16.01 / February 2, 2019
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How long have you been running off of Granny? But what if I toldyouthat there was a unique opportunity to be Granny myself? ScarryCubeGame You are Granny - this game gives you this opportunity. Inthisworld of cube crafting, everything happens a littledifferently andyou are already turning from prey into a hunter.The task you haveis about the same, you need to catch annoyinguninvited guests anddiscourage them from the desire to once againappear on your eyes.In your arsenal there are not only hands andteeth, but also manyresources from the baton or ax series. Allthis is well hidden inthe vicinity, so explore your new cubedwelling for caches. Andremember, Granny should not lose, becausenow you are responsiblefor this. At your disposal is quite a largearea. In this cubicmansion there is a kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, corridor, atticand even a garage. Use all space wisely. Thisworld of cube craft isnot without the ability to build. So lookaround and you may be ableto use some cube blocks to buildobstacles or even traps. Do notfeel sorry for the resources, theirnumber is limited only by yourluck. So now you are Granny - thehorror of this craft of ScarryCube Game You are Granny.

App Information Scarry Cube Game - You are Granny

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    Scarry Cube Game - You are Granny
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    February 2, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Cube World Craft
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Who said girls don't like adventure? Dive into the worldofadventure, rapid chases, brain-breaking mysteries andunbridledfun. The most agile, fast, hardy and smart. That is howyou candescribe the heroine of this adventure game PrincessAdventureCraft Skill Girl. And you have a chance to feel yourselfin herplace. Prove that girls no less than boys love adventure. Inthegame Princess Adventure Craft Skill Girl you will find onebigchain of events that consists of a mass of traps,riddles,obstacles that you have to overcome. You will find yourselfin theabandoned city of an ancient civilization, which is fraughtwithmystery. The path to this mystery will be difficult. You havetoneutralize more than one trap. Solve a lot of puzzles. Find alotof caches. But we will not reveal all the secrets at once. Donotbe afraid to take risks and your efforts will be rewarded. Stormofpositive emotions jet you. Show dexterity and ingenuity on thewayto the goal. Dive into the world of adventure with thiscleverlittle girl. Pass all obstacles and reveal the main secret ofthegame Princess Adventure Craft Skill Girl. And when you reachthefinal, you will have something to share with your friends, sothatthey too can feel like adventurers. This Princess AdventureCraftSkill Girl game is based on a blocky world with the abilitytobuild building of any size and structure of any complexity.Theunknown world of cube is waiting for you.
Tiny Toy Craft 22.01 APK
Tiny Toy Craft is a fun and entertaining game in a cube style,withthe possibility of construction. Who of the girls or boys donotlike to play with dolls. We all love to do it. And this gameTinyToy Craft provides a unique opportunity not just to play withyourfavorite toys. But also to build for them their home or awholecube city. In the opening world of crafting, you can do it.Youwill be available to all sorts of resources in the form ofvariousblocks that can be used for construction. Take a few blocksand laythe foundation of the future home. Use the followingcubicresources to build the ground floor. If something is missing,thenyou can always spend time exploring this world. Over theentirearea of ??this Tiny Toy Craft hidden many resources. Do notworry,explore all the cube nooks in search of more and morenewresources. Tiny Toy Craft is an excellent entertaining gamewithelements of construction that will allow girls and boys of anyageto develop imagination and motor skills.x
Summer Camp Craft 20.01 APK
What could be more fun than vacation in a summer camp? Sea,sun,sand, tanned boys and girls, foam parties, sitting by thefire,delicious cocktails - all this and not only the firstassociationsat the mention of summer camp. In the Summer Camp Craftgame, weoffer you not only to enjoy all the pleasures of spendingyour timein this blocky world of cube fun. But we also give theopportunityto independently build such a summer camp. All you needis blocks.A wide variety of blocks and other resources areavailable inabundance in this Summer Camp Craft. Stroll through theterritoryof this world, appreciate the beauty of the cubelandscape, stockup on resources and start building. Summer CampCraft is a classicgame made in a cube style. Here you can use allkinds of extractedresources and blocks for the construction of anystructures. Inthis Summer Camp Craft you will be able to paveroads, illuminatethe streets, build houses and much more. In theblocky world ofcraft, with all its cubic possibilities, there is noroom forboredom for either boys or girls. Have fun, and sharethisapplication with friends. Arrange competitions for the fastestormost large-scale construction. Invite an adult to evaluate themostambitious project.
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How to build your restaurant? This application has thisfeature.China, the most mysterious and closed corner of our planet,opensits spaces for young lovers to build, and after hard work ataconstruction site, it is also a tasty snack. And so startingthegame you find yourself in a fabulous corner of our planet -inChina. Your task will be to build the most beautiful andunusualrestaurant in this country. Its name will be "Red Dragon".You willhave access to all game resources for the construction ofsuch agrand structure. All that limits you is just yourimagination. Thequestion may arise, where do you get inspirationfor your creation?It's simple. Inside this craft you will find awhole world, withvarious examples of the architecture of FarEastern China. Yes, andyour opportunities are not limited to onlyone restaurant of thiscraft. The question may arise: What next? Andthen: build housesaround your Red Dragon, build the whole of ChinaTown. Build roadsand roadside places. Build the city around yourRed Dragonrestaurant, and it will shine like the pearl of thisgreat ChinaTown. In the end, swing at one of the wonders of theworld, andbuild the Great Wall of China. In this you can build morethan onetown. And most importantly - do not be afraid.Experimenting is notscary, but on the contrary is fun. And do notdoubt - you can doeverything. Because you are the creator of thisworld and only youdecide how it will look In this craft, China TownRed Dragon youhave access to many resources for construction. Allthings arecraft and can be used for construction and decoration.China iswaiting for you.