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A cute puzzle game with funny animals!Samegame Zoo is a simple andeasy to play action puzzler version of samegame.The rules aresimple: If more than one animal of the same type is next toanother, touch or tap one to make them disappear!The higher yourcombo gets the more points you get, and using bombs you can removelots of pieces in one go!How many points can you get within 60seconds?Recommended for the following people:・Anyone wanting tokill time on the way to work or school, in your free time waitingfor the bus or train; take a little rest!・Do you enjoy block puzzlegames?・Do you enjoy board games such as spot the difference,sudoku, jigsaws, etc・Anyone wanting to play a game that's bothsimple and fun!This light app is completely free to download andplay!No need to register your email address!

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    Samegame Zoo
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    July 24, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Nobollel Inc.
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    5-19-14-5F Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 Japan
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AfroHamster 1.5.0 APK
Nobollel Inc.
Cute and funny!Care for your very own pet Hamster and show yourfriends!Help your hamster grow in to a multitude of hilariousevolutions!More addictive that mail, chat, or forums! Kill yourfree time with this free collection game!Harvest seeds from thefield in one big swipe!Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop! It feels sogood!Your hamster loves to eat lots of food! Can you satisfy itshunger?Fantastic Evolutions!Afros, a Geisha girl, a Pop Star, andmore…Familiar hair styles and motifs abound! There are so manydifferent looks!Complete your collection!There are 20 Hamsters inall. How many can you get?Change the items in the Hamster's cage tochange its appearance!Like to share funny stories on socialnetworking sites?Post your Hamster to Facebook, Twitter, or Linedirectly from the app!Take care of your Hamster each day!Don'tleave your Hamster for too long; the poor thing will gethungry.Sometimes you'll need to clean the cage; look after yourHamster well!Simple game system!Not that good at action games?Don't worry; this game is so easy to pick up!Great for kids andadults of all ages; the healing feeling of looking after a virtualHamster is simple for anyone!So take a break from your busy lifewith this free to play time killing light app!Great for just beforebed! Want to say goodnight to your Hamster? It only takes a fewseconds to keep it happy!Take a few moments of rest before youboard the bus or train, say hello to your little pet!☆ How toplay1. Your Hamster eats Sunflower Seeds!Head over to the field andpick the flowers by swiping your finger across the screen.If youuse Flower Food, Sunflowers will grow more quickly.2. Feed yourHamster!Head back to the cage; the seeds are sitting in the cageready to be eaten.Touch the seeds and your Hamster will eat them!So cute!As your Hamster eats the seeds it will begin to level up.3.Change the items in the cage!You can purchase new items from theshop using Pet Points!Get pet points for feeding yourHamster!Change around the items in the cage, feed your hamster, andeventually…?!4. Your Hamster will evolve!When you have the rightcombination of items in the cage your Hamster will evolve into anew Hamster!There are lots of funny and surreal evolutions! Try tofind them all!Filling the gap on the way to school or work,Want tohave your own pet but can't? Why not keep a Hamster!For peoplewanting the relaxation gained from owning a pet,Especially if youlove afros!Did you enjoy collecting Alpacas, Mushrooms, and otherFunghi? Remember those Tamagochis from the 90s? You're in for atreat!
つぶラビ!〜かわいいうさぎの育成ゲーム 1.0.0 APK
Nobollel Inc.
みんなのアイドル・うさぎを育てる放置ゲーが登場!ちょっぴりシュールで本格的なウサギ育成ゲーム!空いた時間や暇つぶしにぴったりの無料育成アプリです!◆直観的で癖になる爽快感!つぶラビの大好物であるニンジンを収穫する時は、大量のニンジンを一気にスワイプ!スポポポポンッと爽快感!◆シュールな変身!つぶラビは色んな姿に変身するよ!どこかで見たような思わず笑える姿や、みんなに知らせたくなるような驚きの変身も……!◆図鑑をコンプ!つぶラビの種類は全20種!ペット用品を色々変えながら図鑑のコンプリートを目指そう!◆ニンジンの図鑑もコンプ!ニンジンの種類は全20種!珍しいニンジンを収穫するとつぶラビの新しい部屋が出てくる!◆毎日のお世話!放置ゲーだけどつぶラビをほったらかしにしていると退屈でそっぽを向いちゃうよ!お部屋が散らかったら、片付けてあげてね!◆お手軽にプレイ!ゲームに詳しくなくても遊べちゃう!見ているだけでも癒されるヒーリングアプリ!◆ゲームの進め方◆○1つぶラビの餌はニンジン!まずは畑でニンジンを収穫しよう。肥料を使うとすぐに増殖!○2お部屋に戻ったら、ニンジンをタップ!つぶラビが駆けつけて可愛くタニンジンを食べるよ!沢山ニンジンを食べたらレベルアップ!○3ペット用品を交換しよう!ペットポイントでエサ皿や置き物、台を購入!新しいペット用品を設置すると、つぶラビの様子が……?○4新しいつぶラビに変身!ペット用品を変えたら沢山ニンジンをあげてレベルアップさせよう!時に可愛く時にシュール、驚きの変身を遂げるつぶラビを目撃せよ!◆こんな人におすすめ◆通勤・通学・電車・休憩時間に暇をつぶしたい!ペットを飼いたい!癒しを求めている!ゆるキャラや可愛いものが大好きな女子!つぶラビが気になる!無料ゲームで遊びたい!面白い画像をTwitter・Facebook・LINEでシェアしたい!なめこ、ぴよこ、にゃんこ、アルパカ、ホモォ、49人目の少女などのゲームにハマった!アフロ犬・たまごっち・リラックマなどのキャラが好きな人!サウンド素材:MusicisVFR(http://musicisvfr.com)Otodasuke.com(http://sound.otodasuke.com)Leftgame appeared to raise everyone's idle rabbit!Little full-fledgedrabbit breeding game surreal!Perfect for free training app to sparetime and pass the time!◆ exhilaration to become the intuitivehabit!When you harvest the carrot is a great favorite of grainrabbi, at once swipe a lot of carrots!Supopopopon~tsu andexhilaration!◆ surreal makeover!Grain rabbi will be transformedinto various appearance!Somewhere involuntarily and hilariousappearance, such as those seen in, also transformation of surpriselike want news to everyone ...!◆ The comp a picture book!Grain kindof rabbi all 20 species!While various changing the pet supplieswill aim at complete the picture book!◆ Encyclopedia of carrot alsoComp!Kind of carrot all 20 species!Come out new room of grain rabbiWhen you harvest the rare carrot!◆ care of every day!allowed tostand I'm game and will face the boring a Soppo When have toneglect the grain Rabbi!After the messy room, I have raised toclean up!◆ handy play!I would play even if you're not familiar withthe game!Healing app to be healed even just looking!◆ how toproceed with the game ◆○ 1Grain rabbi of bait carrot!First, try toharvest carrots in the field.Immediately proliferation Withfertilizer!○ 2When you return to your room, and tap a carrot!Grainrabbi is eat the cute Taninjin rushed!Lot level up if you eat acarrot!○ 3Let's Swap the Pet Supplies!Buy food dishes andornaments, the die pet points!When installing a new pet supplies,state of grain rabbi is ......?○ 4Transformed into a new grainRabbi!If you change the pet supplies and trying to level up in alot up the carrots!Sometimes cute when the surreal, the casewitnessed the grain Rabbi achieve a surprise makeover!◆ Recommendedfor Travellers ◆I want to kill time in commuting train, breaktime!I want to buy a pet!I have asked the healing!love is loosecharacter and cute things girls!Grain rabbi is anxious!I want toplay free games!I want to share an interesting image in Twitter ·Facebook · LINE!Nameko, I was hooked Piyoko, Nyanko, alpaca,Homo~o, in games such as 49 a glance of girl!Person character islike, such as Afro dog Tamagotchi-Rilakkuma!Sound Material:Music isVFR (http://musicisvfr.com)Otodasuke.com(http://sound.otodasuke.com)
入学したら女子校だった -フルボイスの学園アドベンチャー- 1.3.1 APK
Nobollel Inc.
AfroCat-Cute and free pet game 1.2.1 APK
Nobollel Inc.
Cute and funny!Care for your very own pet cat and show yourfriends!Help your cat grow in to a multitude of hilariousevolutions!More addictive that mail, chat, or forums! Kill yourfree time with this free collection game!◆ Addictive, feel-goodactions!Your cat loves to play with its woolen ball! Harvest woolfrom your sheep in one fell swoop!Bzz, bzz, bzz! It feels so good!◆Exciting Evolutions!A butler, a pilot, and many morecharacters…Familiar hair styles and motifs abound! There are somany different looks!◆ Complete your collection!There are 20different cats to be unlocked!Change the items in the cat's room tochange its appearance!Feel the satisfaction of completing yourcollection with a full achievements and trophy system!◆ Take careof your kitty each day!Don't leave your cat for too long; if youdon't play with your cat it will get bored and becomedistant!Sometimes you'll need to clean the toilet out; be sure tolook after your cat well!Simple game system!Not that good at actiongames? Don't worry; this light game is so easy to pick up!Great forkids and adults of all ages; the healing feeling of looking after avirtual kitty is simple for anyone!◆ How to raise your cat ◆○ 1Yourcat loves to play with its ball!First, shave your sheep in thefield to get wool!Use Supa-Gro Tonic to increase the speed yoursheep grow wool!○ 2Return to the room and tap the ball!Your catwill excitedly run and play with the ball!If you run out of wool,head back to the field to shave some more!○ 3Play with yourcat!Petting your cat and using the cat tower gains you PP (PetPoints) that allow you to buy new items for your cat's room!○4Change out items in the room!Use PP to buy items for your cat'sroom, and even new room styles!Change around the items in the room,get your cat to play with its woolen ball, and eventually…?!○5…your cat will evolve!Change the items in the room and play withthe ball to make your cat level up!There are lots of funny andsurreal evolutions! Try to find them all!◆ Recommended for ◆Fillingthe gap on the commute to school or work, waiting for the train orbus…Want to have your own pet but can't? Why not keep aKitten!People wanting the relaxation gained from owning a pet; takea break!ESPECIALLY if you love afros!Anyone wanting to play a freegame!The Afro series of games has proven to be popular with men,women, boys, and girls alike!Share the funny pictures on Twitter,Facebook, or LINE!Did you enjoy collecting Hamsters, Alpacas,Mushrooms, and other Funghi? Remember those Tamagotchis from the90s? You're in for atreat!Sounds:Otodasuke.com(http://sound.otodasuke.com)
Double Solitaire 1.0.1 APK
Nobollel Inc.
Now you can play the card game everyone loves to play in their freetime on your phone!Play the popular game of patience included inMicrosoft's Windows, Solitaire wherever you are!But there's onedifference! Play with TWO packs of cards! Are you up to thechallenge?No over-the-top features allow you to play at yourleisure.Even for first-time players, there is help included and therules are simple so anyone can play!Move the cards by eithertouching and tapping, or dragging!Compatible with Devices:Smartphones and of course Tablet-Devices!Great for those who:・ lovegames of patience such as Solitaire, Klondike, FreeCell, SpiderSolitaire・ are looking to kill some time between bus and trainrides on the way to and from work or school・ enjoy a good puzzle・are interested in other card games, such as Poker, Blackjack, andthe Japanese Daifugo・ enjoy other board games such as Reversi,Othello, Crosswords, Chess, and the Japanese Shogi and GoNo need toregister your email address!This app is a free download.
美少女だらけの自衛隊が剣と魔法で戦ったら 1.3.1 APK
Nobollel Inc.
【PIKO-TARO official】PPAP RUN! 1.4.5 APK
Nobollel Inc.
The official PIKOTARO game app (free to play) is out!From the Chibaprefecture, PIKOTARO, the first official game app of thissinger/song writer, now a topic of conversation with hisPPAP(Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Official), is done!◆PIKOTARO thegame!・New sensational jump & action game・Easy to play・Using twobuttons, keep stabbing the apple and pineapple・In the future,PIKOTARO suiting that season will make anappearance...Maybe?◆PIKOTAROscreaming!・Pen!・Pineapple!・Apple-Pen!And more to come!How manytimes can you make PIKOTARO scream?◆PIKOTARO OfficialSitehttp://avex.jp/pikotaro/◆PIKOTARO OfficialMoviehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpIOnsk-gcwHXIzuk24ExA
SM診断◆あなたの本性は・・・? 1.0.0 APK
Nobollel Inc.
あなたの本性はドSな女王様、それともドM・・・?SM診断は、あなたのSM度をチェック/テストするアプリです。全25問の問題に3択で回答していくだけの簡単操作。思わず目を疑ってしまうような、面白い(おもしろい)結果も!?診断結果は、LINE(ライン)、facebook、twitterでシェアが可能。あなたの本性を、みんなに教えちゃいましょう!◆こんなシチュエーションで・デートでのちょっとした暇つぶし(ひまつぶし)に・合コンゲームやパーティーゲームとして・友達との話題づくりに・とりあえずヒマな時間を手軽につぶしたいときに◆こんな人におすすめ・心理テストや性格診断が好き・タロットや星占いに興味がある・IQテストや恋愛相性診断等の結果が気になる・診断メーカー系にハマったことがある・運命を信じる・色々と鑑定してみたいプレイはもちろん完全無料のフリーアプリ。メールアドレスなどの細かい登録も一切不要!今すぐダウンロードして、ぜひ遊んでみて下さい!Queen a de S, or thenature of your de M · · ·?SM diagnosis, is an app to check / test the SM degree of you.Simple operation of just going to answer in three 択 the issue ofall 25 questions.Such can not believe my eyes involuntarily, also interesting(funny) Result! ?The diagnostic result, can share LINE (line), facebook, intwitter.Let's would tell everyone, the nature of you!◆ in such a situation· Little pass the time on a date to (kill time)• As a party game and a joint party game• The buzz with friends• When you want to crush easily the spare time for the timebeing◆ It is recommended for such a person- I like the character diagnosis and psychological testing· Are interested in horoscope and tarotAnd results of the love compatibility, diagnosis, or the like IQtest is a concern· If you were addicted to the diagnosis of manufacturers- I believe in fate- I'd love to judgment in various waysPlay free app completely free of course. Fine of registrationand e-mail address is also absolutely free!Download now, Take time to play it!