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Come on kids get ready for an amazing school trip with yourclassmates and teachers in a forest. One by one sit in the train tomove on to the wonderful journey to the jungle. Picnic in theschool bus on a busy highway, is and old fashioned thing so be upto date and do something unique. Enjoy the beautiful andadventurous road trip in the train.It has lot of hurdles andobstacles such as broken track, log of tree lying on the track,animals walking on the track etc. but don’t need to get worry, youhave all tools needed to repair the track in the train so be andexpert engineer and repair the track. After repairing andmaintenance start your journey. There was a heavy storm so thetrees fell down on the train’s track. Let’s set them aside so thatyou can have a smooth travel. Not only those problems are here butothers are also as this is a jungle and animals doesn’t know orfollow any rule. So they are resting and walking on the track ofthe train. They can eat you if you force them to get aside. So becareful and treat them with love and patience. Give them food toeat they’ll love you and become your friend. In this way you caneasily let them aside whether it is a too big elephant or deadlylion. There are also stones in your way. Pick them one by one andthrow other side of your way. The way is full of adventure and fun.So have great virtual adventure in school trip jungleadventure.Trap the animals you like. Monkeys eat banana so place abananas in the trap which will attract monkeys and they’d caughtup. Rabbit hunting will also prove to be a great fun for all ofyou. Hunt rabbits and monkeys but you should also have somethingnice to eat. Collect fruits from the trees. Fresh fruits will havegreat taste and are rich in deliciousness. After that enjoy fishhunting and hunt the fresh fish. For that, stand on the bridge anddrop your fishing hook into the water with little bug to attractthe fish. Fishing in the forest is full of pleasure and fun.It’stime to go to the resort and place camps here to stay at night.Before resting let’s prepare something to eat. Have a fish barbequeand eat fruits that you have collected from the jungle. Enjoysliding after dinner or lunch. Have a great slide in the resort andenjoy as much as you can. You have got too much tired so sit underthe sky full of stars and play some musical games with yourfellows. Sing songs and tell stories before going to bed.Wake upearly in the morning and let’s back to home sweet home where yourparents are waiting for you. Enjoy the school trip games for girlsand have fun. Play our other best school games for girls but mustrate us. Thank you.

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Let’s get ready for a camping day with your classmates. Have funwith other fellows in the green forests and cool breeze. Press yourclothes and shoes which you want to wear on the picnic in the nightbefore going to bed. So that in the morning you can get readyeasily. Have a great spa in the morning and brush your teeth aswell. In the school take attendance and sit in the bus one byone.Oh Gosh! Tire is punctured but don’t be worry it’s not a bigproblem. Mechanic will change the tire in very less time. It’scountryside so the path is full of problems. Alas! A tree is fallenon the road because of previous night storm. Take your tools withyou and cut it into pieces and make the road smooth fortravelling.And finally we have reached. Wow what a beautifulweather and what a fabulous environment. Green trees and fields andhigh mountains are very attractive for tourists. Build camps hereto live and then play some games. Let’s run together and play hideand seek. Hide yourself behind the trees. And ask your friend tofind you. Also you can enjoy hell of fun activities such asparagliding and sky diving. Tie your parachute and climb highestpeak. Jump from the highest mountain and enjoy flying like birds inthe air. Land on the seaside and enjoy on the beach. Swim into thesea and collect pearls.Catch and hunt birds and come back to yourcamps. Have a fresh barbeque of birds and chicken for your lunch.What a beautiful day you have enjoyed. Let’s come back to yourhome. School bus will drop you at your doorstep.Play our lots offun and school games for kids and enjoy a lot. You’ll also enjoyour other best casual games for girls so free download and enjoybut don’t forget to rate us. Have fun.
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There is a shopping mall in our town that has a great cosmeticstore in it. Let’s go to the shop and see what’s new here. It hasall makeup and cosmetics. Shopping mall girl and pro cashier willlead you to the shopping cart and will help you to complete yourshopping list. There are number of racks for make up items such asbase, foundation, lip gloss, lipsticks, day & night creams toenhance beauty of our beauty princess. Blush on kits with variouscolors and perfumes, deodorants of heart touching fragrance,branded nail polishes, many kinds of mascara, stylish hair colors,all kinds of soap, shampoo, hand wash, face wash, conditioner,moisturizer, lotion, heal creams and much more are available inthis makeup supermarket. The list doesn’t end here. A lot of otheraccessories such as beauty brush, decorated nails, hair wigs, handbags you can get from this shopping mall. You can purchase allthings for a bride as well. It’s a perfect market for a bridalmakeup salon. If you have a parlor you can buy all items and canalso satisfy your shopping fever. Features:- Hundreds of shelveswith thousands of items- Shopping and time management and cashmanagement game- Advance cash register machines- Largest store inyour cityCosmetic Store Cash Register is a supermarket game with acashier, free download it and must play because this educationalgame can teach you learning supermarket management and mathematical& calculation very speedily. Also play our other makeup gamesfor girls and lot of fun games for kids. Have fun.
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Ice Princess wants to looks gorgeous in this winter. She wants toyou to stitch a memorable dress for her and fill her closet withlots of stuff so that she can enjoy number of events such aswedding, party, Valentine’s Day, Night Gown, etc. Help her in thismess and sew amazing dress ups for her. You can purchase cloths andother laces and buttons from the nearest supermarket of your town.Pick up the car and go to shop with your shopping list. Check theitems that you have put in your shopping cart. The shopping mallgirl will help you to complete your shopping list. Once you havedone, go the pro cashier to cash register your items. Make thebills and take the receipt and come back to your home. Cut a pieceof cloth and mark it with tailor’s chalk. Cut it with scissorsaccording to the required size. Stitching machine is ready tostitch it. Yes it is as simple as one two three done. You can makegorgeous dress up for icy queen in your tailor designer shop.Wedding dress for bridal can also be prepared. Snowy princess isconsciously waiting for your phone call. Make a wonderful dress forwinter season and beautiful snowfall. Decorate it as beautiful asyou can do. It will not take lot of efforts but very little. Tailoris a most favorite person by girls and women especially as theymake beautiful clothes for them. So be a star girl for everyone andshow your best efforts in designing awesome clothes.Play the bestever tailor designer games for girls and learn sewing in anefficient way. Play our other casual and educational games for kidsas well and must give your feedback. Good luck!
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Healthy food helps us to maintain over health.Everybody is crazy tofind real food in food market with different tastes like fastfood,beverages etc.Lets think a bit bigger by making burger andfrench fries with snow cone. This is crazy food fair street makingfree game for kids.Our game has a fun snow cone making procedure.Usually girls love to bake and make food in the kitchen with spicyrecipe .In our street food fair maker game there is a charming girlwhich will help you making food like a crazy chef. This is our bestfast food maker game which delivers spicy foods by adding multiplefood ingredients like ketchup salad drumsticks and various sideorders like ice cone, fries etc. In this girls game you can orderonline and get your desired fast food in you own home and make funwith your family and friends .Everybody girls boys & kids canentertain themselves by playing our street food maker game and canfresh their mood as well .Features:1- Various houses to deliverfood2- Nice food truck to serve your order3- Deliver food and earncoins4- Unlock plenty of houses to serve food.5- Various kind offood deals for breakfast, lunch, dinner & mid way deals6- Coolbackgrounds & soundsSo let's give a try to our new cooking gameand be the master cook and satisfy your kitchen fever. Play ourother cooking games and have fun :)
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Welcome to super maker game - Dessert Maker Cooking Game forGirls.Four types of delicious & mouth watering desserts makergames you are going to play in this cooking game first of allorders will be received and passed on to the delivery girl to startthe cooking process and deliver the food to the customers.1- PlainCake Maker2- Cupcake Maker3- Ice Cream Cake Maker4- BrownieMakerThis is a food delivery & food factory game where you willbe making paste for various bakery cakes & brownies usingingredients like eggs, butter, vanilla extract, baking soda etc,mixing with the giant mixing machine available in the factory likea star cooking chef expert. After that mixture will be moved to thefour turbines using pipes, where flavors and ingredients will beadded according to the cake we are going to make. Mixture of allthree super cakes & brownie will be poured into the shapes forpretty look. Chocolate layer and borders of various flavors will beadded around the cakes and brownie. The decoration scene of thefactory is quite special full of yummy toppings like jellies,wafers, sprinkles, biscuits, chocolates and other super toppingingredients to make the cake nutritious, healthy and tasty. Icecream cake will be placed into the freezer & other cakes &brownies will be kept in cool storage for freshness. After thatcakes will be packed and delivered to the houses with the help ofthe delivery van & girl.So, quench your kitchen fever with thisamazing master cooking & maker game for kids, play our othergirls games, rate us and give your feedback atcookingclubstudio@gmail.com.