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Islamic Apps World presents Salat Supplications App for you to knowabout the dua's & surah's to recite in Salat. Supplication alsoknown as petitioning is a form of prayer, wherein one party humblyor earnestly asks another party to provide something, either forthe party who is doing the supplicating. Quranic Supplications "OurLord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafterthat which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!"(2/201) "Our Lord! Pour forth on us patience and make us victoriousover the disbelieving people." (2/250) App may contains Ads.

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    Salat Supplications - Salah Guide Duas and Prayers
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    May 17, 2019
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com.islamicappsworld.fourqulproject 2.2.2 APK
Islamic Apps World presents 4 Qul Surah of Quran to learn andrecite in easy way. It's your pocket booklet App to have fourbeautiful Surah of Quran with you at every time in your device.Lets recite, learn and spread good words of Quran. First of 4 QulSurah of Quran is Surah-Al-Ikhlas and its the 112th Surah of theQur'an. Al-Ikhlas means "the purity" or "the refining" 2nd of QulSurah of Quran is Surah-An-Nas and it’s the 114th and last Surah ofthe Qur'an. An-Nas means "Mankind". It’s a Sunnah tradition ofreading this Surah over the sick or before sleeping. 3rd of QulSurah of Quran is Surah Al-Falaq which is the 113th Surah of theQur'an. Al-Falaq means "Dawn" and it is a brief five verseinvocation, asking Allah for protection from the evil of Shaytan.4th of Qul surah of Quran is Al-Kafiroon which means “TheUnbeliever”. This 109th Surah of Quran protects and strengthens thefaith of Muslims in their religion. This App gives you clear Arabictext written in large size font with standard recitation. App maycontains Add.
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Dua e Qunoot is an app to accommodate your access for reciting,listening and learning the translation of this blessed Dua. Hereyou can also get Ayat ul Kursi and Asma ul Husna in this app withcomplete pronunciation and Urdu/English translation. This app is aseasy to play as a user needs. Features: Ayat ul Kursi Dua e QunootAsma ul Husna About Share Feedback Rate Info Settings How to use?After installing and then tapping on the app icon, the main screenof app offers the users to recite and listen Ayat ul Kursi, Dua eQunoot and Asma ul Husna. User can tap on the required one and alsoget translation of all these three in both Urdu and English. Appprovides pronunciation and translation for Ayat ul Kursi and Dua eQunoot in English. In the option of Ayat ul Kursi, users can getfurther 2 option to recite Ayat by Ayat and also complete Ayat ulKursi. Moreover, the feature of About facilitates you to know aboutDua e Qunoot and How to recite this blessed Dua in Salah (prayer)of Isha. Get this app for free.
Surah Ya-Sin (Yaseen or Yasin) 1.0.7 APK
This beautiful Surah which is known as the heart of Quran-e-Kareemin Islam has been provided in a form of the app to make your accesseasy and instant to recite this Surah. This app which we’reoffering caters the needs of reciter regarding Surah Yaseen.Whether it’s needed to read and listen anytime along withtranslation or even want to recite by knowing about itssignificance and benefits, all features are present in this app.Here’s to explore more about the ap. Features: Surah Yaseen AboutSurah Yaseen Benefits of Surah Yaseen Social sharing How to play?Following are the 3 main features to play: Surah Yaseen: By playingthis option, a user can read and listen the complete Surah Yaseenwith its Urdu and English translation. About Surah Yaseen: Thisoption contains the opportunity of Islamic information about thisSurah in the light of Ahadith of last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Theinformation truly warmths the heart of Muslims and encourages torecite this Surah daily. Benefits of Surah Yaseen: Tap on thisoption and get the most significant information about the Surah.It’s about the benefits and virtues of reciting Surah Yaseen whichare quoted under the lead of Islamic Shariah. These benefits atruly contributes for accomplishing any noble purpose of thereciter. This app of blessed Surah Yaseen is free to get fromGoogle Play Store.
com.islamicappsworld.asmaulhusnawallpapers 1.0.6 APK
Beautiful Asma-ul-Husna wallpapers app is offering you 99 names ofAllah to set as wallpaper. Create a sacred environment into yoursmartphone. Having a dark background with light coloured writtenAsma-ul-Husna look truly graceful. The features of the app areuser-friendly and you can easily set the wallpapers as home andlock screen. Features: Enable Screen Wallpapers of 99 Asma-ul-HusnaSet Wallpaper Settings Rate us Share Set wallpaper rotationallyEnable screen lock More apps How to Use? Simply download this appfrom Google Play Store and enable the screen which allows this appto set your selected wallpapers. Then tap on the Set Wallpapersbutton and select one of the Asma-ul-Husna and tap on set wallpaperbutton at the top of the screen. The settings of his app allow youto enable the lock screen for wallpapers and there’s an option toset the wallpaper in the rotation. You may share this app withfriends and family, rate us and also access more apps.
Islamic Quotes Ayat Wallpapers 1.0.5 APK
Discover Beautiful Quotes and Wise Sayings From Quran in this app.Islamic Quotes are a great way to establish the religion, cultureand clarify your faith and values. It has best Wallpapers Features,you can set Islamic Quotes or Ayat photos as your phone desktopbackground wallpaper OR set as phone device screen lock wallpaperwhich gives it a new look and new dimension.
Step by Step Salat - Prayer the Islamic Education 1.3.3 APK
To contribute in Salat (prayer) learning process of your kids,we’ve introduced Step by Step Salat app for them. This app haseverything that a kid must learn about how to perform prayer. Appconsists of 6 main features which offers a complete Sharaiteachings about the process of Wudu, steps of learning Salat withmethod of postures, information about Rakat and also the teachingsof Wajibat and Fraiz of Salat. Here’s all about this app that howyou can get benefit from it. Features: - Azan - Wudu Steps - WuduInstructions - Salat Steps - Rakat Table - Wajibat and Fraiz How touse? Azan: Listen and recite Azan in this feature which also helpsin learning it by heart. It has pronunciation guide and translationin English. Wudu Steps: This feature has 10 steps of Wudu accordingto Islamic Shariah. In it, following steps with images offer you totap on every image and get into further detail of performing eachstep. - Making Niyyah (Intention) - Washing Hands - Washing Mouth -Washing Nose - Washing Face - Washing Arms - Washing Head - WashingEars - Washing Feet - Reciting Kalma Shahadat Wudu Instructions:This commendable feature refers the instruction which must befollowed before one starts taking Wudu. The instructions are listedby ensuring the reference of Islamic teachings on their behalf.Salat Steps: Another detailed and helpful feature for all the kidsto learn and practice the proper procedure of prayer. Salat stepshas following points to be learnt for offering prayer: - PerformTakbiratul Ihram - Perform Qayyam - Ruku - Qayyam - Sajdah -Tashhud - Quood - Dua - Salam All these 9 steps have completeinstructions with image, pronunciation and translation of Arabicverses/tasbih. Rakat Table: In this feature, 5 prayers have beenmentioned with the distribution of Rakat that which Prayer (Namaz)has how many Farz, Sunnat, Nafil and Vitar. This information ismentioned in a form of table. Wajibat and Fraiz: This featuredifferentiates and let users learn about which are the Wajibat andwhich are the Faraiz in prayer. You can download this useful andbeneficial islamic app for kids for free.
Durood Shareef 1.4.7 APK
Islamic Apps World presents another beautiful App for our Muslimaudience, this App specially designed to keep in mind the importantof Durood in Muslims Life. This App gives you following keyfeatures; >Durood Introduction< Durood or Darood Shareef isan invocation which Muslims make by saying specific phrases tocompliment the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Islamic view is to saydurood whenever a Muslim reads, speaks, or hears the name ofMuhammad. Durood, a kind of prayer mentioned in hadith, as well asin the Qur'an, are recited in the form of Wazifa. >Kinds ofDurood< There are different kinds of Durood, that one can recitefor different purposes. App may contains Ads.
99 Names of Allah 1.2.6 APK
Allah Almighty titled His 99 Names as Asma-ul-Husna inQuran-e-Kareem which means most beautiful Names. Hazrat Abu Huraira(RA) reported Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as saying: "Verily, there areninety-nine (99) names for Allah. He who memorizes them would getinto Paradise." Sahih Muslim – Book 35, Hadith 6476 To seek theblessings of Allah Almighty, recite and listen these sacred namesof Allah with an easy access. Get this app of beautiful 99 Names ofAllah for your device and contain it with you to approach anytimeeven while praying and also going to bed, you may convenientlyrecite the Names of Allah. Its features are completely user servingand friendly. Here’s all about this app. Features: Names of Allahin Arabic Listed menu of Names Audio Play of Names Meanings ofNames Option to Change translation language in Urdu/English Socialsharing options How to use? You may easily download this app forfree from Google Play store. By using this app, user can read all99 Names of Allah in a form of list on left side and by selectingeach name, user can also listen the Names in accurate Arabicaccent. On right side of listed menu, app facilitates the user toread the meaning of every Name in both Urdu or English language.The first icon on top right corner of screen is the audio playfeature for listening 99 Names of Allah in beautiful Arabicrecitation format. You may also share this app on social networkswith friends and family. App may also contain ads.