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Do you want a pocket scientific calculator? Yes! than look nofurther. This handy app is just for you.Why Scientific CalculatorPlus?It contains the following features* User friendly interface.*General Arithmetic Functions* Trigonometric (radians, degrees &gradients - including hyperbolic option)* Power & Root * Log *Modulus * Permutations (nPr) & Combinations (nCr)* Factorial *Round* Sin* cos* sin inverse* cos Inverse* tan * tan Inverse*Program mode* Percentage * lnand much more.Enjoy this pocketcalculator and provide us your feedback. So that we can bring justwhat you need.Don't forget to rate us

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    Scientific Calculator Plus
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    June 7, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Eye-Visual Acuity & Color Test 1.3 APK
Have You got your eyes tested recently? Don't remember or are youto busy to go !!! Well do not worry here is a great tool for you.Eye Visual Acuity & Color Test app provides you with two tests.Visual acuity and color blindness. Your results will be shown interms of efficiency percentage.Visual Acuity : is the measurementof your central vision's ability to distinguish details and shapesof objects. Color Blindness : or color vision deficiency, is theinability to detect or differentiate among colors.How to use :1)Just click the test you want to take and proceed.2) Whileperforming tests keep the cell phone at a distance of one feet atleast.3) In Visual Acuity test you will be shown alphabets ofdifferent sizes for a few seconds and you have to writethemcorrectly in order to proceed.4) In color blindness test you willbe shown figures containing numbers which you have todifferentiate.5) At the end you will see your results which you canshare with any one through any medium present on yourphone.6) Youcan also check out some tips in the Tips section for maintaining agood and stable eye sight.Disclaimer: Due to variation in devicesthe eye tests may not be perfect and should not be considered asofficial tests. These tests will only provide an idea. Fortreatment please visit an eye doctor.Please provide us with yourvaluable feedback.
Smart Pedometer- Step Counter 1.3 APK
We all know walking leads to a health life.Well how much do you walk every day? Do you want to keep a track ofyour steps every day. Yes! then look no further. This app is builtjust for you.This app counts every step you take and helps you reach yourwalking goals. You can use this app for walking, hiking, fitnesstraining, and weight loss needs.Why Smart Pedometer- Step Counter?* All steps recorded* Works anywhere* Speed calculation* Distance (miles or km) covered* Step frequency calculation* Calories Burnt calculation* Notification via voice* Manual pace selection* Option for calibrationWith this Smart Pedometer- Step Counter app, you can achieveyour walking goals easily. Just let this step counter track yourdistance with the simple push of a button.Disclaimer: For Best results Please Pre- Calibrate thisapplication before use as every phone as its own sensitivitylevel.Please provide us with your valuable feedback
Easy Voice Recoder 1.3 APK
Want an instant recorder with you! well here it is.This app isdesigned for long- time and high sound recording. You can use itfor meetings, for a speech or just as regular voice recorder.Totally up to you.Features:- Background recording- Recorded soundsharing- Savingand much more.Enjoy this app and don't forget yourfeedback.
Blood Pressure Plus 4 in 1 Cal 1.0 APK
Want a complete solution for checking your fitness stats! here yougo. This is a must have app. It will help you optimize your body,health and fitness.Features: > Waist to height ratiocalculation> BMI calculation> Ideal body weightcalculation> Blood pressure calculationINFO:• Body Mass Index(BMI): is your body weight divided by heights square. It gives youan idea that whether your over weight or underweight etc.• Waist toHeight Ratio: is your abdominal measurement. It will tell you aboutobesity.• Ideal Body Weight : is the desired weight for perfecthealth and fitness. • Blood Pressure: is the force exerted on thewalls of the arteries due to flow of blood. This feature of the appcontains an error margin of (appx. ±10%) and there is no guaranteeof a 100 % results. Enjoy this healthy app and provide us yourfeedback for any feature to be added. Don't forget to rate us.
Magnetic (EMF) Detector 1.5 APK
Ever wanted to detect nearby magnetic fields! Well here is the toolfor it. This application detects the nearby emf generated by metal.It uses your phone's built in magnetic sensor.The results aredisplayed μT (microtesla). With this amazing pocket tool you canalso identify any near by metal due to there generated magneticfields.How to use?Just Open the app a check the stats. When anymetallic object is near you will see the fluctuating reading gostronger. You will also feel the phone vibrating on coming verynear to the source.Features:Both numeric and Graphs option arepresent you can use anyone you like.Provide us with your valuedfeedback and do not forget to rate us.Disclaimer: The Magneticsensor is effected by the electromagnetic waves of electronicequipment's.
Blood Pressure Calculator-Log 1.0 APK
A new must have unique app! A must have for the concerned. This appprovides you with an estimate based on formulation and is NOT to beconsidered a replacement to the original blood pressure measuringinstruments. It simulates your blood pressure to a near possibilityin the following steps.1) Enter your pulse rate per min (count yourpulse manually)2) Select your Gender3) Enter you weight and heightin either kilogram or pounds and inches or cm respectively.4) Pressthe calculate button and your results will be shown toyou.Features:1) You can save your results 2) You can view yourresults in a list or graph form3) Two common arrhythmia's(tachycardia and bradycardia) will also be detected.4) Measurementof systolic and diastolic readings are quickNow with this simulatoryou do not have to carry instruments with you all the time as youcan get an idea of your BP with this unique app.Disclaimer: Thisapp has an error margin of -+ 10% and the results should NOT beconsidered a 100% accurate. This app is just to give you anidea/hint of your conditionDo provide your feed Back as it helps usto carry on our research.
Smart Volume Control 1.2 APK
Ever had problems of going through each and different volume's i.e.alarm,sound or ringer, for changing them!!! If yes then this is amust have for you. Now get the ultimate control over every volumeof your devise in just one screen. This app covers all the androidaudio streams. Features:-Very Friendly user interface- easiestsound controlling app.- You can Control the following volume's..Alarm . Media. voice call. Ringer . System . NotificationDisclaimer: This app does NOT Increase the sound from its maximumlimit.Provide your valuable feedback :)
Calories Calc-Weight loss 1.0 APK
A must have application. With this app you can keep a check on yourdaily calorie's consumption.You can gain, lose, or maintain yourweight with this application. Fill in a few fields and get instantresults,Feature:* Multiple metrics * Total daily calories (losing ,gaining or maintaining weight)* Daily caloric changes* Calculateyour TDEE* Calculate your BMR● Your TDEE is the amount of caloriesyour body burns in a 24 hour period, sleeping, working, exercising,playing and even digesting food! ● Your BMR represents the numberof calories your body burns at rest. The BMR calculator willcalculate the precise amount of calories your individual bodyrequires to keep you alive.It also helps you to figure out theamount of calories you need to increase or decrease your bodyweight.Please provide your valuable feedback :)