
monster truck reloaded is a free 3D racinggamewith 4x4 truck, sounds, terrain, thrilling environment,greatgraphics and eye catching game play scenes.It is not only for toddlers. We have designed this for allthepeople and it is compatible with android smart phones andtabletsas well.Test your driving skills on a beautiful locations and tracksthatwill blow your mind.It’s an endless game so play as much as you want and makeyourmonster truck run fast as much as you can. No fuel shortage inthiscar as we have developed a very innovative truck that consumeslessoil than other 4x4 trucks.Feel the power of this truck and discover all the area inthegame.There are hidden features in this game try to find those.Game play is very easy but its very difficult toavoidingcrashing and take your truck into the safety zone.Just tilt your screen to change the direction of the car andtapthe race button to speed up the race with nos and tap thebrakebutton to avoid obstacles and speed barkers for your own andtrucksafety.Drive truck and feel like its yours.Features:Realistic environmentReal damageReal time physicsGreat terrainMusic.Enjoy the ride with care.
Santa Claus The Runner Game 1.0 APK
Download this free game onupcomingChristmas.Santa is on the run he is late for the Christmas delivery andmustget to his house where all of his helpers are preparinglittlegifts for all the good kids around the world.Play as santa and collect all the diamonds because santa needsthesediamonds in order to get more presents for children.So in order to collect all the diamonds you must run as hard asyoucan while avoiding obstacles on the road.A very easy game play but difficult to remain alive in thegame.Avoid collisions with woods or heavy stones that are ontheroad.You can control santa just on the swipe left, right, upordown.Beautiful ratina graphics looks amazing on your screenAmazing animation and soundBeautiful and attractive snowy environment of Christmas.Enjoy the Christmas eve with this great game and give usyourfeedback.Thanks.
4x4 Monster Buggy Offroad 1.0 APK
Drive buggy car in offroad tracks withnorules. Drive this buggy in endless offroad desert in maximum speed.Findout how much good you are in driving buggy. Play this racinggameand you will find out whether you are hero or zero.Take a ride in the offroad desert and improve your drivingskillsand become a pro.In this game you will find out tracks and in order todrivecontinuously you must follow the track otherwise you won’tmake itto the checkpoint.Remember one thing don’t go for shortcuts otherwise you willlostyour path and then never reach on time.Perform as much tricks as you want because this buggyisindestructible. It won’t blast. Features: *Huge Terrain* Improved Graphics and Physics * Game Mode: Checkpoint*3D environment*Handbrakes * Realistic soundPlease note this is the initial version of this Offroad Racinggame,in future we will be adding more future in it.Please feel free to send your suggestion to improve this game.Weare open to your suggestions.Enjoy Riding..