2.0.6 / February 17, 2012
(4.2/5) (70)


This is Classic game samegame.
The adjacent pieces, if the same touch and disappear.
To get a high score, please turn off at once. If you do not want toremove the pieces touch, please shift your fingers.
Touch, you can play comfortably.
MORISUKE is originally developed.
SameGameBros. is a full scratch development.

App Information SameGameBros.

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    February 17, 2012
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 - 2.3.4
  • Version
  • Developer
    P.R.O Corporation
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email support@pro-japan.co.jp
    神奈川県横浜市中区山下町123-1 横浜クリードビル6階 Yokohama Creed Bld ., 123-1, Yamashitacho, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa,Japan
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Solitaire Victory - 2019 Solitaire Collection 100+ 8.1.1 APK
SolitaireV contains a lot of popular classic card games. There area lot of games such as Solitaire, Klondike and FreeCell which youcould play in PC. You could enjoy the best card games on yourAndroid Phones and Android Tablets. *** FEATURES *** - A lot ofgames in a single app - Touch and drag cards by intuition -Landscape mode in some games - Choose card’s stock position(left orright) - Choose favorite card’s design and background - Set up yourown background from your favorite images - Record your scoresautomatically in each of games - Help instruction is available inEnglish and Japanese - Undo function is available in some games ***GAME LIST: 131 kinds of games *** - Accordion - Aces Up(2 games) -Aces and Kings - Alaska - Amazons(2 games) - American Toad -Australian Patience - Baker's Dozen - Baker's Game(2 games) -Baroness(Five Piles) - Batsford - Beleaguered Castle - Bisley(2games) - Black Hole - Blockade - Calculation - Canfield(2 games) -Canister - Carlton - Carpet(2 games) - Clock - Concentration(2games) - Cruel - Double Alaska - Double Canfield(3 games) - DoubleFreeCell(2 games) - Double Klondike(3 games) - Double Russian -Double Scorpion - Double Trigon - Double Yukon - Eagle Wing - EastHaven(2 games) - Eight Off(2 games) - Exit - Fan - Fifteen Puzzle -Fifteen Rush - Flower Garden(2 games) - Forty Thieves - FourSeasons - FreeCell(2 games) - Gaps(2 games) - Golf(3games) - HalfKlondike(2 games) - Harp - Indian - Inquisitor - Interchange -Joker Double Klondike - Joker Klondike - Josephine - King Albert -Klondike(3 games) - La Belle Lucie - Lady Jane - Limited - LittleForty - Maze(2 games) - Montana - Monte Carlo(2 games) - Osmosis -Penguin - Pyramid(5 games) - Queenie - Raglan - Rainbow(3 games) -Raw Prawn - Red and Black(2 games) - Royal Family - Royal Marriage- Russian Solitaire - Scorpion - Sea Towers - Shamrocks - SimpleSimon - Simplicity - Spider(3 games) - Spider Web - Spiderette(3games) - Steps - Thieves of Egypt(2 games) - Thirteens - Thirty-Six- Thumb and Pouch - Tri-Peaks - Trigon - Triple Klondike(2 games) -Triple Russian - Triple Yukon - Twenty - Twenty-Four - Unlimited -Yukon *** NOTICE *** When you send us any reports and suggestions,please let us know your devices, OS versions, name of games, anddetails about the troubles or suggestions. Thank you. P.R.OCorporation PRO.APP Solitaire Series Solitaire Victory ********
大富豪V - トランプゲーム無料(だいふごうV) 1.9.2 APK
おかげ様で累計★100万ダウンロード突破!!大好評の『ソリティアV』に次ぐVシリーズ第2弾!!トランプの大人気ゲーム『大富豪V』の登場です♪大富豪(だいふごう)、大貧民(だいひんみん)の無料のアプリをお探しの方にオススメなアプリです。大人気のトランプゲーム「大富豪」をスマートフォンやタブレットで、早速プレイしてみましょう!友人や家族との団らん、旅行などで磨いたあなたのテクニックで大富豪の座を目指そう!!◆課金アルノ!?…全て無料で遊べます!!◆あのルール!?…革命などのルールが10種類以上!!◆ヨワ・ツヨ!?…CPUの難易度が3段階!!◆オソ・ハヤ!?…ゲーム速度が3段階!!◆今オレ貧民!?…階級(大富豪~大貧民)で変化!?◆音ナイノー!?…効果音を追加!!◆成績ホシイ!?…レコード機能を追加!!プレイ中も!?◆あとコレモ!?…ゲーム再開機能!!通勤・通学中、お昼休憩、移動中や待ち合わせ等の時間潰し、頭の体操、ほっと一息、寝る前などに『大富豪V』をどうぞ♪≫今すぐ!! レッツ大富豪 v(^^)v ブイ♪ ≪【ローカルルール】☆基本ルール・革命 (On/Off)・階段革命(On/Off)・階段出し (On/Off)・都落ち (On/Off)・反則あがり (On/Off)・ジョーカー(1枚固定)☆縛り…「場2連続」と「途中縛り」が選べる♪ ・スート縛り (片縛/完縛/Off) ・階段縛り (On/Off)☆カード効果…「反則あがり」が個別に選択できる♪・8切り (On/Off)・11バック (On/Off)・スペ3返し(On/Off)・5スキップ (On/Off)・Kスキップ (On/Off)・9リバース (On/Off)・Qリバース(On/Off)↑慣れ親しんだルールなどお好みで変更ください。【オプション】・ゲーム効果音…On/Off・プレイヤー数…2種類(4人/5人)・ゲーム難易度…3段階 (Hard/Normal/Easy)・ゲームの速度…3段階(Fast/Normal/Slow)・パスの自動化…On/Off・あがり後プレイスキップ…On/Off↑プレイスタイルなどお好みで変更ください。不具合等があった場合は、ルールや現象、機種やOSバージョンなどをお知らせいただけると幸いです。【お問い合わせ】ご質問・不具合報告は個別に回答させていただきますので、「デベロッパーにメールを送信」からメールにてお問い合わせください。今後もより良いアプリに向上させていただきますので、ご要望・ご感想をレビューなどへお寄せいただけると幸いです。≫今すぐ!! レッツ大富豪 v(^^)v ブイ♪ ≪株式会社ピー・アール・オーPRO.APPトランプゲーム大富豪V(だいふごう・ぶい)★★★★★Total ★ 100 million downloadsbreakthrough thanks sama!2nd V Series, behind the very popular"Solitaire V"!It is an appearance ♪ popular game of cards of"millionaire V"It is an application which is recommended for thoselooking for a free app millionaire (millionaire), DAIHINMIN (largepoor).In smartphones and tablets of the popular card game the"millionaire", try to play at once!Aim the seat of the millionairein your technique honed reunion with friends and family, traveletc.!◆ I can play accounting Arno? ... All free!◆ rules such thatthe rule? ... Revolution is more than 10 kinds!◆ difficulty of theweak-Tsuyo!? ... CPU three phases!◆ Oso-Haya? ... Game speed isthree steps!◆ changes in the (multi-millionaire to a large poor)now I'm poor? ... Class?◆ Added sound Naino? ... Sound effects!◆Add the results you want!? ... Record function! Also playing now!?◆After Koremo? ... Game resume feature!Commuting during the lunchbreak, the crushing time of meeting, such as moving, ♪ please the"millionaire V" mental exercise, breath, and before going to sleephot»Now! Let's millionaire v (^ ^) v buoy ♪«[Local] rules☆ basicrules-Revolution (On / Off)Stairs Revolution (On / Off)Stairs out(On / Off)- Leaving the capital (On / Off)Foul-up (On / Off)Joker(one fixed)☆ ♪ that tied ... "tie the middle" and "place twoconsecutive" to choose fromSoot-tied (one strapping / Kanbaku /Off)-Tie stairs (On / Off)☆ ♪ that can be individually selectedcard effect ... "foul up"• 8-cutting (On / Off)- 11 back (On /Off)Supe-3-back (On / Off)5-skip (On / Off)· K skip (On /Off)Reverse-9 (On / Off)· Q reverse (On / Off)↑ Please change yourchoice, such as rules that are familiar.[Options]Game sound effects... On / Off· Players ... two (four / five)Game difficulty ... 3stage (Hard / Normal / Easy)And speed ... three stages of the game(Fast / Normal / Slow)And automation ... On / Off the path-Up afterplay skip ... On / Off↑ Please change your preference and playstyle.If there is a malfunction, I am happy when you notify rulesand phenomena, such as the OS version and model.[Contact]Since Iwill answer individual questions, bug reports, please contact us bye-mail from "send" a developer email.Because it will be improved tobetter application in the future, I hope when you can send us toreview and request what you think.»Now! Let's millionaire v (^ ^) vbuoy ♪«Ltd. P. Earl OPRO.APP card gameMillionaire V(millionaire-site)★ ★ ★ ★ ★
King Solitaire Selection 1.2.1 APK
The definitive solitaire of selection app is here! Introducing KingSolitaire Selection.King Solitaire Selection, this game includespopular 13 games of solitaire.Klondike / FreeCell / Spider /Pyramid / TriPeaks / Forty Thieves Monte Carlo / Yukon / Russian /Alaska / Golf / Scorpion / CanfieldLet's find your favorite game toplay all games!This marks our fifth solitaire app, and we've poureda whopping 5 years of experience into bringing you a true digitalmasterpiece!- You'll find the smooth, responsive control of thesmash hit Solitaire Victory here!- For fans of Princess*Solitaire,the visuals are customizable! Switch up the look to suit yourmood!- This app has user interface which easy to use with in commonwith King Solitaire series. - New features, Google Play Gamessupported. - Function improvement. Choose the way to display a partof advertising in the game!Check out King Solitaire Selectionnow!Our experience shows in the tight controls! - Responsivecontrols are optimized for your touchscreen! Intuitive tap and dragcontrols help you keep cards moving at a brisk pace. - Layouts areoptimized to fit the screen of your device, whatever it may be! Newthemes and designs abound! Customize as you please!- 5 types ofcard fronts, 12 different card backs, and 12 backgrounds providevirtually endless combinations!- You can use your own images forcard backs and backgrounds via your device's Gallery!- Randomizecard backs and backgrounds if you like surprises!Customize thedisplay to fit your play style! - Choose from portrait or landscapeorientations. - An optimized screen design offers a plethora ofoptions for controls and how the device is held. - Toggle screenrotation (on/off, fixed portrait, fixed landscape). Play using theindex finger of your dominant hand while holding the device withyour other hand (or setting it down). Works well with both portraitand landscape orientations. Play using the thumb of the handholding your device. Works best with the portrait view. Hold yourdevice with both hands and play using both thumbs. Works best withthe landscape view. Individual elements of the gameplay screen canbe moved around too! Choose the layout that suits you best! -Specify your dominant hand and toggle the location of the stock(left/right)! - Portrait and landscape orientations each include 3different layouts to choose from! - You can alter the size of thevertical intervals in tableaus, as well as the positioning of thefoundations and stock! - Move the toolbar around via the Optionsscreen! Having trouble winning? Try the Winnable Deal! - Whileskill is a big factor, luck of the draw is also key. - Understandard rules you're dealt cards randomly, sometimes resulting ingames impossible to win. - The Winnable Deal option, however, dealscards for a game that has been verified to be winnable! This app isbursting with features to play your way! - Step up and beat yourpersonal best if you're looking for a challenge! The game keepstrack of your stats and high scores via My Records! - Itching toshow your buddies who's boss? Beat your friends and post your scoreon Facebook, Twitter, or LINE or Google Game Service for sweetsatisfaction! - Depending on the clear number of games, you canrank up. Aim the highest rank!- See how you measure up againstplayers around the globe via the World Ranking chart! Choose theway to display a part of ad in the game! - Conventionally, displaytype of ad in the play screen is fixed. - Select ad type (banner inthe play game screen/full screen) And that's not all! Otherfeatures include:- Infinite undos- Auto-saving when your game isinterrupte- SD card installationDon't miss including all solitairegames!!
Princess*Solitaire - Cute! 3.5.3 APK
❤ 6th anniversary * 1.3 million downloads ❤ Welcome to the Princess* Solitaire! If you are searching for free cute games, itrecommended "Princess * Solitaire / Patience"! The theme of thisapp is "super cute"! Princess * Solitaire made for "Princesses allover the world (girl, lady)". It's super cute! Dress up the screenof Solitaire (customizable). Moreover, it is fun! Collection of 30solitaire games. I love it! We love the Princess's smile. ▶ Free!Get the game! ▶ Please experience the "super cute"!*----------------------------------------------* ❤ Super cute *Dress up for the princess!*----------------------------------------------* Dresses areessential for the princess. Let's dress up solitaire! The dress for"Princess * Solitaire" is the card and background. Dress theme: 4categories ✨ Jewelry: Sparkly and gorgeous [Happiness] 🐱 Animals:Card ears are super cute [Healing] 🍫 Chocolate: Sweet and tasty[Diet] 🦄 Fantasy: Watercolor painting like a dream [Relaxation]Dress coordinate: 500+ combination - Standard (504): Card (4) xCard back (6) x Background (21) - Campaign design added for alimited time: Christmas, Halloween etc.*----------------------------------------------* ❤ 30 games! *Selection from world solitaire!*----------------------------------------------* There are many funsolitaire card games in the world. Princess * Solitaire offers 30solitaire card games with one application! We will continue to addgames. For the princess! - Solitaire (Klondike) - Double Klondike -FreeCell - Spider - Spiderette - Pyramid - TriPeaks - Golf - MonteCarlo - Scorpion - Yukon - Aces Up - Canfield - Concentration(Memory) - Red and Black - Thirteens - Lady Jane - Simplicity -Russian Solitaire - Thieves of Egypt - Forty Thieves - Eight Off -Indian *----------------------------------------------* ❤ Highquality * Made in Japan!*----------------------------------------------* P.R.O is a leadingdeveloper of Solitaire games in Japan. We are always continuing thedevelopment of the new style Solitaire. Thanks! Our Solitaire appshas been loved by players around the world. ▶ Download and playnow! ▶ If the princess is happy, we are also happy! *** Contact us*** Questions and bug reports, please contact us by e-mail from theapp info page. Please cooperate with the ratings and reviews forour app in the Google Play Store. Thank you very much. ***Additional Info *** If this app is your favorite, please check theP.R.O app list.https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=P.R.O%20CorporationLike us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pro.app.jp Follow uson Twitter https://twitter.com/pro_dot_app P.R.O Corporation[PRO.APP] Solitaire Series Princess*Solitaire - Cute! ********
Solitaire Victory Lite - Free 7.8.7 APK
Long time hits app! Here lite edition of Solitaire Victory comes.We developed lite version which reduce in response to requests fromusers. Lite version is reduced amount of app size, and lowresolution graphic included. *App size is small. *Function is assame as normal version! *Over 100 games are all free. Talking ofjapan made solitaire is Solitaire Victory. This app hits for longtime, and over 6.5 million downloads! "There are a lot of gamessuch as Solitaire, Klondike and FreeCell which you could play inPC. You could enjoy the best card games on your Android Phones andAndroid Tablets." We recommend to people who looks for freesolitaire game packs which include popular games. You could enjoythe best card games on your Android Phones and Android Tablets. ***FEATURES *** - This app inludes over 100 popular games. - Excellentgame operation makes you concentrate on the games more. - Custombackgrounds and cards from abundant theme. - Custom layout to thedisplay options. - Play with your favorite settings to customizegame operation. - Select card deal from random or winnable. - Youcan enjoy games more via rankings and record. - Help, demos andhint, there are enough support to help you. - This app is good forwasting time or recreation. *** GAME LIST: 131 kinds of games *** -Accordion - Aces Up(2 games) - Aces and Kings - Alaska - Amazons(2games) - American Toad - Australian Patience - Baker's Dozen -Baker's Game(2 games) - Baroness(Five Piles) - Batsford -Beleaguered Castle - Bisley(2 games) - Black Hole - Blockade -Calculation - Canfield(2 games) - Canister - Carlton - Carpet(2games) - Clock - Concentration(2 games) - Cruel - Double Alaska -Double Canfield(3 games) - Double FreeCell(2 games) - DoubleKlondike(3 games) - Double Russian - Double Scorpion - DoubleTrigon - Double Yukon - Eagle Wing - East Haven(2 games) - EightOff(2 games) - Exit - Fan - Fifteen Puzzle - Fifteen Rush - FlowerGarden(2 games) - Forty Thieves - Four Seasons - FreeCell(2 games)- Gaps(2 games) - Golf(3games) - Half Klondike(2 games) - Harp -Indian - Inquisitor - Interchange - Joker Double Klondike - JokerKlondike - Josephine - King Albert - Klondike(3 games) - La BelleLucie - Lady Jane - Limited - Little Forty - Maze(2 games) -Montana - Monte Carlo(2 games) - Osmosis - Penguin - Pyramid(5games) - Queenie - Raglan - Rainbow(3 games) - Raw Prawn - Red andBlack(2 games) - Royal Family - Royal Marriage - Russian Solitaire- Scorpion - Sea Towers - Shamrocks - Simple Simon - Simplicity -Spider(3 games) - Spider Web - Spiderette(3 games) - Steps -Thieves of Egypt(2 games) - Thirteens - Thirty-Six - Thumb andPouch - Tri-Peaks - Trigon - Triple Klondike(2 games) - TripleRussian - Triple Yukon - Twenty - Twenty-Four - Unlimited - Yukon*** NOTICE *** When you send us any reports and suggestions, pleaselet us know your devices, OS versions, name of games, and detailsabout the troubles or suggestions. Thank you. P.R.O CorporationPRO.APP Solitaire Series Solitaire Victory Lite ********
Balloon Pop! Bubble Shooter 1.0.8 APK
Let's feel good to shoot and match and pop the balloons!Let's have an adventure of balloon with POP!*** What about this game? ***- Bubble (known as Bubble Shooter) game popular bubble becameballoon!- Because it is balloons, movement maybe soft and puff.- Game mode is 2 type (Stage mode/Endless mode)- Wow! There are 55 stages in this game!- Try compete with other players via world ranking.*** Special offer ***- "First time bonus!" Present 3 lives for you.- "Release campaign" Recovery time of lives is shorter.- You can get a life and special items as a daily bonus.*** Inquiry ***- If you have any questions or report bug, please contact us byemail frominformation page. We will answer individually.- And, we will make an effort of our product,so please give us your feedback on product usage.
Solitaire 1000 APK
Welcome to the Solitaire 1000!If you are searching for free card games, it recommended "Solitaire/ Patience"!*** About P.R.O ***P.R.O is a leading developer of Solitaire games in Japan.We are always continuing the development of the new styleSolitaire.Thanks! Our Solitaire apps has been loved by players around theworld.*** Solitaire 1000 ***Solitaire (Klondike) is the most popular classic card game.Solitaire come with Windows is based on Klondike.The correct card game name is "Klondike".Simple! Fun! Addictive! Best!Try to clear all the cards from the table using one or three-carddraw.free! Get the game!*** Features ***The theme of this series is "feel so good"!Did you know that?If the card is placed at random, there is no win guarantees.Continue unsolvable endless game?Maybe, feel tired and frustrated.We offer "Winnable Solitaire (solvable game)"!Please experience the "feel so good"!List of Features:- 4 variations: 2 types of draw x 2 types of deck(Draw: 1 card or 3 cards, Deck: single or double)- Winnable Solitaire (solvable game, verified)- Selectable game ID- Total 4,000 game number (1,000 x4 variations)- Motivation to win: 100 wins puzzles (hidden picture)- Show me how to win (Deal/Answer)- Intuitive user interface- Smooth movement of the card (tap or drag)- Undo (unlimited)- Hint (for beginners)- Customizable options- Customizable themes (card and game background)- Leaderboards (World Ranking)- Achievement of Google Play Games- Statistics (My Record)- Daily Stamp- Sounds (can be turned on / off)Download and play now!*** Contact us ***Questions and bug reports, please contact us by e-mail from the appinfo page.Please cooperate with the ratings and reviews for our app in theGoogle Play Store.Thank you very much.*** Additional Info ***If this app is your favorite, please check the P.R.O applist.https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=P.R.O%20CorporationLike us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pro.app.jpFollow us on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/pro_dot_appP.R.O Corporation[PRO.APP] Solitaire SeriesSolitaire 1000
Cat Box Puzzle 1.0.5 APK
Lovely puzzle which themed cute cat box."Cat box puzzle" released!![=^・^=] Call me "Mew Box"!!- Cat shaped box which called "Mew Box" helps delivery.- 6 type of "Mew Box" appear in this game!- And, there are 6 types of special "Mew Box" to help you.[=^・^=] Very easy and fun!- It's easy operation that pile up the box to tap.- When match over 3 boxes of the same, "Mew Box" deliverquickly.- There are many chains to make you feeling good.[=^・^=] Cats will take care of that.- This game has 3 modes and each mode have 5 difficulty.So, enjoy long time.- Compete with friends via world ranking.- Sound is like a retro game.[=^・^=] Special offer now.- First time bonus!! Present 3 stamina for you.- Release campaign!! Recovery time of stamina is shorter.- "Daily bonus" You can get a stamina and special Mew Box everyday.[=^・^=] We recommend to- A cat lover.- Puzzle game enthusiast .- User who looks for simple game of the killing time.[=^・^=] Inquiry- If you have any questions or report bug, please contact us byemail frominformation page. We will answer individually.- And, we will make an effort of our product,so please give us your feedback on product usage.PRO Corp.PRO.APP Puzzle SeriesCat pile upCat Box Puzzle********