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With Safari hunting you can be a good hunter by hunting almost allof the four-legged animals. You can experience an unforgettableadventure with this game developed using real animal and vehiclemodels on the African continent. Choose one of the 5 differentterrains in your garage and head for the forest. Climb up each ofthe rugged terrain that stands against it and climb the mountain.Go quietly to the wild animals in the mountainous area. Take yourgun and open your binoculars. Then aim at the animals and develophunting experience. Lions, zebras, furious cows and many moreanimals can reach this game. Using the off-road tool, go to the reddot at the corner of the game screen and finish the animals.GameFeatures- Patched and rough terrain- 4*4 Tools and equipment- Yourcar garage.- Various tools like Suv and jip- Close to realitycharts- Hunter score tables and hunting lists- Incredible real gamesoundsWhat you need to do to become a successful hunter;- Becareful and keep in mind that animals in your vicinity can attackyou- Go to large areas to gain the most effective hunting skill.-Do not shoot your enemy very closely and do not scare animals- Makesure you have the necessary materials in your hunting bag- Get yourcar faster by taking new cars.

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    Safari Driver Simulator 3D
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    February 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Mubi Games
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Use your 4x4 vehicle in rugged mountain roads. You must balance thebest hill climbing suspension. Climbing Race, was developedspecifically for challenging mountain living experience. Driversare forced to compete on steep slopes to avoid hitting the hardrock. Reach the summit is not a task that anyone can do. Realisticsteering wheel, you will get pleasure from climbing racing gamewith brake and gas experience. You should note that you willencounter the ramp. Better tools to dominate the road you may needto burn your headlights. Climbing racing parts are tailored toeveryone. Some passages are a cinch to pass a level if the onlyexpert riders climb the next sections. ** Features ** ★ Realisticvehicle system. ★ Realistic environment interaction. ★ Easy, Mediumand Hard sections. ★ Car camera and lights.
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Your tractor is very good for hard ramps. It has truck pedal. Ifyou don't want to damaged tractor you will be good driver. Becarryful! Mountains hills are high. Tractor's upgrades of physicshas real vehicle physic. Environment is hardest than other hillclimb racing games. You can follow signs and you must follow its!Tractor's wheel is on your hands. You climb this hills. You climbmountain.Do you want to be very good racer? So Let's play!
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Gunship’s hero pilot is flying for challenging war now.. Be readyfor great war!You have to check your ammo because attacks which arefull of action and fights is waiting for you!Gunner troop’smissiles are fired to hit you! You need to hit targets to finishterror.You can play this game with 3D sound effects and detailedgunship with fully-equipped & easy-to-play interface in realworld environment. Also, you can choose more than one gunship anddevelop your weapons. This game is optimized for playing in everymobile devices. In the game, there are gunships, police stations,soldiers, empty buildings, guided missiles and howitzers and theyare very detailed. Choose a gunship suitable for your style and hitthe targets! You can shoot your enemy thanks to ultra-realisticcockpit and developed flying experience. You can use guidedmissile, minigun, 45mm and 25mm guns. And thanks to these, yourenemy cannot escape! You will have modern guns after you pass tonext level and you will have the gunship’s enjoyment. In war &battle modes, you need to hit apparent targets and escape frommissiles which lock on you.- Game control is very easy. Itdeveloped for every one especially.- In the game, there are best 3Dgunships. And modern gunships have unique equipments.- It isoptimized and tested for tablets, small screens and low-featuredevices.- You will hear realistic environment and explosion soundswith 3D sound system.- Also, there is a market which you can choosea lot of models of gunships etc. From there.- In simulation mode,you can develop flying controls, and in the war & battle modes,you can fight against your enemy!- In the game, you can see guidedmissiles, howitzers, bombardier, 45mm, 25mm and miniguns.If youlike the game, please give us +5 vote. And please tell us youropinions about the game..Also, you can follow our Facebookpage.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunship-Helicopter-3D/1495491384034330
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Horse gallop is very tasteful. Do you want to demonstrate theirability to bypass the obstacles? We are sure you'll love this game.Run with large horse and jump. If you have information about horsetraining you have to think how much fun it would be a game. Abeautiful experience awaits you in the farm environment.You have tocollect gold in the field of horse riding games. There is verylittle time. Using this time well, you can take a nice tour. Youcan reach high on gold using straw between farmhouses. You have totrain your horse before going to the track. Help on how to make itchallenging movements. You can easily manage the horse on thescreen with the controls.Game Features- The farm house model-Suitable for children.- Simple interface for easy control- Physicsof great games- Optimized for high performance- Replay option-Level system- It is COMPLETELY FREE.- Excellent nature sounds-Realistic environment interaction- Realistic horse models andanimations- 20 challenging tracks
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This powerful warrior to have a good horse. He wants to make astrong as a horse riding.Horses used in ancient times as a friendand passenger to pass through rigorous training. Completechallenging trails in the wooded mountain terrain. Train the horse.Prepare for battle.Surrounding the designated target withouthitting obstacles get in the time allocated to you. Challenginggame begins. Prepared. Assign work to control better. Jump overobstacles. Çizrek zigzag ahead. Be quick and race with time.Note:the game developed Magic and structures surrounding the muscles andprevent the phone on a low resolution.Good luck.
Ambulance Car Simulator 3D 1.0.0 APK
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Cool is a high-speed ambulance driving game.You should try to succeed himself immediately an ambulance driver.Wounded in the streets of the big city are waiting for you. Ifyou're late, you can encounter a disaster. Etml attention totraffic and should reach the scene as soon as possible.Ambulance rescue in the city as soon as the purpose of the gameis to collect patients waiting at different points. You will reachthe injured passengers riding in an ambulance following the orangearrow on the yellow field. If you reach the end of time you willhave gained successful experience as an ambulance driver. You canbrake the vehicle speed controls on the screen, or you can do butwatch. There are many cars in the city. Wounded in ambulances whenyou do not want to hit the car.Game FeaturesStriking city mapExcellent playabilityEasy controlDifferent camera angles (Near, Far)Realistic sound effectsRealistic human models and animationsHigh-quality ambulance modelThe navigation systemAchievement system with 3 starsReal car physicsDriving pleasure with gearFluent background music40 levels of a difficult one
Gunship 2 Helicopter 3D 1.1 APK
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Gunship’s hero pilot is flying for difficult war currently.. Beprepared for nice war!You have to envision your implements of waras a result of attacks that area unit filled with action and fightsis awaiting you!Gunner troop’s missiles area unit discharged to hityou! you would like to hit targets to end terror.You can play thisgame with 3D sound effects and elaborate gunship 2 withfully-equipped & easy-to-play interface in globe setting. Also,you'll be able to select over one gunship 2 and develop yourweapons. This game is optimized for taking part in in each mobiledevices. within the game, there area unit gunships, policestations, soldiers, empty buildings, radio-controlled missiles andhowitzers and that they area unit terribly elaborate. select agunship appropriate for your vogue and hit the targets! you'll beable to shoot your enemy because of ultra-realistic cockpit anddeveloped flying expertise. you'll be able to use missile, minigun,45mm and 25mm guns. And because of these, your enemy cannot escape!you'll have trendy guns once you pass to next level and you'll havethe gunship’s enjoyment. In war & battle modes, you would liketo hit apparent targets and shake missiles that lock on you.- Gamemanagement is extremely simple. It developed for each oneparticularly.- within the game, there area unit best 3D gunships.And trendy gunships have distinctive equipments.- it's optimizedand tested for tablets, little screens and low-feature devices.-you'll hear realistic setting and explosion sounds with 3Delectronic equipment.- Also, there's a market that you'll be ableto select plenty of models of gunships etc. From there.- Insimulation mode, you'll be able to develop flying controls, andwithin the war & battle modes, you'll be able to fight againstyour enemy!- within the game, you'll be able to seeradio-controlled missiles, howitzers, bombardier, 45mm, 25mm andminiguns.