1.9 / August 25, 2017
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Samsara is a Smart Voice Assistant.
Samasara can perform your day to day task easily just by yourvoicein a jiffy.

Be it booking a cab, Perhaps Instagraming or ordering Food or maybecalling your crush, Samasara will be there for you .

Feeling Lazy to type ? or feel like just talking to someone,don'tworry Samasara got your Back. So sit back and Relax andLet
Samasara do the Talking !

*Make Phone Calls
*Perform action to your moods
Send Messages
*Translates !
*Saves Reminders by voice
*set Alarms
*Set Timers
*Opens any Application
*Send Messages on Social Media
*Toggle Bluetooth
..................... and many more.

The Best Part Samasara is Adaptive and will never disappoints.Usingher Adaptive Learning Technology, she learns your responsesand sonext time you ask her something weird, she'll surprise you.

You'll Definitely Love her. Trust me She's Adorable !

App Information Samsara- Voice Assistant

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