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This hunting game is going to takes you to forest environmentsandwhich make it best deer game with full entertainment.Yourchallenge in this safari hunting games play is to get higherrankin among deer hunters. This safari Africa is quite interestingasit has variety of environments like jungle, mountain, desertsandsnow. You will hunt deer in all these environments. You are adeerhunter in the best jungles. There is action in this safarigame. Ifshooting is your thing then this safari Africa is for you.Deerhunting 2020 is the ultimate experience for shooting gameslovers.It is not just only a game but a whole new level ofhuntingadventure and personal experience. The people who lovesnipershooting will also love this wild. We’ll be taking you tosafariwhere you can hunt and prove your worth as professional man.Aimand hit is your main mission in this offline deer game. Justtruston your sniper shooting skills in this best game. Thisbestexperience will be polished along with the main progress. So,stickwith your missions and polish your skills in this offlinehunting.If you were looking for such play where you could enjoybestexperience then this is for you. Get now your rifle and gearstoenjoy best and unique experience. There are multipleenvironmentswhich are designed to give you an actual feel of densejungle tosnowy mountains. Under these tough conditions, this willbecometactical for you. Your aim should be precise in this offlinegame.One bad shot in this free game and your mission is failed anddeerwill be vanished. This has two modes, one is about huntingtaskswhile in other mode, you will on your own spree hunting. Infirstmodes, tasks are challenging and progressive. You will begoing inforests, mountains and snowy environment. Realistic soundsofbullets, slow trajectory bullets and deer sounds make thislevelbest to play till now. In snow environment, hunters like youwillmake a perfect shot. Grab now your gear and get ready foramazingplay in the best hunting games. It’s your season, to sharpyourskills, with variety of wild animals. Deer are fast to aim, sohideyourself behind bushes before taking a perfect shot. Proveyourselfan ultimate hunter in this safari deer game. Now is theperfecttime to make some sniper shots in this level. Here, you willgetchance to hunt other wild animals. You will only go forspecificwild animals otherwise your mission will be failed in thisgame.There is a variety of modern sniper guns, assault rifles todefendyour-self from dangerous animals. Choose your favouriteenvironmentand complete all the tasks to prove yourself an ultimatehunter.This is modified with new UI, few new sniper guns andrealisticanimals animation. Now you will be amazed by thisgameplay. Get nowthis and enjoy variety of safari hunting. How toplay: • Easy touchand drag to rotate axis • Camera zooms to getaccurate shots •Press button to change sniper gun. • Mission basedgame play tocomplete and select other modes • Shooting accuracy andskillsFeatures of Safari Hunter Africa • Variety of weapons,snipers andrifles • Precise zoom for distance shots • There are twomodes:hunting missions and spree hunting • The natural sounds ofdeer andbullet • 3D stunning graphic and natural jungle sounds •Slowmotion bullet trajectory to hunt

App Information Safari Deer Hunting Africa: Best Hunting Game 2021

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    Safari Deer Hunting Africa: Best Hunting Game 2021
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    May 7, 2021
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    Spirit Games Studio
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It’s brand new Dino hunting game with mostrealistic graphics and superb game play. Be a sharp shooter andhunt the cruelest creature before he hunts you down. You have to bevery careful and keep your eye on your prey. Explore a large openworld to search for dinosaurs and take them down. There are lots oftypes of dinosaurs and every dinosaur is more cruel, dangerous thenthe other one. So choose your prey wisely and let the huntbegin.Feel the environment and wait for the very right moment to shoot.You have one of the deadliest weapons Sniper. So aim down yoursight and shoot very carefully on target. Otherwise he will killyou. Complete different tasks to complete every mission. Everymission is different from each other, So the hunter have to usedifferent hunting techniques or he will be caught by the Dinosaurs.Dinosaurs are very dangerous and powerful creature, So you cannotlet them come near you.HOW TO PLAY:Use joy stick to control your Movement.Tap Aim button to aim down your sight.Tap fire button to fire the weapon.Tap Pause button to pause the game.Features:Realistic 3D environment.Controls are smooth and comfortable.Game physics is very good.Modern sniper guns collection.Special Animation when the shot is fire on target.Different types of dinosaurs.AI applied is really good.So take your weapons and let the hunt begin.Hope you will like this game and give positive feedback …………………
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Air jet you can use are true to life inperformance, characters and stunt. You can test yourself in theair, take advantage of the master pilot skills and fly in thecockpit of the best fighter jet pilot on the earth. Modern radar ofthe jet will help you to find enemy and attack of them. In thisgame you can fly air jet through the skies. You have to accept thisfighter jet challenge and complete all challenging levels. Yourchallenge is you have to clear all area for enemies and attack onthem before they attack on you. You have to destroy enemies camp,radar system, ships and boats and second mode is very interestingdogfight. Lot of jet will attack on you. You have to hit thembefore hit on you and show your professional pilot.How to play:Fighter jets have 2 type control joystick and tilt.Move you’re mobile to control the jet fighter.Tap fire button to attack on enemies.Features:• 2 type challenging mode.• New improves jet fighter physics.• Modern radar system.• Real 3D environment.• Stunning graphic.Hope you like this game and positive feedback. Your feedback andcomments are value able for us to improve games. Bestwishes…………………..
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Limousine Taxi Driving Game 1.17 APK
Racing, jumping, passengers carrying limousine simulator hasfascinating journey in the hills. Modern stands, beautiful houses,lush green mountains and trees keep the driver continue journey innew games. Show perfect skills and collect maximum coins in offlinegames 2021. Garage View Take a look at the splendid limousinestanding in the garage. The first look of the vehicle might makeyou play. The clean environment and bright lights increase thebeauty of the limo car games with steering. MODES There are twomodes in this limousine car game. You may choose any of these. FREEMODE HILLS MODE LONG DRIVE WITH FREE MODE Get behind the steeringwheel of the super vehicle. Go along the long routes in the hills.The journey has no limit. Have fun driving all along the limousineoffroad game tracks. There is nothing to worry about the time orfuel. Play as long as you like. OFFROAD ADVENTURE Put the car ingear and see it running on the track. There are coins on the way.Keep on collecting the coins. However, always look for the roadendings. The track is narrow. There are deep slopes on the edges.Drive the limousine simulator with skills on the turnings. You maysee the vehicle jumping because of the un-even roads. HILLYENVIRONMENT There is beautiful stand on the way in the start. Thehuge mountains are lush and green. Roads are clean. Wonderfullydecorated houses behind the stand also give pleasant look. Becomelimo taxi driver and enjoy the moments through fascinatingenvironment. PARKING AT STATIONS Modern stations have all thefacilities for the driver. He can park the car under the longcovered shed. A bus is already found under the limousine carparking shed. UP AND DOWN SPEEDY PATH Hilly path is not straight.It has many turnings, up and down slopes. Show your perfect skillsin limousine driving game. You may use brakes or reduce speed whiledescending a slope. REVERSE OPTION Enjoy a wonderful side view ofthe long vehicle when you reverse it. Back lights of the simulatoralso blink first. The controls make feel as if you are driving forreal in offroad limousine game. HILL MODE MISSIONS Carry passengersand drop them at the destinations in this mode. Dare speeding thelong limo runner 3d in top gears. And reach a station where thepassengers are waiting for you. At this point, park the vehicleinto the red zone. Once you get into right area the passengers willenter the car. CONTINUE EXPLORING Hill mode also offers coins onthe way. Continue collecting the coins and explore many otherthings in the free game.
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This exciting offroad runner is the game youwaiting for! Run along the craziest scenarios in the extremeoffroad runner. Drag to jump or slide and move left or right. Avoidhitting hurdles. Run around different scenarios and gather all thecoins you can. Offroad runner is very fun game. Download it now andstart your journey!This game is very easy to play. This game is really fun to play.Try to get the best score of all of your friends or maybe the bestscore of the world.Features!• Easy to play.• Endless runner for endless fun and entertainment.• Stunning graphic and beautiful environment.• Crazy obstacles.• Compete against other runners.
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