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In this Christmas enjoy the games in a very different waybecauseSanta Claus is one of those games that will keep you busyforhours! Because the game is simple, it belongs to the funChristmasgames for boys and girls. Also some features have madethis gamefun for teenagers and even adults. She belongs to thosefree gamesfor kids that people like to play.Christmas is coming,Help oursanta to run and collect all gifts which is stolen from himby someevil. collect as many gifts as possible from the snowy pathsofSanta’s road as quickly as possible Make sure that all goodkidsreceive their presents just in time for the Holiday.SantaAdventureis a fun and addictive running game with one touchgameplay andsuitable for players of all ages, kids.. adults..challenginglevels and awesome graphics and control will make sureto keep youentertained for hours and enjoy this Christmas. It’s thebestadventure game for the agesHelp our santa to jump allobstaclescollect all gifts and run to finish in all levels, makethischristmas and new year holidays awesome with this christmassantaadventure runkids are waiting, have the Christmas adventure ofyourlifeTry not to miss any of the presents that you find on yourrunthrough the snow.**Features**- Simple and fun gamemechanics-Beautiful graphics- Super Moves- Multiple obstacles-challenginglevels- Smooth touch controls- Amazing Music and SoundEffects- Tapthe screen to make christmas santa run.- Collect allthe gifts forthe christmas kids.- Run and finish all the levels.-awesomegraphics- Have the music and sound effects.- Lots ofchallenginglevels**How to play**1. Just tap the screen to let thesanta run2.tap the screen to let the santa jump3. Collect gifts asmany as youcan, without fall off the ice.4. Run to the end of theicy winterto pass the level.Did you like what you read? DownloadSanta Clausgame and discover all the possibilities and surprisesthat awaityou, so do not hesitate

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    Santa Adventure
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    October 11, 2017
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    Dak Dev
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لعبة ' تغيير الديكورو ألعاب البنات2017' من أحدث ألعاب اللأطفالالمجانية. تحتوي اللعبة على عدد كبير من الأكسسوارات و الأثاث الجميلو الرائع, حيث تقومين بتأثيث غرفتك بشكل يليق بالأميرات الصغيرات كلعبة فلة و باربي.كيفية اللعب : كل ما عليك هو اختيار الأثاث الذيترغبين بتغييره و الضغط عليه ثم سيتغير بكل بساطة و هكدا حتى تجدينالشكل و اللون المناسب و المفضل لديك لا تترددي بتحيل اللعبة لإمتاعأطفالك و تسليتهم وضمان إفادتهم..Game 'Change Aldekoro Girls Games2017' of the latest free games children are put. The game containsa large number of beautiful furniture and accessories andwonderful, where your room is're furnishing befitting Balomirat asyoung fella game and Barbie.How to Play :  All you needis to choose furniture that you would like to change it and thenpressing it will change simply and Hecda until you find the rightshape and color and your favorite  Do not hesitate Bthilgame to entertain your children and entertain and ensure theirevidence ..
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You like disney’s characteres ! you want to draw them but you findit so difficult ! our application : How To Draw « disney’scharacteres » is the best solution. You think that you are just aBeginners and you can’t draw.. with this app You can draw well,even if you haven't never learned it at all. Start with How to drawdisney’s characteres and improve your drawing skills and after, youcan draw anything you want to draw it ; like anime drawing.. how todraw one piece.. zoro drawing.. how to draw dragon ball z , tattoodrawing , how to draw cars , how to draw motocycls , and many otherthings in your life. with How to draw « disney’s characteres »Learn to draw with How to Draw! Like a personal art teacher, itwill teach you how to draw dozens of different objects and createamazing pictures. The app is totally free of charge. And you aregoing to see the difference after a week and a leap frog in amonth. Start now, this is a super easy to use app that doesn't makeyou think. Just follow the steps and you'll see improvements. LearnTo Draw is not only a drawing app but an opportunity for parentsand children to have fun together. Just open the app and pick aperson, or whatever you want, and you're ready to enjoy thefun!Main features: + Self-teaching. + Educational. + Funny, now youcan draw nice cartoon characters or cars and more. + Easy, youdon't need any special skills, just start drawing. + each drawingis divided into a number of steps which are easy to follow. + Youcan create your own drawing and draw right on the screen. + Freeapp, with out connection, newWith how to draw « disney’scharacteres » It's time to learn to draw !
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Ninjago Jungle, In this game, you play as the ninja warrior, agreat former legendary ninja who fights his way through thecorrupted world to save his ninja friend from the hand of the devilassassain in the maze castle.An ultimate war action game, Ninjagojungle is the next generation of interactive characters! Devastateyour enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, Do you have whatit takes to punch, kick, jump, and slash your way to victory and tosave ur friend, There’s only one way to find out from the mazecastle, Train your ninja to learn new tricks and special NinjaMoves, or just have fun with over 40 unique interactive levels, Asa Ninja Fighter you have win the battle against the evil. This waris between you and the evil rivals who have kidnapped Keep youreyes peeled! there are so many surprises waiting for you, it's theall new epic story of ninja warriors, Ninjago jungle it's a ninjaaddicting gameplay, giving you thrilling moments and an unexpectedexperience. lay waste on enemies who try to stop you and rescueyour ninja friend, Be brave enough to take vigorous action againstyour rivals. Experience the most addictive ninja action game NinjaWar Hero. ninjago jungle War Hero is an action combat game Survivethe most dangerous challenges that come your way. Play as an enrageninja killing every assassin to revenge the kidnapped his ninjafriend,Now its your turn to fight like a hero and free ninjaMaster’s Make sure you play online to gain access to the latestcontent and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed uponline.NinjaGo Jungle features: √ fighting interface designedespecially for touchscreens. √ A fighter hero vs the enemie battle√ Smooth, addictive and easy game play √ Challenging missions √Realistic animations of shooting and fighting √ Smooth and easycontrols of the mafia super hero √ True ninja experience √Power-ups, utilities and more √ Tons of missions √ Globalleaderboard & achievement √ Fast pace and simple control √ Easyto control movement √ Discover the beauty of high quality graphics√ Upgrade your character's skills with ninja go jungle, enjoy theninja games and Become a master ninja !