1.3 / December 24, 2014
(3.5/5) (881)


Feel yourself like a hunter for africananimals like elephants, rhino and zebras in new Safari Hunting 3DGame. Travel through different places full of wild african animals,feel the air, enjoy environments: savanna, grass, bushes and lakes.Do you feel adrenaline filling you from inside? Get your rifleready, take the challenge to kill big animals.

We tried to recreate african environment of a real hunt withhigh quality graphics and sounds.

Safari Hunting 3D features:

- High quality graphics
- Different armour
- Different view point: sniper and basic
- Unlimited ammo
- Hollywood blockbuster like bullet effect
- Hordes of african animals

Your goal is to kill all animals in your range. Use sniper viewfor better precision. If you will run out of ammo rifle will beautomatically reloaded.

Enjoy hunting and tons of adrenaline with our Safari Hunting 3Dgame. Please send us your feedback, we alway happy to hear fromyou.

App Information Safari Hunting 3D

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    Safari Hunting 3D
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  • Updated
    December 24, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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    3D Games Here
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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Zombie Road Kill: Death Trip 1.0 APK
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A Z virus spreaded accidently turning peopleto scary zombies. in the Zombie Road Kill you are driving armoureddeath truck in a world full of zombies. Your task is to clean theplanet from zombies travelling from city to city. Race the truckover the cities, towns and wasteland to put all zombies to death.Zombies are everywhere, there are hordes of zombies walking. Willyou find anyone survived depends solely on you.Remember that good zombie is dead zombie.NO ANNOYING BANNERS AND NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GET THISGAME AND ENJOY KILLING ZOMBIES.Zombie Road Kill feautres:- 3D world- different locations like town, country, highway- fast graphics- scary soundtracks- different camera views: up&behind, driver view, hood, nearthe wheel- challenging missionsIt’s better to play in headphones to completely feel theatmosphere of the apocalyptic world full of zombies.Zombie Road Kill: Death Trip supports different camera views soyou can test how it feels like driving death truck killing hordesof zombies. Enjoy scary atmosphere while driving and keep yourpants dry. The graphics is optimised for mobile devices.HOW TO CONTROL1. Tilt device to turn left/right2. Use accelerator pedal to increase speed3. Use brake pedal to stop or to move in reverse directionEnjoy Zombie Road Kill: Death Trip and please write us back withsuggestions how we can improve the game.
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