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Prepare for the NCLEX PN exam Anytime-Anywhere (No networkconnection required). Work at your own pace and ASK AN EXPERT forhelp (All questions include answers and rationale however if youstill need help, Nurse educators is on standby to provideclarification). DESCRIPTION Download the FREE app, attempt around100 questions and explore all the unique features (In-App purchaserequired to unlock the full set of 1200 questions). App Features -Study Mode (Attempt a question, see answer and the rationale) -Create Quiz (Select topic, number of questions - Pause and resumeanytime) - Time Mode (Answer as many questions as possible in a settime to improve your speed) - QOD (Attempt a random question everyday) - Stats (View details on topics mastered so you can focus onweak areas) - Bookmarked and Skipped questions feature allowsstudents focus on specific areas **Purchase at Skyscape.com &save 20% with code: XNHG-RYSA-IDXH, then download the app from Appstore and sign in! Full purchased content 1200 updated practicequestions reflect the most recent NCLEX-PN test plan including"Alternative styles" such as Select-all-that-apply, Reorder,Fill-in-the-blank. Get thorough NCLEX-PN review anytime andanywhere with Saunders Q&A Review Cards for the NCLEX-PN® Exam,2nd Edition. From Linda Silvestri, the foremost expert in NCLEXprep, comes a collection of portable review cards with practicequestions that reflect the latest NCLEX-PN test plan. Completelyupdated and organized by NCLEX Client Needs category, each of the1,200 cards features an NCLEX practice question on the front, alongwith the question’s answer, rationale, and focused review topic onthe reverse side. Silvestri’s insightful test-taking tips are alsoincluded to ensure you are fully prepared both in knowledge andmindset to ace the NCLEX-PN exam on the first try. Key Features -UNIQUE! Test-taking strategies for each practice question providedirection and hints to the correct answer. - Practice questionsinclude detailed rationales for both the correct and incorrectoptions. New to this Edition - NEW! 1,200 updated practicequestions reflect the most recent NCLEX-PN test plan. - NEW!Questions organized by clinical area allow you to focus on areas ofweakness and use the cards as study aids for your course exams. -NEW! Alternate item format question types including multipleresponse, prioritizing (ordered response), fill-in-the-blank,figure/illustration (hot spot), and chart/exhibit prepare you forthe interactive question types on the actual computerized exam.NEW! Increased pharmacology, prioritization, delegation andtriage/disaster management coverage reflects the increased emphasison these topics on the NCLEX-PN. - NEW and UNIQUE! Highlightedkeywords or phrases in each answer identify a recommended reviewtopic related to the question. - NEW and UNIQUE! Highlightedkeywords or phrases in each test-taking strategy identify arecommended strategy to approach the question. - NEW! Two-colordesign highlights key content.


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5 Minute Clinical Consult 2019 (5MCC) App 3.5.10 APK
This App is based on the print edition of 5-Minute Clinical Consult(2019) - A best seller for over 25 years, delivers fast up-to-dateguidance on 900+ medical conditions on your mobile device.Exclusive bonus features include 200 pediatric topics, images, 42built-in calculators and 200+ interactive flowcharts FULLDESCRIPTION: The 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2019 is a practical,highly organized resource for clinicians in primary care, familymedicine, emergency medicine, nursing, and pediatrics. It providesrapid access to guidance on diagnosis, treatment, medications,follow-up, and associated factors for more than 540 diseases andconditions. Designed to deliver maximum clinical confidence asefficiently as possible allowing you to focus your valuable time ongiving your patients the best possible care. Written by esteemedinternal medicine and family medicine physicians and published bythe leading publisher in medical content: * Get quick access toall-new topics, including Advance Care Planning, Geriatric Care,and Medical Marijuana. * Find the answers you need quickly thanksto an intuitive, at-a-glance format, with concise, bulleted text;hundreds of diagnostic and therapeutic INTERACTIVE algorithms *ICD-10 codes, DSM-5 criteria; and much more. * Make confidentdecisions aided by current evidence-based designations in eachtopic. * Includes bonus content from 5MinuteConsult.com, but youcan access this valuable, evidence-based content using mobileworkflow tool easily integrated at the point of care. *Differential diagnosis support from an expanded collection ofalgorithms. * Current evidence-based designations highlighted ineach topic * Thousands of images to help support visual diagnosisof all conditions * Guidance on laboratory test interpretation fromWallachís Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests Based on: 27th EditionAuthor: Mark B Stephens MD, MS, FAAFP;Frank J Domino MD; Robert ABaldor MD, FAAFP; Jeremy Golding MD, FAAFP Publisher: WoltersKluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ISBN-13:9781496374622 SPECIAL FEATURES: Locate a disease, symptom ormedication in the fastest possible manner: - Tap and Hold launchicon to open Last Topic, History, Favorites .. - Navigate usingmultiple indices - History to open frequently visited pages -Bookmarks NEVER FORGET ANYTHING: Mark topics with relevantinformation: - Voice Notes - Annotations with scribble, doodle ortext You choose the method to note this regardless of the contextyou are in to ensure that the important facts are availablewhenever you access the topic, whether it is tomorrow or six monthsfrom now.
Skills Hub - Nursing Skills 3.7.2 APK
Learn – Track – Quiz – anytime, anywhere... Skills Hub App is partof platform developed by Skyscape for educators and trainers. ThisFree app includes content especially developed for nursing studentsand includes: • Step-by-step instruction on performing nursingskills • Instructional Videos • References to latest techniques andresearch articles • NCLEX type questions and rationales to help youassess understanding of the skills • Progress reports • Instructorfeedback The Skills Hub Platform includes tools for contentcreation, which allows schools and institutions to author their owninstructions, upload videos and create their question banks etc.Students can simply download the customized content and uploadperformance data for faculty review. For more information on theSkills Hub Platform contact info@skyscape.com
CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 3.5.15 APK
60th anniversary edition of the most popular, relied-upon guide tointernal medicine. Single source reference that has authoritative,evidence-based coverage of more than 1,000 diseases and disordersincluding concise, yet thorough synopsis of diagnosis andtreatment. Written by clinicians renowned in their respectivefields, this trusted classic offers expert advice on all aspects ofoutpatient and inpatient medical care. DESCRIPTION For 60 years,CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment—the flagship volume of therenowned Lange medical series—has been delivering the authoritativeinformation students, residents, and clinicians need to build theirmedical knowledge, expertise, and confidence. Covering the latestclinical developments in all facets of medicine and fully focusedon bedside clinical issues, this new edition provides completelythe latest guidelines, reference, drug prices, approved drugs, andevidence-based coverage of more than 1,000 diseases anddisorders—all formatted to enable you to find the answers you needquickly and effortlessly. This landmark guide covers inpatient andoutpatient care, focusing on the diagnostic tools relevant to dailypractice, and reviews all primary care topics, includinggynecology/obstetrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, geriatrics,preventive medicine, psychiatry, and neurology. Now includes a“year in review” feature highlighting what’s new in CMDT! KEYFEATURES - Includes essentials of diagnosis for mostdiseases/disorders - Hundreds of quick-access drug treatment tableswith indexed trade names - Diagnostic and treatment algorithmspresent important information in an at-a-glance style - Up-to-datereferences provide peer-reviewed, evidence-based information - Manyfull-color photographs, tables, figures and other illustrations -Specific information regarding disease prevention and prognosis -Medication treatment tables, with indexed trade names and updatedprices
ICD-10-CM Codes App with 2020 Updates 3.5.14 APK
ICD-10-CM is the official system of assigning codes to diagnosesand procedures associated with hospital utilization in the UnitedStates. DESCRIPTION This FY 2021 update of the InternationalStatistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems,10th revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) is based on theWorld Health Organization's Tenth Revision, InternationalClassification of Diseases (ICD-10). ICD-10-CM is the officialsystem of assigning codes to diagnoses and procedures associatedwith hospital utilization in the United States. Now enables quickand easily drill down to a specific condition via medical systems.Key Features: - Index of Drugs and Chemicals - Index of Diseasesand Injuries - Index of External Causes of Injuries - Index ofNeoplasm The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and theCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services are the U.S.governmental agencies responsible for overseeing all changes andmodifications to the ICD-10-CM. Plus, with Skyscape's powerfulSmartLink™ cross-linking capability you can quickly and easilyaccess any related disease and diagnostic topics across your entiremobile reference library.
Skyscape Lab Values Ref. (Mobile device friendly) 3.5.14 APK
Edited by a practicing clinician, Skyscape Labs provides the mostextensive and most relevant diagnostic and clinical informationabout tests for use in the point of care environment. Download theFREE app and view selected topics - Approximately 10% of thecontent is viewable in the free app and tapping on the locked topicwill launch the in-app purchase screen. ABOUT Skyscape Labs™:Provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trustedclinical information for more accurate, confident and informeddecision-making at point-of-care. Publisher: Skyscape FULLDESCRIPTION: Skyscape Labs written for the healthcare provider whowants to understand what a given test is, its clinicalsignificance, and how the test can aide in patient diagnosis andtreatment. Edited by a practicing clinician, Skyscape Labs°provides the most extensive and most relevant diagnostic andclinical information about tests for use in the point of careenvironment. Skyscape Labs was specifically developed for use onmobile devices, with a consistent and intuitive format. Healthcareproviders will be able to rapidly obtain a description of the test;understand its clinical utility; and see what a high or low valuemight mean. Skyscape Labs covers all of the most popular laboratorytests. And the breadth of content is constantly expanding, withsubstantial updates available every 4-6 weeks (updates free duringthe term of your subscription). Skyscape Labs covers these areasBlood Chemistry CSF Testing Cardiology Endocrine GynecologyHematology Hepatic Immunology Infectious Disease Metabolic NasalTesting Neurology Oncology Pulmonary Renal Respiratory Sputumtesting Stool Studies/Testing Toxicology Urine Testing UrologySPECIAL FEATURES: Locate a disease, symptom or medication in thefastest possible manner: - Tap and Hold launch icon to open LastTopic, History, Favorites .. - Navigate using multiple indices -History to open frequently visited pages - Bookmarks NEVER FORGETANYTHING: Mark topics with relevant information: - Voice Notes -Annotations with scribble, doodle or text You choose the method tonote this regardless of the context you are in to ensure that theimportant facts are available whenever you access the topic,whether it is tomorrow or six months from now.
5 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult - Pocket Guide 3.5.14 APK
Based on 6th print ed. 600+ clinical problems. Diagnoses frompre-hospital to disposition stage. Treatment guidelines &references. Built-in medical calculators. DESCRIPTION The sixthedition of this comprehensive yet concise Rosen & Barkin’s 5Minute Emergency Medicine Consult pulls together up-to-date andevidence-based practice guidelines for easy use in a busy emergencydepartment. Brief layout with bullet-friendly, clutter-free topics,you can quickly decipher the information you need to confirm yourdiagnosis, order tests, manage treatment and more! KEY FEATURES -Features new information—based on the latest practice guidelinesand theoretical developments—and new approaches to diagnosis andmanagement. - Designed for integrating into your practice—in anurgent care setting with patients or during downtime betweenpatients or meetings. - Covers over 600 disease and conditiontopics, such as bleeding, orthopedic injuries, gastric conditions,domestic violence and more. - Suitable for all practitioners,nurses and residents in an emergency room setting.
Harriet Lane Handbook Pediatric Drug Formulary App 3.5.14 APK
Based on 22nd print ed. #1 source of pediatric point-of-careclinical information. One-of-a-kind pediatric formulary. 30+Built-in calculators. 30+ Interactive flowcharts DESCRIPTION Everythree years, The Harriet Lane Handbook is carefully updated byresidents, edited by chief residents, and reviewed by expertfaculty at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Easy to use, concise, andcomplete, this essential manual keeps you current with newguidelines, practice parameters, pharmacology, and more. The 22ndEdition of this portable reference continues to be the #1 source ofpediatric point-of-care clinical information for pediatricresidents, students, nurses, and all healthcare professionals whotreat young patients. KEY FEATURES - Trusted for more than 65 yearsfor fast, accurate information on pediatric diagnosis andtreatment. - Updated and expanded content includes an all-newchapter on Psychiatry, plus reorganized information on Emergencyand Critical Care Management, as well as Traumatic Injuries. -Coverage of pediatric procedures, including more ultrasound andultrasound-guided procedures. - The popular Pediatric DrugFormulary, updated by Carlton K. K. Lee, PharmD, MPH, provides thelatest in pharmacologic treatment of pediatric patients. - Outlineformat ensures you’ll find information quickly and easily, even inthe most demanding circumstances.
5 Minute Toxicology Consult - Poisoned Patients 3.5.14 APK
The 5 Minute Toxicology Consult is a reliable rapid-access guide toassessing and treating poisoned patients. Download the FREE app andview selected topics - Approximately 10% of the content is viewablein the free app and tapping on the locked topic will launch thein-app purchase screen.
 ABOUT THE 5 MINUTE TOXICOLOGY CONSULTDesigned and organized for quick consultation and focused onpractical clinical issues, the reference covers the full range ofchemicals, medications, natural compounds, adverse interactions,and patient presentations with toxicologic causes. Each topic isdivided into standard categories: Basics, Diagnosis,Signs/Symptoms, Treatment, Follow-up, and Pitfalls. An entiresection is devoted to evaluating patients with suspected butunidentified poisoning. At least two experienced, board-certified,practicing emergency physicians and toxicologists were involved inthe editing of every section. SPECIAL FEATURES: Locate a disease,symptom or medication in the fastest possible manner: - Navigateusing multiple indices - History to open frequently visited pages -Bookmarks NEVER FORGET ANYTHING: - Add notes to topics - Voicememos