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This creation includes a small neighborhood, a school, a theaterandsome other buildings. It’s a neat little map to use for roleplaysor you could try to expand the area with more buildings andmaybeturn it into an entire city. Hopefully some of you will findgooduse for the map whatever you choose to do with it. It’s builtin aflat world and as a result you’re kind of limited in termsofexploration.- Minotaur Mansion Horror map- Outlast: The Chasemap-Slendrina map for Minecraft- McDonald Mystery for mcpe- TheUnknownmap- Granny: Bedrock Edition map for Minecraft- TheAwakeningHorror map for Minecraft- Kagerou Horror mcpe map- TheDummy Finalmap for mcpe… and many other cool maps !DISCLAIMER Weutilize theMinecraft trademark with general society consent of thecopyrightholder, we agree to Mojang AB'sprerequisites:http://www.minecraft.net/("Terms"),http://www.minecraft.net/markrules ("Brand Guidelines" ). We areoutsider engineers and don'tassert the privileges of Mojang.

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    July 13, 2018
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McDonald’s Mystery (Horror) Map Adventure for MCPE 1.0 APK
McDonald’s Mystery (Horror) Map Adventure for Minecraft MCPEAfascinating mystery map McDonald's is waiting for you in ournewapplication for Minecraft PE. You have to uncover the secret,whichis hidden in the walls of your favorite restaurant. As part ofthisadventure in minecraft, be prepared to face many questionsandpuzzles that you will have to solve.Map McDonald's game isanadventure map with elements of horror. Everything happens inasmall town, where this mysterious McDonalds Craft restaurantislocated. However, something strange is happening here. You needtouncover the mystery of this place. Start the adventurebydownloading our new application for Minecraft PocketEdition.Thismap for mcpe consists of three chapters:1. Dark street.You need toexplore let to the restaurant McDonald's.2. The passage,where youwill find and explore the secret corridor of Ronald intherestaurant.3. Creepy forest. Find the Ronald’s cave and get outofit. After that, you need to get to MineVille.In order to go tothenext chapter of this mcpe map, you need to solve all thepuzzlesand find a way out of the previous one. If during thepassage ofone of the chapters of the history of McDonalds game youmeetRonald McDonald, then run as fast as possible! In this story,thisis far from a good character. A adventure map for minecraftpeawaits you in our new app.New horror map mcpe for adventureloverswith lots of puzzles and secrets! Be a real detective anduncoverall the secrets of this little mysterious town. You willreallyhave an interesting and exciting adventure in McDonald'smysterymap.Here are some examples of Horror maps for mcpe :-MinotaurMansion Horror map- Outlast: The Chase map- Slendrina mapforMinecraft- McDonald Mystery for mcpe- The Unknown map-Granny:Bedrock Edition map for Minecraft- The Awakening Horror mapforMinecraft- Kagerou Horror mcpe map- The Dummy Final map formcpe…and many other cool maps !Enjoy the game at Minecraft withourMcDonald’s Map Adventure for Minecraft MCPE. For the game youneedthe original game Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can download itonGoogle Play.McDonald’s Map Adventure for Minecraft MCPE isanunofficial app for Minecraft PE. This application has nothing todowith Mojang AB. The trademark and all intellectual propertybelongsto Mojang AB. All rights reserved.
Granny : Bedrock Edition (Horror) Map for MCPE 1.0 APK
Granny: Bedrock Edition (Horror) Map for MCPE Granny is aportableamusement initially made by DVloper and it has now beenreproducedas an experience outline Minecraft : Bedrock Edition. Themissionis to get away from the shrewd Granny by finding distinctivethingswhich you will requirement for opening an entryway. Theworldaccompanies custom surfaces and it likewise makes utilizationofsome cool amusement mechanics (e.g. collaboration catches) tomakea considerably more charming gameplay encounter.One, two,three,four, five - granny began looking for! On the grannysMCPEdelineate repulsiveness maps: Bedrock Edition ghastliness mapsformcpe creature school, you'll need to play awfulness findthestowaway with the old woman, the special lady of the housebandy.Why repulsiveness whos your daddy one granny smith beastschoolgranny diversions? The granny on this guide is incensedenterprisemaps, since you broke her tranquility when youinfiltrated her homespooky amusements repulsiveness maps. Get outgranny recreations ofthis detestable place of Minecraft PE grannyrapidly grammy, yetuntil the point that you get out bedrock, betterplay find thestowaway with this granny baba experience maps whosyour daddyMinecraft PE. granny horrorgranny smiththe grannythegrannygrammy'shousela abuela asesinagrammy grammyganny horrorgrammysmithgranysmithgranny gamesevil grannyinvisible grannygrannysmythgrannyapplegranny freescarry grannygranny gameDISCLAIMER Weutilize theMinecraft trademark with general society consent of thecopyrightholder, we agree to Mojang AB'sprerequisites:http://www.minecraft.net/("Terms"),http://www.minecraft.net/markrules ("Brand Guidelines" ). We areoutsider engineers and don'tassert the privileges of Mojang. Theprimary objective isn't to getlost the loathsomeness in thesemultifaceted labyrinth of MinecraftPE, and not to look with thisabhorrent old granny smith, generallyyour Minecraft PE enterpriseswill reach an end awfulness healingcenter, the detestable granny onthis guide MCPE bedrock willterrify you so you will remain a personwith speech issues creatureschool! Search for dark catches withwhite forefingers, they willassist you with hiding from the oldwoman granny smith. A singletick on the mouse granny diversions -and you are as of now coveredup under the wood planks or you are asof now sitting in thestorage room granny. Utilize them, generallyon this MCPEloathsomeness outline won't bedrock survive grannies,the oldgranny won't whos your daddy abandon you alive enterprisemaps, andyour experience on this MCPE guide will arrive at anendghastliness maps for mcpe! Download the loathsomenessdelineateGranny bandy: Bedrock Edition: Find every one of thethings inMinecraft PE, don't fear the revulsions and don't getbefuddled inthis labyrinth!
Thanos Gauntlet Add-on for MCPE 1.0 APK
This add-on implements Thanos Gauntlet, also known as TheInfinityGauntlet, to the game. The glove is essentially a largeportableglove that gives the person wearing it super powers. You'llbe ableto beat enemies with just a few punches, run faster thanmostmonsters in the game and also do a lot moreawesomethings.DISCLAIMER We utilize the Minecraft trademark withgeneralsociety consent of the copyright holder, we agree to MojangAB'sprerequisites:http://www.minecraft.net/("Terms"),http://www.minecraft.net/markrules ("Brand Guidelines" ). We areoutsider engineers and don'tassert the privileges of Mojang. Theprimary objective isn't to getlost the loathsomeness in thesemultifaceted labyrinth of MinecraftPE, and not to look with thisabhorrent old Thanos Gauntlet smith,generally your Minecraft PEenterprises will reach an end awfulnesshealing center, thedetestable Thanos Gauntlet on this guide MCPEbedrock will terrifyyou so you will remain a person with speechissues creature school!Search for dark catches with whiteforefingers, they will assistyou with hiding from the old womanThanos Gauntlet smith. A singletick on the mouse Thanos Gauntletdiversions - and you are as ofnow covered up under the wood planksor you are as of now sittingin the storage room Thanos Gauntlet .Utilize them, generally onthis MCPE loathsomeness outline won'tbedrock survive grannies, theold Thanos Gauntlet won't whos yourdaddy abandon you aliveenterprise maps, and your experience on thisMCPE guide will arriveat an end ghastliness maps for mcpe! Downloadthe loathsomenessdelineate Thanos Gauntlet bandy: Bedrock Edition:Find every one ofthe things in Minecraft PE, don't fear therevulsions and don't getbefuddled in this labyrinth!
Dino Jurassic Craft World Map for MCPE 1.0 APK
Mod Jurassic Craft World for MCPE. Exploration of dinosaursworldCraftThis map lets you explore Jurassic World in MinecraftPocketEdition. At the same time it is an incredibly detailed mapit’salso amazingly huge. The park includes the Visitor Center, abighotel, 18 different dinosaur types and much more. It’s reallyamust-play for anyone who loves Minecraft and dinosaurs!DownloadModJurassic Craft World for MCPE to spend some fun time withyourfriends!This is a mod and map for Minecraft, requiresMinecraftPocket Edition to work. This application is not affiliatedin anyway with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brandand theMinecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or theirrespectfulowner. All rights reserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
Bed Wars Game Minecraft PE Mod ( MCPE ) 1.0 APK
We are constantly working on improving bed wars mcpe andregularlysending updates. Everyone will find bed wars in minecraftnot mcpethat works fine. You never know what to expect in luckyblock bedwars and that makes the game itself more exciting whenplaying.This app has some features to see the improved bed wars modwithanother players.Features of bed wars for crafting andbuilding***Ready to install minecraft pocket edition bed wars***Create newbed wars for minecraft pocket edition from scratch***Excelent bedwars map for minecraft quality*** Built-in real bedwars gallerywith multicolor support*** Keep bed wars mcpe installedand updatedto get new bed wars for mcpeHow to play bedwars skywarsin mobile:~ Built-in lucky block bed wars gallery with multicolorsupport~Create new bedwars minecraft pe from scratch~ Works withallversions of bed wars minecraft on android~ This sectionexplainshow to make your own minecraft bedwars not mcpeDISCLAIMER:Ourunofficial app is not affiliated with the Mojang AB in any way.TheMinecraft Brand, the Minecraft Name and all the MinecraftAssetsare the property of Mojang AB. All rights reserved. Inaccordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesIf yousupposethat there is a trademark violation that does not fallunder the"fair use" guidelines, please contact us by emaildirectly
Smart House For MCPE 1.0 APK
This is a house from the future. Meet HAL 9001 – a talkingsuperintelligent computer that can chat, compliment, play music andmuchmore. (It ca get a bit condescending. ;)) A beautifulmoderndesign, from the exterior to the furniture, built on anamazingcustom terrain with gorgeous scenery and haunting cavestoexplore.FeaturesThe house is filled with redstone and commandblockcontraptions, plus there’s a secret basement with allthetechnologies that allow you to dominate the world (or maybenot).Wegot rid of the conventional enchantment table and introducedtherevolutionary enchantment wall! get the highest level ofanyenchantment you want with a press of a button. and also asuperefficient brewing station that fills with awkward potions andblazepowder automatically.There is also a BIG cycle system storagethatallows you to cycle through 24 LARGE CHESTS, again, only withpressof a button. Not to mention a working fountain, a spinningarmorstand display and realistic elevators!Smart House (TalkingAI)[Creation]Smart House Mega Farm [Redstone]My Redstone SmartHouse[Redstone]RS Smart Modern House Super Ultra [Redstone]SmartFlyingHouse [Redstone]Super Smart Swampy Mansion [Creation]LostForestHide and Seek [Minigame]Redstone Realms (Protect YourServer!)[Redstone]28 Redstone Creations [Redstone]8 RedstoneCreations[Redstone]Mountain Modern House [Creation]Modern HouseSeries[Creation]Redstone Powered Modern House [Creation][Redstone]ModernRedstone House [Redstone]Modern Island House[Creation]ModernWooden House [Creation]Find The Button: HousesEdition[Minigame]Elmsville: A Modern City (Roleplay)[Creation]ExtremeSafe House [Redstone]Modern Super Mansion[Creation]
Vanilla Vehicles Addon for MCPE 1.0 APK
his addon includes six present day vehicles and includedareeverything from autos to a flyable plane. All vehicles areintendedto remain consistent with the first Minecraft designs sothis makesthem an extraordinary compliment for the amusementencounter.Supplant your ponies with the most recent innovationtoday! How canit Work? The ponies have been supplanted by six newvehicles andcan be purchased from the new villager compose calledMechanics.Driving works only the same as riding a steed. Outfit thevehiclewith a key to have the capacity to control it. Long push onthevehicle and press Drive/Fly. Outfit it with a key to controlit.Following are the vehicles that you will play with: Minecar :Thisvehicle is the quickest land vehicle of all. You can modify itwithstickers and utilize cauldrons to color the Color OverlayMinecarStickers. To begin driving you'll have to outfit the autowith akey. Minemarine : This vehicle is intended for submergeddriving.It goes on for quite a while submerged and is extremelyadefinitive vehicle for your movements in the sea. Drivingworkslike an auto. Furnish the auto with a key to begin the motorandhave the capacity to begin driving. Mineplane : It's notthespeediest or the most in fact propelled plane, however itbeyondany doubt can fly! Add a key to the plane stock and beginpushahead and press the bounce key to take off. Miniminecar : Thisisfundamentally a smaller than normal form of the Minecar.It'ssubstantially littler and slower however it has onepreferredstandpoint and that is the way that it can bounce! Minebus: Thisvehicle can situate up to five players in the meantime. Go onanouting with your amigos and let everybody ride together inasimilar vehicle. The primary player riding it will be theonecontrolling the vehicle and the others will be travelers.Minebikes: The Minebikes are very quick and have seats for twoplayers forevery vehicle. minicars, buses, marines, bikesMinemarine MineplaneMiniminecar Minetrain Dotto MinetrainMinecopter RC Cars &Controllers Minekart Props Disclaimer: Thisis an informalapplication Addon/mod for Minecraft PE. This Addonisn't subsidiaryin any capacity with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name,the Brand andthe Assets are all property of Mojang AB or theirdeferentialproprietor.
Pixelmon Mod For MCPE 1.0 APK
Mod Pixelmon for MCPE is a free mod for Minecraft PocketEditionAhigh-quality, highly anticipated, open world mod formobile!Thefunniest mod to crafting with PokemonsMod Pixelmon forMCPE is afree mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition that allows you toadd themost fascinating features of poke to mcpe.With mod pixelmonyou canbe the best trainer and collect all the bugs on the map totrainthem in epic battles. Mod Pokecraft PE is availableforandroid.Instructions and easy guide to enter to play Pixelmononyour mobile. Follow the installation steps and you canenjoypokedroid pe on your phone. The pika pig mount isavailable.Pixelmon Mod to catch with poke-balls.