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Explore fantastic steampunk world inhabited bydwarfs with Rusty Desert Survival 3D!

Your hero is a demon hunter exploring desert island. It used tobe a green blooming valley, but now it’s occupied by demon whocaptured dwarfs and turned this place into seared desert. Helpdwarfs playing this rusty survival simulator and feel like a realhero!

Prove your worth as a demon hunter and upgrade your shooting,battling and survival skills. Explore this steampunk island turnedinto a desert with this rust survival simulator, stay alive andfree dwarfs! Your main goal is to survive, make this island livablewould be great. Salvage all the tools and weapons that may help youto explore this rusty steampunk island or craft your own ones!Quarry stone and woods start crafting. Use your survival skills tostay alive, battle against demons and discover the secrets of thismysterious place with Rusty Desert Survival 3D! Hunt fantasticanimals to make it your next meal, find water, weapons and survivaltools to stay alive and free this steampunk world from demons! Makethis valley blooming again playing rusty survival game and driveinto unusual atmosphere of steampunk world. Try yourself as a demonhunter battling against evil monsters with this island survivalsimulator in 3D!

Mind hunter’s indicators - health, water and fullness rates. Ifone of these drops – no chance to survive in this desert place!Find survival tools, weapons and meds or craft your own ones – itcould help you to stay alive and withstand demons! Enjoy your timeon this desert island with Rusty Desert Survival 3D! Upgrade yoursurvival skill with this ultimate steampunk simulator, battleagainst demons and find your own way to survive! Face dangers andprove your bravery playing this rust survival game!

Control demon hunter with a joystick, explore steampunk world,find survival tools and turn this rusty desert into a bloomingvalley inhabited by dwarfs! Beware of powerful demons ready toattack you! Find guns and other weapons or craft your own toprotect yourself from demons occupied this desert island or evenbattle against them! Fight against powerful bosses, upgrade yourbattling and survival skills and use all your exploration withRusty Desert Survival 3D! Stay alive at all cost - the help of ademon hunter is the last chance for dwarfs to free their steampunkhome from demons!

Are you ready for this rusty survival adventure? Find \survivaltools, craft your own ones and be ready to risk you life! Upgradesurvival skill exploring unusual steampunk world – hunt for animalsto maintain your health rate, find useful tools and weapons,explore everything around and unraveling mysteries with RustyDesert Survival 3D – great survival simulator for all ages! Provideyourself with food, fight against enemies and enjoy being a part ofgrandiose battle with new rusty survival in 3D

Rusty Desert Survival 3D features:

- Great survival simulator in great steampunk environments
- Use different weapons or other survival tools and craft youe ownones
- Detailed 3D graphics
- Get rid of demons and turn this rusty desert into a bloomingvalley
- Mind character indicators to stay alive

Help dwarfs as a demon hunter with Rusty Desert Survival 3D!Upgrade your hunting, battling and exploring skill with this rustsurvival simulator and kill all the demons to make this rustydesert blooming again! Discover secret places, find treasures andsurvival tools, and thrive in this steampunk environment with RustyDesert Survival 3D!

App Information Rusty Desert Survival 3D

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    Rusty Desert Survival 3D
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    November 24, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Become an offroad driver! Explore the roads full of dirt, rocks,and other obstacles!Sit behind the steering wheel of a cargo trucktransporting goods and drive down offroad terrain, hills andmountains to deliver your cargo to the customer! Be careful atdangerous road twists to deliver cargo undamaged playing OffroadTruck Simulator 3D!Prove your worth transporting goods of thistruck driving simulator in 3D! Face challenges – bad countrysideroads, hills and mountains and show your skills driving all sortsof transporter trucks! Transport cargo, boxes and logs from onepoint to another playing this ultimate offroad truck drivingsimulator in 3D! It’s high time for great hill climbing offroadadventure! Train your offroad driving skills and use all featuresoffroad truck provides. Earn money transporting cargo (try to avoidcar accidents!) to upgrade or customize your offroad truck! Trydifferent trucks, cars and trailers and choose your favorite one!Enjoy Offroad Truck Simulator 3D game!Offroad terrain, hills,forests, mountains, extreme twists and different weather conditionswill test your driving skills! Drive your transport truckcarefully, try not to damage cargo you transport! Roads and pathsmight be difficult to pass, but your duty as a real trucker is totransport cargo to the customer! Have you ever tried to drive hugetransport truck with trailer? Try it playing Offroad TruckSimulator 3D game!Have you ever stuck in mud conquering high hillsand climbing mountains? Gain ultimate driving experience with thiscargo truck simulator in 3D! Earn money delivering cargo to thecustomer sitting behind the wheel of huge powerful truck! It’s nota simple job to drive heavy transporter truck with a trailercarrying bulky cargo such as luggage, logs and boxes! Prove yourworth as a truck driver – dangerous roads, offroad paths and highhills to climb are waiting for you!Offroad Truck Simulator 3Dfeatures:- Ultimate cargo truck driving simulator – explore offroadterrain transporting various goods and avoid accidents!- Earn moneyfor delivery – visit shop to buy more powerful truck or upgrade andcustomize the one you have. Bigger trailer, more powerful enginesand even more!- Offroad terrain, countryside roads, high hills andmountains to drive on- Extreme driving experience- Amazing 3DgraphicsTest your skills driving a long base transport truck with atrailer! Offroad Truck Simulator 3D – great game for those wholoves cars, high speed and dangerous roads! Gain great transportingexperience and feel the extreme playing this cargo truck drivingsimulator! Even more dangerous than hill climbing! Completetransporting and delivery missions full of extreme with OffroadTruck Simulator 3D game!
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Siberian Survival: Cold Winter 1.3 APK
To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menu!Stayalive in really harsh and cold badlands – Siberia with this wintersurvival simulator! Explore empty snow-covered forests to findwater, food or wood to make fire! Don’t get frozen! Use specialsurvival tools hidden around or craft your own. Build a shelterwith a fireplace to hide from freezing cold! Stay alive at allcosts with Siberian Survival: Cold Winter 3D game! Do you feel thefear quaking with cold? Upgrade your survival skills hunting,gathering and crafting!Dive into the wilderness as a person lost inSiberian taiga – build shelters, craft weapons, hunt, battle &explore! Play this ultimate survival simulator in 3D! You are aperson lost in Siberian woods. It’s too cold here! Find or buildshelter to hide, hunt for wild animals to get food and find waterto stay alive. Mind survivor’s indicators – health, fullness, waterrate and, of course, warmth rate! Avoid freezing cold – it’s aright way to the end! Level up your survival skills and be readyfor the life full of adventure – hunt for wild animal, battleagainst predators and try not to catch a cold playing this survivalsimulator in 3D! Explore forest badlands, avoid meeting withaggressive Siberian predators or hint them to make your next meal.Find weapons and other survival tools or craft it yourself! But bereally careful! Outdoor temperature might be about -30 degrees,build a fire to keep yourself warm! Hunt animals to feed yourcharacter, cut trees to get wood and use your loot to build a houseand stay alive! Don’t forget to check survivor’s status – don’t letit become red! Keep yourself fed, warm and sleep well. It’s theonly chance to survive in this extreme conditions! Try SiberianSurvival: Cold Winter – great game to overcome the fear of freezingcold!Siberian Survival: Cold Winter features: Explore cold Siberianbadlands – snow-covered forests inhabited by dangerouspredatorsVarious survival tools to find and craft new ones –clothes, weapons, matches, wood to make a fire and othersUse yourloot carefully – mind all the survivor’s indicators and statuses tostay aliveHunt animals to find food and protect yourself frompredator’s attacksUltimate survival simulator in extreme winterconditionsReady to survive in cold dangerous badlands? Remember,Siberia is not a tropical survival island! It’s high time to fightfor your life!Explore Siberian woods, hunt animal and build shelternot to freeze to the full! Upgrade your survival skills hunting,gathering and crafting! Dress warmly in new armor of Siberianpredator's skin and go in search of adventure on the frozenexpanses of the game! Enjoy Siberian Survival: Cold Winter game in3D!
Tramp Simulator: Survival City 2.8.0 APK
To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menu Livethe life of a homeless person, lost and lonely, with TrampSimulator: Survival City in 3D! Fight for your life on the citystreets with other tramps, search for food and money, buildshelters and craft weapons and tools playing this homeless survivalsimulator. It’s not like being a survivor spending time on lostTropical Island – picturesque ocean, juicy fruit and nice weather…Today your goal is to stay alive in concrete jungles! Youropponents aren’t wild predators, tropical rains or other dangersyou can face spending time on the survival island – fight againstcop or hide from them not to be arrested, rob and steel to provideyourself with food, dig through rubbish to find weapons or usefulsurvival tools! Сheck Tramp Simulator: Survival City - greathomeless survival simulator for those who are ready for extremeadventures! Rob, steal, hunt, battle and explore! Salvage all thetools and weapons that may help you to explore the city! Use allyour survival skills to stay alive, avoid battling against cops anddiscover the secrets that may help you to change you life! Meethomeless animals and others tramps, hunt or dig through garbage tofind food and resources, craft tools, build shelters and try tothrive in such a harsh conditions! Tired of usual island survivalsimulators? Try Tramp Simulator: Survival City 3D and become amegatramp with this great homeless simulator! Survive on the citystreets full of secrets and dangers! Watch for your homelesscharacter indicators - health, energy, fullness. If one of thesedrops – no chance to survive! Special survival tools like weapons,knifes or lighters would help you to stay alive – craft it usingresources you found or obtain by robbery! Survive in harshconditions, face dangers and change your life or become megatramp!Living on the city streets is not like relaxing on the tropicalisland, so get your survival skills to work playing TrampSimulator: Survival City in 3D! Control your tramp character usingjoystick, walk around the city, dig through garbage, craft toolsand build shelters. Is seems like playing island survivalsimulator, but a bit tougher. Your home is backstreet and your goalis to survive at all cost! Hunt for wild homeless animals, searchfor weapons and tools or earn money robbing and stealing. Battleagainst the police and use all your exploration to thrive in thishostile environment! Survive at all costs being a homeless personwith Tramp Simulator: Survival City game! Tramp Simulator: SurvivalCity features: - Great homeless survival simulator – explore citystreets, hunt for animals, dig through garbage, craft weapons andsurvival tools to stay alive - Health, energy and fullnessindicators to mind - Various survival tools – find it, craft withresources or obtain with robberies - Choose your lifestyle – live apeaceful life of a tramp begging for money or earn with robberies -Use all your exploration, battling and survival skills to stayalive Tired of usual island survival adventures? Explore concretejungles with great city survival simulator in 3D! Meet other trampor homeless animals – make friends with them or battle against.Choose your own lifestyle – earn money to change your life orbecome a megatramp! Quarry resources, look for weapons and survivaltools, craft, build and explore! Check Tramp Simulator: SurvivalCity – great survival simulator for those who are ready to to startat the bottom. Let your trump out of street life or give him nochance to survive with this realistic city survival simulator in3D!
Chernobyl Survival Simulator 1.3 APK
To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menu!Feellike a stalker exploring Prypiat city after an explosion on nuclearstation with Chernobyl Survival Simulator in 3D! Welcome toChernobyl Zone – desert and uninhabited. Most of citizens diedafter huge nuclear explosion on an atomic power station, but someof them got infected and turned into monsters and mutants ready toattack you! Fight against mutants and criminals flooded thisnuclear desert, meet wild animals, rob and hunt to provide yourselfwith food, weapons and resources. Spending time in Prypiat nuclearwasteland is not like relaxing on tropical survival island – getall your survival skills to work! Quarry resources, craft tools andweapons, build shelters to hide from nuclear monsters and feel likea real survivor playing this stalker simulator! Fight for your lifeand destroy mutants playing Chernobyl Survival Simulator in 3D!Beready for scary post apocalypse adventures – explore Zone full ofzombies, mutants & other nuclear monsters! See Prypiat zone andChernobyl Nuclear Power Station with your own eyes! Live the lifeof real stalker and survive in this lost nuclear wasteland full ofsecrets and dangers! Mind survivor’s indicators – fighting withmutants and hunting for wild monster animals might be a bit tiring!Keep health, energy and hunger indicators full, if one of it drops– there is no chance to survive in this world of monsters,criminals and total destruction! Quarry resources to craft survivaltools and weapons, build shelters and hide from powerful nuclearmonsters – it would help you to stay alive! Hunt, start fish orlooking for plant food, but remember that survive in nuclearwasteland is much harder than spending time on the island! Notropical fruit, no warm ocean, just mutants and criminals around…Tired of playing island survival simulators? Level up you skillsand stay alive exploring Chernobyl nuclear wasteland playingultimate survival simulator in 3D! Find treasures and weapons,craft tools, build shelters and feel like a real stalker withChernobyl Survival Simulator game.Chernobyl Survival Simulatorfeatures: Ultimate survival simulator in 3D – fight for your lifeexploring nuclear wasteland full of mutants and wild animals as areal stalkerRealistic Prypiat city to explore - Chernobyl NuclearPower Station, destroyed houses and no one aroundHunt for wildanimals, fight against criminals, quarry resources, craft survivaltools and build shelters – work hard to stay alive! Horroratmosphere of post apocalypse cityMind survivor’s indicators – healwound you’ve got fighting against monsters and criminal, keepyourself fed and sleep wellBe ready to fight for your life playingthis survival simulator – lost post apocalypse city is full ofdangers!Be ready to protect yourself surviving in zone withChernobyl Survival Simulator 3D game! Mutants, wild animal andcriminals are ready to attack, so keep your weapons alert!Tryyourself as a stalker exploring Chernobyl – hunt, fish, battle& explore trying to survive in post nuclear world! Fightagainst monsters and explore lost post apocalypse city playingunusual stalker simulator in 3D! Upgrade your hunting, fishing,battling and exploring skills living in nuclear wasteland! Tired ofrelaxing with usual island survival simulators? Be ready for reallytough adventure! Discover all secret places to find weapon, quarryresources and build shelters! Thrive in this hostile environmentwith Chernobyl Survival Simulator game!Get really unusualexperience – spending time in Chernobyl Zone is not like chillingon survival island!