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【Sanguo warriors+hands on assault action+cardraising for epic battle thrills】
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“SANGUO WARRIORS GLORY RUMBLE” combines epic fights, cardraising, and Sanguo (Three Kingdoms Chaos) warrior assaults for apowerful action thrill ride. You’re a member of the local militia,on a journey for unrivaled excitement and battles.

The chaotic times at the end of Eastern Han brought about therising of Yellow Bandana Rebels, whom were pillaging and destroyingthe Central Lands. Local officials and warlords are calling forbrave men and women to lead the militia against the raging horde ofrubbers and destroyers. You’ll start from being a common soldier,fighting your way through many challenges to be a grand generalleading a great army. You’ll participate in famous historicalbattles such as “The Yellow Bandana Rebellion”, and then raise yourstatus to stand side by side with Cao Cao and other kings in thebattle of the Three Kingdoms.

★☆Being a powerful Sanguo Warrior and create your dreamteam☆★
‧Collect cards through stages and events to gather famous warriorsunder your reign!
‧Add friends to your team and defeat impossible odds!
‧Powerful Sanguo generals fighting by your side, making you THEforce to reckon with!

★☆Unique Team Kill Technique☆★
‧Your best ally is the “General”, change Generals to give you anedge in any fight.
‧Different Generals have various skills for unique and gorgeousattacks that’ll knock your socks off.
‧Collect and appoint different generals according to your skillneeds for even more diverse displays of Generals’ skills.
‧Fill up “Team Kill” meter to unleash your warriors on your enemiesand wipe them out!

★☆A rich variety of ways for collecting generals and making yourgenerals better than other players’ ☆★
‧Diverse materials to level up skills and get generals of varioustalents.
‧Legendary rides and weapons for you to customize your general andshowing off to your buddies.
‧Massive number of Free and Elite items suitable for your group ofwarriors for your unique conquest needs!

★☆Challenge stages FREE and go head-to-head with millions ofenemy soldiers☆★
‧You’re the warrior of destiny, gathering great Sanguo warriors inyour quest to rule China.
‧Become part of legendary battles, taking out massive troops,saving hostages, and guarding important defense lines.
‧Over 200 stages with various difficulties, and vastly differentstyles, fending off dozens of soldier types.

★☆Gorgeous battle scenes, exciting BGM, and dynamic soundeffects☆★
‧Detailed visuals taking you right into ancient battlefields, pluscool music and awesome sound effects giving you excitement visuallyand acoustically.
‧You’re right there in the thick of action, hearing weapon swings,enemies falling, and shoutings of friends and foe.
‧Presenting “Ace Warriors” with InterServ’s best technology,powering up visuals, sounds, controls, and other elements for anincredibly enjoyable experience.


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    December 20, 2015
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    InterServ International Inc.
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    100,000 - 500,000
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    11F-1, No.3-2, Park Street, Nan-Kang District, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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M2: War of Myth Mech 1.0.7 APK
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我與七個老公的上流生活【日本超人氣戀愛養成遊戲】 1.4.1 APK
「成為我的妻子,生下我的「繼承人」吧!」「妳聞起來好香啊~今晚就讓我抱著妳一起睡吧!」「妻子的責任就是在每天晚上,從我們之中選出一個人一起渡過」突然出現了七個丈夫,向我提出了做為妻子應該遵守的三個條件!?【我與七個老公的上流生活~免費戀愛手遊!】從大企業小開、電影導演、技術高超的外科醫師到好萊塢女演員!?……都成為了妳的老公。而被稱為「妻子」的妳,還被告知要與他們約法三章!面對這些對著妳說「今晚讓我來陪伴妳選我選我」的老公們,妳該如何是好?這整件事到底又是怎麼回事?*****************************************************************************************與充滿個性的老公們一起共渡新婚生活吧!劇情令人臉紅心跳又驚險萬分!各式各樣類型的老公們都等著和妳談場甜蜜蜜的戀愛,想體驗和上流社會邂逅的各種豪華偶像劇般戀情的女性們趕緊進來遊戲吧。與妳理想的老公一起渡過特別的每一天♪【故事劇情】身為設計師的我,自己開了一間個人工作室,工作一帆風順,但是卻沒有什麼可以認識不錯異性的機會……。「好想跟某個不錯的人結婚喔!」就在這時、流星在天空中劃過……。結果隔天早上睡醒,我竟然身處在一間陌生豪宅的床上!?而且身旁還有一個緊抱著我的男人!?【充滿甜蜜誘惑的高富帥老公們】・神城 綾斗明治時代就創立的大企業小開。「妳對已經成為我的妻子這件事的自覺好像還不夠呢,讓我來好好教導妳吧」大男人主義的男人,能意外看到他的另一面嗎?・東条 紫月備受矚目的新人電影導演。「都說女人是天生的演員,教教我什麼是夫妻?」新銳電影導演對新婚妻子的妳提出請求……!?・須王 翼身為醫院院長,是技術高超的外科醫師「妳的體溫好像蠻高的,是感冒了嗎?還是說,在期待什麼呢?」看著穿上白袍的老公,新婚妻子的妳陶醉不已!還有藝人與IT企業社長等各種職業角色的老公們都在等著與妳進行一場浪漫甜蜜的新婚生活妳。【與老公的甜蜜同居日記】搭配著主線劇情,還有可跟老公交流的”同居日記”功能!配合遊戲進行,老公會傳給妳特別的訊息、劇情唷~【第一次玩也不用擔心,遊戲方式就是這麼簡單又上手!】・1天可以免費閱讀5話的劇情。・藉著裝扮自己來提高新婚妻子的魅力,吸引住老公們的目光。・幫可愛的虛擬角色換裝來通過與老公之間的愛情考驗。通過考驗後,就可以與老公發生如偶像劇般甜蜜的劇情。・老公對妳的好感度會決定結局走向,一起攜手創造更多浪漫結局吧。・限時活動等妳來!不定時的推出與老公們的限時劇情與豪華限定扭蛋活動。・跟喜歡戀愛遊戲的朋友們一起合作參加活動。・人氣投票活動還會贈送豪華禮物與劇情喔!・老公生日快到了,來個特別的生日活動吧!※基本內容免費遊玩,部份特殊劇情、扭蛋需另外付費。
光之三國霸王傳【全新猛將 全新關卡 國產無雙動作手遊】 1.0.4 APK
★全球百萬玩家都在玩!你還在等什麼!★2015年度遊戲類金獎手遊!★榮獲用戶5★★★★★大好評!挑戰動作極致快感!★超猛武將免費領!超越三國無雙極限!三國題材無雙遊戲力作!激爽連擊無雙戰鬥+卡片養成雙核心要素,還有物法屬性、靈氣系統、戰意解放…等超豐富系統,讓你感受更具策略感的激爽連擊快感!這一切,都從加入義勇軍開始…亂世出英雄!加入霸王傳,一同無雙稱霸三國世界!榮獲金獎肯定 國產超動作手遊!★無雙霸王登場 一騎當先 萬夫莫敵★※武將可進行切換,派出具有戰略優勢的武將來攻略戰役。※不同的武將有不同技能,專屬的華麗招式,突顯武將的獨特性。※絕招施放,快斬敵軍,享受無雙快感!★物理法術 屬性任你搭★※武將分屬物理、法術兩大類,應對不同關卡,策略組隊來達到事半功倍之效。※玩家可依技能需求,收集不同武將組成專屬於你的夢幻隊伍。★戰意解放 爆氣大絕 橫掃千軍★※無雙能量全滿,將可施放多人必殺技,展現一擊必殺的爽快感。※戰意解放系統讓你時限內強化能力,橫掃千軍無人能敵!※大範圍攻擊、殺戮Combo無限段!★靈氣護體 超神武將★※卡牌升級再進化,靈氣加持打通關。※隊長技能配合靈氣系統,策略搭配無往不利!※靈氣每日免費替換一次,培養專屬武將能力。★百種武將 千種裝備 一同戰三國★※體驗三國著名戰役,解救人質、保家衛國,在敵軍戰火中與三國猛將協同作戰,一統天下!※200多個關卡、多種難度、風格迴異的場景、阻擋多樣不同兵種的侵擾。
Apocalypse Knights 1.0.8 APK
“Apocalypse Knights” is a free Action Game. It’s up to you, theheroic knight, to take back lands tainted with darkness. You shallsave the world with blessed weapons, armors, ultimate skills, andholy horses. Come, your destiny awaits! ● Background In the comingfuture, you are the knight faced with demons released from themelted Arctic / Antarctic zones. With refined weapons, biochemicalmounts, and skills, you can conquer the demons and devils in allwaves. ● BATTLE - ULTIMATE SKILL FEATURE ‧You can get more attackswith progression. ‧Unleash the ultimate skill to kill demons. ‧Eachweapon has a unique ultimate skill. Collect as many weapons aspossible to see all the cool moves and defeat bosses. ● BATTLE –UNIQUE MOUNT FEATURE ‧Your mount is your partner. You can activemount mode to enhance attributes. ‧Fight with mounts and enjoy theblazing speed while you smash barriers. ‧Collect all kinds ofmounts and impress your friends. ● EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OFDEFEATING MASSIVE MONSTER HORDES FOR FREE ‧The end of the world in“Apocalypse Knights” is coming and you from the end of world. ‧Youcan experience 10 levels of difficulty, 6 different scenes, andmany kinds of monsters. ‧Knockout endless waves of monsters andearn special rewards in the ultimate instance mode. ● ARMOR,WEAPON, AND POTION FOR PROGRESS ‧ You can find ultimate weapons andarmors from the shop. ‧Look closely to find legendary weapons andarmors. ‧Take the mystic potions and improve your characterability. ● UNPRECEDENETED VISUAL AND AUDIO APPEAL ‧Combing amodern, medieval influenced visual style. You’re the ultimateknight with the mission to fight the demons. ‧Enjoy the astoundingaudio experience of your spear piercing through a zombie’s gut oryour broadsword slashing through witches. ‧We utilize the bestperforming engine to power up visual, resolution, sound and gamecontrols.!!! Requirement : Android 2.3.3 or above !!!
帝之崛起【史詩級策略角色養成遊戲 英雄霸業傲視天下】 1.1.0 APK
【3D策略角色養成 手遊鉅作】- 全新裝備x職業x陣法設計 千萬種變化打造您的最強策略組合!- 獨特聯盟挑戰!不怕神一般的對手,只怕豬一樣的隊友!- 首款搭載玉如意系統!獲取大量魂魄,兌換豐富銀兩、金幣、戰魂!!- 交易所系統,化身商賈豪俠富甲一方!- 邀請您的FB好友鐵血兄弟一同作伙當皇帝打天下!- 成就屬於您的霸業!秦始皇、楚霸王…等天下帝王名將任您差譴!- 每日簽到分享FB,好友共享神秘大禮!- 3D唯美場景!華麗技能、炫目特效、只為滿足您的感官!官方粉絲團:http://www.facebook.com/PurpleSoulsGame 蚩尤現世、禍亂天下、唯有您才能撥亂反正,一統江山!史詩級策略角色養成遊戲最新力作穿越歷史最動盪的時期,感受波瀾壯闊,氣勢恢宏的傳奇史詩!招募歷代帝王名將、絕世美女組成最強遠征軍!享受傲視天下,號令群雄,坐擁佳麗,一統江山的極致體驗!★邀請FB好友拿豪禮 海量銀兩和珍貴好禮等著您★邀請5人即可獲得10萬銀兩和抽卡券!邀請30人立即領取【四星趙雲】和高級經驗值等好禮!趕快呼朋引伴一起加入您的遊戲行列吧!★獲得歷代帝王 施展強力帝王技能★搜羅歷朝歷代帝王,擁有其他武將所沒有的帝王技能。當讓您征戰沙場無往不利!★聯盟挑戰玩法 考驗您與聯盟成員的默契★資源爭奪,您不僅需要擊殺更多的怪物獲取高額的回報,也需要與聯盟成員互相協助防止敵人攻破我方的防守!★獨特關卡帶您貫古穿今 絃麗華美的3D歷史場景★帶您橫跨中國歷史盛世,沉浸在精心設計的3D關卡場景中!★五大職業自由搭配 激活專屬技能陣法★角色一共分為五大職業,您可依據自己的喜好或擅長的遊戲攻略方式,選擇最適合自己的職業開始遊戲。除了角色本身華麗的技能外,搭配不同屬性的專屬陣法,可大幅提昇隊伍戰力!★多元裝備合成系統 角逐天下競技排行★功能強大的裝備系統合成各種神兵利器,讓您加強戰力無往不利。各式各樣的競技排行,是讓您展示實力,聞名天下的最佳途徑!★豐富多樣化的交易系統 不孤單的好友養成系統★遊戲中您可以經由交易系統,自由販售或購買其它玩家的裝備!運用您的商場智慧!化身腰纏萬貫的商賈傳奇!別說英雄總是孤獨的,好友養成系統陪您度過每場艱難的戰役 !
Heroes of the Dungeon 6.0.0 APK
Recruit heroes to your roster and challenge rival guilds. Masteryour skills in the dungeon or face defeat in various combat modes.Solo campaigns, boss battles, PvP, and GvG competitions await youon your adventure.Prologue:Become Lance the Beserker, as he setsout on a journey in the war torn world Nirvash. It all began duringa great battle, between righteous warriors and the dark magicderiving from a dragon. After much bloodshed, conspiracy keeps fourkingdoms separated. It is now up to Lance and your ability torecruit a team of heroes. Defeat the lingering darkness to bringjustice and resolution to the kingdoms of Tytania, Nirvash, DarkWood, and Behrend.★ 20+ heroes with unique skills★ 150+ solocampaign stages★ Challenging boss battles★ 5 multiplayer modes(PvP)★ Stunning visuals and fluid combat★ Dynamic dungeongenerator★ Upgrade gear and heroes★ Unlock skins and accessories Inthis 3D dungeon crawler ARPG, you will lead a multitude of heroeson a great adventure. The Dynamic dungeon generator offersenjoyable replayability and diversity. Download today andexperience an immersive hack n’ slash, beautiful Unity 5 enginegraphics, and a friendly community of gamers.Facebook:https://facebook.com/IDHeroesTwitter:https://twitter.com/Heroes_DungeonReddit:https://reddit.com/r/HeroesoftheDungeon1.This game is suitable forages 12 and up.2.This game includes sexual themes, violence.3.Thisgame is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases.