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Complete subject wise guide for SBI PO, IBPS PO, SBI ClerkandBanking Job Exam Preparations. This free app is very useful inBankRecruitment / Bank Bharti preparation for exams like SBI POExam,SBI Clerk Exam, Banking JOBs, Bank PO Exam (ProbationaryOfficerExam), Bank Clerk Exam, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB OfficerScale 1,RRB Office Assistant, Various other bank recruitmentexamspreparation. This app is also useful for all those whoarepreparing for any bank recruitment exam. Prepare for variousbankexams from this free bank job preparation mobile app.Subjectwisetest papers and practice questions and answers along with thetestresult at the end of every test to measure the accuracy.Previousyears bank exams questions papers with answer key. Keyfeature:previous year question paper and answers for various bankexams Wewill be providing notifications for: Test questionspapersaddedExam NotificationsExam DatesResult DeclarationsOther IMPdatesfor Bank Bharti PreprationOther features of the app: - 100%freeapp- No need to register or signupTry our Bank Recruitment -SBIPO, IBPS PO, Clerk, Bank SO Practice Q&A app to stayupdatedwith the latest test questions and answers for BankJobExaminations

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    March 8, 2018
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The best, fastest and easy to use EMI Calculator for calculatingthe EMI of your Loan easily. What is an EMI? When you take a loan,you will be required to pay interest on it. When you pay interestevery month then it is known as Equated Monthly Installments. TheEMIs have to be paid regularly every month until the loan tenureends and the loan is repaid. How EMI is calculated? The formula ofcalculating EMI is as follow EMI = P × r × (1 + r)n/((1 + r)n - 1)Where, P = Loan amount, r = interest rate, n = tenure in number ofmonths. Our Loan EMI Calculator gives complete information not onlyon EMI of Home Loan, Car Loan, Property Loan, Personal Loan,Mortgage Loan and other loans but also information on whether touse rented property or own a property, how much you will be savingin interest & tenure if you pay additional amount in additionto your EMI, whether to do the Balance Transfer of your existingloan or not and how much you will save if you do the balancetransfer of your existing loan, how much tax you will be saving ifyou have taken home loan and calculate the real rate of interestconsidering the inflation. It also gives you information ofimportant things which are being used while availing loan likeCIBIL, circumstances that affect EMI, Credit Parameters, Dual RateHome Loan, Factors determine Home Loan tenure, Home Loan, KYCNorms, Managing Home Loan in rising interest rate, Loan Proposalstages, things to do before applying for loan. Use this app notonly to calculate EMI but plan your EMI. You can take decisionslike whether to purchase a property or not, whether to transferyour loan or not, Whether to prepay your loan. EMI calculator forHome Loan, Personal Loan, Property Loan & other loans, Rent VsBuy calculator, Home Saver calculator, Balance Transfer Calculator,Tax Saving Calculator and Effective Rate calculator. All thesecalculators in a Single App make availing loan very easy. .Download the app and get the following information CalculateInterest Calculate EMI Calculate Saving in Interest, Tenure &Tax List of finance calculators inside our EMI Calculator App EMICalculator Advance EMI Calculator Loan Comparison Flat vs Reducingrate Calculator Rent Vs Buy Comparison Home Saver CalculatorBalance Transfer Calculator Tax Saving Calculator Effective RateCalculator Features of EMI calculator EMI Calculator is free to useEasy to use Advance EMI Calculator Flat Vs Reducing You can comparethe loan that will help you in taking the right decision EffectiveRate Calculator Directly Apply for the loan What is theAmortization Chart / Schedule? The amortization chart/scheduleestimates your monthly loan repayments. It shows how much yourrepayments will get distributed towards the principal amount andinterest amount. It shows the interest paid, principal paid, andthe balance remaining on each payment date. What all types of EMI Ican calculate usingthis EMI Calculator? The app can be used tocalculate Home Loan EMI, PL EMI, Car Loan EMI, Marriage Loan EMI,Student Loan EMI, etc. What are the components of EMI? There aretwo components of EMI known as the Principal & Interest.Principal amount which is the amount you take from the lender asloan & the second component is known as the Interest that youpay on that loan. Your feedback is important to us. Please provideyour comment after evaluation. We love creating apps and want tokeep them free forever. In order to keep our development running,we require a few review and rating from you.
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PinFinder:Searching Pin code for a particular area and cannot findit?Here comes the Pin Finder, which tells you Pin Code for aparticular area and also helps you in reverse process i.e. tellsyou Location (area-city) from the Pin Code.You can also enter or select the location/area from the map and getthe exact Pin Code for it. Similarly just enter the Pin Code andpress find to get location details of it.Currently, the application provides the results for India andsoon shall be upgraded to fetch the results for rest of thecountries.Just download the application and launch it to get benefit of itsservice
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Diet Info: know your food before you havethem.Diet Info enables user to know minute details of the food items andmakes them aware of it. It gives information like nutrients presentin it, best time to consume, benefits, best consumption form, sideeffects (if eaten in excess), and many more things.It has a large database where almost all kind of categories, subcategories and list of food items within it are listed.Download this app today and know your food!
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Our SIP Calculator (Systematic Investment Plan Calculator) helpsyou to calculate the returns of your invested amount in any MutualFund, Bank Deposits, Fixed Deposit or Post Office Deposits. It isvery useful application in planning for your long term financialgoal like buying a car, buying house or any other future goal. Howto use SIP Calculator? Just enter your Monthly Invested amount,Investment period, Expected Returns percentage (%) and date whenyou have started your monthly savings. Our app will calculate thecurrent value of your deposit and the also show you the maturityvalue of your invested amount.
Deposit Calculator FD & RD 1.1 APK
Use this Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit & Return onInvestment Calculators to find out how much do you earn throughyour investment and the rate at which your investment has earned.FD & RD Calculators let you know the Interest earned &maturity amount of your investment through Fixed Deposit &Recurring Deposit. Features:a. Fixed Deposit Calculatorb. RecurringDeposit Calculatorc. Return on Investment Calculatord. Calculatorswith Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly & Annually Compoundingoptione. Create your profile and save your detailsKeywords: FixedDeposit, Recurring Deposit, Return on Investment.
All India PIN Code Directory 1.1 APK
India Pin Codes is an offline application where you can find allindia pincodes / zip codes / postal codes. The database is updatedfor 1,54,727 PIN Codes of India. Features includes: Search PIN codeby Post Office NameSearch PIN Code by State / DistrictSearch PINCode by Taluka NameSearch Taluka, City or District by PIN / Zip /Postal CodeKeywords: Pin Codes India, ZIP Codes India, Area Code,Postal Code
Income Tax Calculator India 1.2 APK
Every Individual should plan Income Tax. Timely and accurate tax isresponsibility of every body. Our app "Income Tax Calculator"provide an easy and effective way to calculate your tax liabilitybased on your income and deductions / investments you have done.There are certain deductions which can be claimed to save tax atthe time of Income Tax Filling. If you have done proper TaxPlanning to save Tax and made investments where your Tax Liabilitywill get reduced, you can save Tax on Income. You can claimdeductions for amount invested in schemes like Insurance, PPF, PF,ELSS, ULIP, NPS, Medical Insurance. Also, you can claim deductionsfor amounts spent on Education Loan Interest, House Rent, Interest& Principal Paid on Home Loan, Donation made etc. Ourcalculator will help you to know the amount of Tax Liability anddeductions allowed to different categories of Individuals likeSalaried, Self Employed which includes Senior Citizens also. Itallows you to make the best use of the various tax exemptions,deductions and benefits available to minimize your tax liability.With the help of this calculator you can plan the Investments underwhich you can reduce your Taxable Income and thus help you to saveTax on your Income.Keywords: Income Tax Calculator, Income TaxIndia, Income Tax 2016-17, Income Tax Planning
MBA Exam Preparation with Sample Test Papers 2018 1.4 APK
Complete MBA Entrance preparation guide with subject wise questionsand answers.Useful mobile app if you are planning to apprear in aMBA entrance exam. Our app covers subjects and topic for variousMBA entrance Exams like MAH CET, MAT, XAT and CMAT. Adding otherexams like SNAP, ATMA, OJEE, KMAT, UPSEE MBA, MPMET and other MBAEntrance exams of government and deemed universities very soon.Also we have provided previous year questions in most of our samplequestion paper from most of the MBA entrance exams for thecandidates to understand the level of complexity of the questionsasked in that particular exam.This app is also useful for all thosewho are preparing for any other exam where Quantitative Aptitude,Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is required. Wehave provided subject wise test papers and practice questions andanswers along with the test result at the end of every test tomeasure the accuracy. Previous years MBA entrance exams questionspapers with answer key. We will be providing notifications for:Test questions papers addedExam NotificationsExam DatesResultDeclarationsOther IMP datesOther features of the app: - 100% freeapp- No need to register or signupTry our MBA Entrance Prep App -SNAP, MAT, UPSEE MBA, CMAT, CAT, XAT, MAHCET, ATMA, OJEE, KMAT,MPMET etc