1.3 / August 26, 2016
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Single compass to keep the north.

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Percentile 1.14 APK
Calculating percentiles for children 0 to 5 years. StatisticalCharts percentiles for height, weight, head circumference and bodymass index. Ability to create multiple profiles with informationand photographs of children.
ChronoBox 2.0 APK
Timer for boxing workouts, one hundred percent functional. Removedthe sleep mode and screen rotation, lest you suffer anyinterruption in your training. Besides the large screen lets youcheck the times with great ease.
BabyPaint 1.8 APK
Blackboard simple for children. For the kids can paint withoutstopping and then can save or share the pictures.
Baby Tales 1.7 APK
Children's stories for kids. Collection of interactive stories withsounds and animations. In future updates will increase the numberof stories.
BreastFeeding Pro 1.4 APK
Journal for breastfeeding baby. To remind breast-feeding and timeand keep track of breastfeeding the child. Intuitive and easy toregister with a single button each feeding the baby makes.Notifications of notice to remind the time of breastfeeding.-Exportyour journal to archive. Cvs to display in excel -Charts hours perday and feeds per day. -No advertising of any kind.
BabyPiano 1.10 APK
Children piano Simple full screen. So they can play withoutinterruption.
Sakiplantas 1.7 APK
Listado de plantas para jardin. Clasificación por tipo de uso,persistencia y familia botánica. Fichas de las plantas masutilizadas en jardinería, con su descripción, cuidados yobservaciones. Sección Mi jardin para clasificar las plantas de tujardín.List of garden plants. Classification by type of use,persistence and botanical family. Sheets more plants used ingardening, with its description, care and observations. Section Mygarden to classify the plants in your garden.
Volume Control 1.10 APK
Simple volume control device sounds. Modes silent, vibration,plane. Save your favorite sound settings in one click to retrieveit at a later date.