3.0 / June 6, 2018
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★ High quality sounds ★★ Beautifully designed ★★ Varietyofringtones for everyone ★★ Ringtones, alarm, SMS andnotification★Are you looking for new ringtones? Science FictionRingtones is aperfect app for you! In this application you can finda collectionof the best and the most popular space ringtones in2017 for yourAndroid phone ot tablet. You can set the sound as aringtone,contact ringtone, alarm ringrone, notification / SMS /messageringtone. Science Fiction Ringtones is synonymous withhighquality, diversity, uniqueness and great fun. Specially, theapp isabsolutely FREE. Don't need to download any other app becausenowyou have one with all the latest and most popular ringtones inoneplace. If you like some sounds/music - you can click a heartandautomatically this sound will be added to the list withyourfavourite ringtones.In this application you can findfewcategories: popular, new, SMS, favourite and all. ★Supports★Standard ringtone, message tone, alarm sound, notificationsound,sms ringtone, email alert, contact ringtone (dad, mom,friend,girlfriend, brother, etc), and all types notificationsandringtones.★ Features ★- Collection of free popular ringtones-Lotsof sound effects for text messages- Notification ringtonesandsounds- Popular music ringtones and melodies- Categories- Listofyour favourite ringtones★ Additional information ★If you can'tsetthe sound as a contact ringtone, check if the contact is savedon aSIM card or in the memory of the device. If it's saved on aSIMcard unfortunately there isn't a possibility to set the sound asacontact ringtone.If you can't set the sound as a SMS, go toSMSsettings. You will find the sound on your sounds list. You cansetthe sound as a SMS.If you can't set the sound as an alarm, gotoalarm settings. You will find the sound on your alarm soundslist.Now you can set the sound as an alarm.If you have any problemwithScience Fiction Ringtones, please contact us: [email protected]

App Information Science Fiction Ringtones

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    Science Fiction Ringtones
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  • Updated
    June 6, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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    NETIGEN Utilities
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    Music & Audio
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    ul. Dobrego Pasterza 19a/U3 31-416 Kraków Polska
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Metal Detector is an application which detects the presence ofmetal nearby by measuring the magnetic field value. This usefultool uses the magnetic sensor built-in your mobile device and showsmagnetic field level in μT (microtesla). The magnetic field level(EMF) in nature is about 49 μT (micro tesla) or 490 mG (milligauss); 1μT = 10mG. If any metal is near, the value of magneticfield will increase. Metal Detector allows to identify any metalobject in area, because all metals generate magnetic field whichstrength can be measured with this tool. Usage is quite simple:launch this application on your mobile device and move it around.You will see that the magnetic field level shown on screen isconstantly fluctuating. Colorful lines represent the threedimensions and the numbers on top shows the value of magnetic fieldlevel (EMF). The chart will increase and the device will vibrateand makes sounds announcing that metal is close. In settings youcan change the sensitivity of vibration and sound effects. Youmight use the Metal Detector it to find electrical wires in walls(like a stud finder), iron pipes on the ground... or pretend it's aghost detector and scare someone! The accuracy of tool dependsentirely on the sensor in your mobile device. Please, note that dueto electromagnetic waves, the magnetic sensor is affected byelectronic equipment. Metal detector cannot detect gold, silver andcoins made by copper. They are classified as non-ferrous that hasno magnetic field. But maybe you will find metal box with sometreasure inside! Try this useful tool and other apps from NetigenUtilities series! Attention! Not every model of smartphone has amagnetic field sensor. If your device does not have one, theapplication will not work. Sorry for this inconvenience. Contact us([email protected]), and we will try to help.
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★ Notes (Notepad) is a simple application which you must have! Itgives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when youwrite notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-dolists. You can also use Notes (Notepad) as a notebook, journal,agenda or diary. ★ Notes (Notepad) features two basic note takingformats, a text option, and a checklist option. Add as many as youwant to your master list, which appears on the app's home screeneach time the program opens. ★ Taking a Note ★ Serving as a simpleword processing program, the text option allows for as manycharacters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can edit ordelete the note. From main menu you can delete all notes. ★ MakingTo-do List or Shopping List ★ In the checklist mode, you can add asmany items as you'd like. After the list is finished and saved, youmay check or uncheck each line on your list with a quick tap. ★Features ★ - Checklist - Sorting notes - Many stickers - Manycolors of backgrounds designed by Freepik from Flaticon
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★ Vibration Meter is a free app which can measure the vibration(seismograph, body tremor, seismometer).★ This app uses the phonesensors to measure vibration or the earthquake, and it shows areference as a seismic detector. Using this app, you can checkvibrations both on the Richter scale and on the modified Mercalliintensity scale.★ To calibrate application click on the button -Calibrate, put your device on the flat surface and wait till valuestabilize. It should take about 20 seconds. After that click OKbutton and enjoy the earthquake!★ App shows reference to earthquakevibrations as classified by internationally used Mercalli intensityscale for seismic activities such as earthquakes. The Mercalliintensity scale is a seismic scale used for measuring the intensityof an earthquake. It measures the effects of an earthquake.Vibration Meter can also be called seismograph or seismometer whenused for measuring seismic activity.★ Mercalli intensity scale:I.Instrumental - Not felt. Recorded by seismographs.II. Weak - Feltonly on top floors of high buildings.III. Slight - Felt indoors,like a passing light truck.IV. Moderate - Windows, doors rattle.Like passing train.V. Rather Strong - Felt by all. Small objectsupset.VI. Strong - Books off shelves. Trees shake. Damage.VII. VeryStrong - Difficult to stand. Buildings damaged.VIII. Destructive -Significant damage. Trees broken.IX. Violent - General panic.Serious damage. Cracks.X. Intense - Most buildings destroyed. Railsbent.XI. Extreme - Rails bent greatly. Pipelines destroyed.XII.Catastrophic - Near total damage.★ Some countries use Richter scaleinstead of Mercalli scale. The Richter scale is a base-10logarithmic scale, which defines magnitude as the logarithm of theratio of the amplitude of the seismic waves to an arbitrary, minoramplitude.★ Check the vibrations with your phone!
Sound Meter 1.8 APK
★ Sound Meter (SPL - sound pressure level) is an app which canmeasure the actual sound level meter with decibels (dB). Soundmeter is also known as sound level meter, decibel meter (dB meter),noise meter, sound pressure level meter (spl meter).★ It uses yourbuilt-in microphone and shows a reference. We had calibrated manyandroid devices with the actual sound level meter with dB.★ Youhave to know that the built-in microphones were aligned to humanvoice (300-3400Hz, 40-60dB). Therefore the maximum values arelimited by the hardware limitation, and very loud sound (100+ db)cannot be recognized.★ Remember that it's only a device for fun andplease use it as an auxiliary tool.★ Levels of Noise In decibels(dB) according to American Academy of audiology:140 dB - gun shots,fireworks130 dB - jackhammers, ambulance120 dB - jet planes takingoff110 dB - concerts, car horns100 dB - snowmobiles90 dB - powertools80 dB - Alarm clocks70 dB - traffic, vacuums60 dB - normalconversation50 dB - moderate rainfall40 dB - quiet library30 dB -whisper20 dB - leaves rusting10 dB – breathing★ If you have anyproblems, contact with us:[email protected]
Stopwatch Timer 1.9 APK
★ Stopwatch & timer in one app ★★ Practical timer to get thejob done ★★ Nice interface, simple and reliable ★Stopwatch andTimer - new, free app which will help you to measure the time ofany situation! It will be perfect to use for running, cooking,games, etc. ★ Stopwatch (Chronometer) mode:Start and stop thestopwatch pressing the button on the center of the screen. Torecord a lap press the 'LAP' button. ★ Laps List:You can access thelap list with the dropdown menu on the top. ★ Timer (Countdown)mode:Set the timer fast and easy, dragging the second and minutehands. You can customize the alarm that goes off when the time isup, choose vibration.★ Features:- Stopwatch (Chronometer) and Timer(Countdown) modes.- Infinite laps count.- Stopwatch and Timer runsin background.- Supports multiple screens.- Timer presets.★ If youneed any help, please contact us: [email protected]
Tool Box 2.0 APK
Tool Box is a set of 4 useful, necessary utilities:★★★★★ ReliableCompass ★★★★★★★★★★ Precise Bubble Level ★★★★★★★★★★ FunctionalFlashlight ★★★★★★★★★★ Surprising Metal Detector★★★★★Now there is noneed to download 4 applications - you can have all in one! ★★★★★Reliable Compass ★★★★★This simple, useful compass allows to takethe right course no matter where you exactly are. Applicationadditionally contains LED flashlight.Virtual compass is anavigation instrument quite realistically imitating the physicaldevice, which shows four cardinal directions. Application findsyour actual position (using GPS) and determine all geographicaldirections. Aesthetic design of this sleek compass won’t distractfrom your priorities and will helps globetrotters to guidethroughout many exciting adventures!This smart compass shows notonly North, South, East and West but also the azimuth and angle. Werecommend this user-friendly application for all of those peoplewho spend their spare time outside.★★★★★ Precise Bubble Level★★★★★Also known as a spirit level. With the help of this device youcan easily determine whether a given surface is really horizontal.Used by professionals: builders, stonemasons, carpenters,inspectors, metalworkers, but also by ordinary DIY enthusiasts –our spirit level will certainly help you with any home repairs.Ourdevice is based on bull's eye level (also known as circular bubble)which measures the level simultaneously in two dimensions –horizontal and vertical.★★★★★ Functional Flashlight ★★★★★-Intuitive use. Only one move to change the settings, according toyour needs.- Ten modes. Simple ray or variety of blinking lights. -Modern design. We care about functionality of our products, butdesign is also very importatnt. tIn addition to utilities, ourflashlight got also unique look. You will want to have this kind offlashlight outside your phone!- App more useful than you think.Helpful in your everyday life and more extreme situations. With ourflashlight you won’t slip, when the lights go out. Without anyproblems you will find your wallet in the dark cinema. Campingtrip? It’s always good to have another source of light!★★★★★Surprising Metal Detector★★★★★Metal Detector is an applicationwhich detects the presence of metal nearby by measuring themagnetic field value. This useful tool uses the magnetic sensorbuilt-in your mobile device and shows magnetic field level in μT(microtesla). The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is about49μT(micro tesla) or 490mG(milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. If any metalis near, the value of magnetic field will increase. Metal Detectorallows to identify any metal object in area, because all metalsgenerate magnetic field which strength can be measured with thistool.If you need any help, please contact us: [email protected]
Mirror 1.7 APK
Don't want to carry around a mirror just to check your appearanceor put in contact lenses? Wanna check your makeup for the comingdating with your friends? Turn your mobile device into a realmirror!To simplify the usage of our tool and to make comparing yourvarious embodiment possible, our mirror provides:★ Freezing theview to see the image in more detail,★ Capture images andautomatically save to disk,★ Zoom image★ The brightness of thetools,★ Change the resolution of the mirror,★ Ability to rotateview of the mirror.All in excellent quality and realization. Themirror is an irreplaceable tool in your phone. Simpler to use thanyour phone's camera!Why Mirror is better than native camera on thephone?★ Mirror enhances the image effect of camera, gives you highdefinition picture.★ The zoom function of Mirror can help you tozoom in the detail that need to be checked.★ Mirror can also freezepicture,the photo you took can be check directly.★ Mirror is also asmart selfie camera, you can enjoy it.Never carry around a compactmirror again!
Flashlight 1.5 APK
New app from our Netigen Utilities collection - simple andfunctional flashlight, that will always be with you.At least, untilbattery of your phone run out.- Intuitive use. Only one move tochange the settings, according to your needs.- Ten modes. Simpleray or variety of blinking lights. - Modern design. We care aboutfunctionality of our products, but design is also very importatnt.tIn addition to utilities, our flashlight got also unique look. Youwill want to have this kind of flashlight outside your phone!- Appmore useful than you think. Helpful in your everyday life and moreextreme situations. With our flashlight you won’t slip, when thelights go out. Without any problems you will find your wallet inthe dark cinema. Camping trip? It’s always good to have anothersource of light!With our flashlight you will tame the darkness!