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Score !!! is one of the best discotheques in Chandigarh and it isfamous among the people who enjoy nightclubs in chandigarh. It islocated in SCO 177,178, Madhya Marg, Sector 8 C, Chandigarh, Thenearest landmark is Sindhi sweets/ Hotel Emerald.It is a high-endbar-cum lounge and night club in chandigarh. A restobar,discotheque, fine dining and a luxury lounge comes in one package,named SCORE!!!.It is considered as one of the most happening placesto let your spirits go high with mood of shaking your legs onBollywood and pop music.The sound system is great and capable ofcompelling you to shake a leg. The dance floor and pub areseparated.As it is a high end place and there is crowd of classypeople. Score also houses a VVIP lounge.

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    Score NightClub
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    March 14, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Signity Solutions
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    Signity Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. NetSmartz House, 3rd Floor, Plot no 10 Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Chandigarh, INDIA - 160101
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Tambola is one of the most famous games, played in almost variousparts of the world. It is known by different names such as‘Housie’, ‘Tombola’, ‘Bingo’ and many more. Generations togenerations, the name of the game might change, but the level ofexcitement while playing the game remains the same.Considering thepopularity, we have designed and developed an app known as “TambolaBingo”. An amazing app which caters the needs of all age groups,from children to adults. By downloading the app, you need not tocarry Tambola board or buy Tambola tickets therefore you can playit anytime and anywhere you want. With this mobile app, we bringthis excitement in your hand. You can play Tambola with yourfriends & family anywhere, anytime. There are two play mode inthis application – Private game and Public game. In Private game,one can create a tambola game (current or future day/time) andinvite friends & family to participate (across mobile appsplatforms). One could be as an organizer in private game or canjoin any invited private game as a player.In public game, one canplay with community of tambola players across the globe. These arepre-scheduled game with real players opting for the same.The rulesof this game are very simple and can engage you for hours. Thecaller calls the randomly generated numbers and the players markoff the same number on their tickets. The game has set some winningcombinations such as:• Early Five• Top Line• Middle Line• BottomLine• Four Corners• Full HouseSome peculiar features of choosingour Tambola Housie application are: - User is able to set up hisown team players - Chat with other users while playing game -Integrates auto-cut feature - User can connect with people from allacross the worldA great entertainer and family game – We term thisas a game which connects friends and family throughout globe!!AFFILIATION OR PRIZESYou play Tambola with virtual money. Googleis not involved in this application or any of its activityincluding any kind of affiliation, sponsorship or prizes.
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Now you can listen to lot more and best collection of Hindi Prayersand Bhajans, in respective categories of:- Movie prayers (including school players)- Aartis- Bhajans- SatsangWith addition of 18 Adhyays (Chapters)of Bhagavad Gita only foryou.As Lord Krishna says in 18th Adhyay 18, Shaloks (verses) 65-66of Bhagavad Gita, “Let your mind be constantly directed towards me;be devoted to me; dedicate all your actions to me; prostrateyourself before me; over and above the claims of all Dharmas(duties) is complete surrender to me and me alone".You can direct your mind to the discourses of your Gurus andimmerse yourself in the golden words of Geeta Saar, any moment andduring any time of the day.To have the full essence of the worship and to help you in easynavigation, the app has been divided into different sections foryou select and involve in the form of worship you would like todelve into.Section One is “Geeta Saar”: It’s a brief explanation of eachAdhyay of Bhagavad Gita with videos from youtube for you to clearlyunderstand the Lord’s lessons for the human race. Each Adhyay isexplained in simple English with videos in Hindi, English, Sanskritand original Vedic language.Bhagavad Gita is a part of Mahabharata, largest Hindu epic ofthe world. It is center to the religious doctrines of Hinduismexplaining about the importance of prayer, worship and Bhaktithrough the discourses of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. When Arjuna was unable to determine righteousaction and deed, Lord Krishna, as his charioteer made him thenunderstand his duties and righteous deeds, which are true for thewhole human race.Bhagavad Gita has been divided into 18 Adhaya and 700 verseswith each Adhaya presents Lord’s lesson for Arjuna and through himto all human beings.Section 2 are Movie Prayers: These are collection of mostpopular prayers from Hindi movies which has touched the heart ofmillions.These movie prayers are as old as “Jaise Suraj kee Garmi Se” andour childhood hindi prayers including below:- Tumhi ho mata pita tumhi ho- Aai Malik tere bande hum- Itni shakti hamhe dena data- Tu Pyar ka sagar haiOr the latest ones like- O’ Palanhare, Nirgun aur Nyare and Khwaja Mere Khwaja Dil MeinSamajaAnd others.These prayers had been the delight of our ancestors,loved bytoday's generation and will be listening and adored by the genrenext. They are beautifully inscribed golden words from the goldenvoices of our most famous singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Vani JaiRam, Chandrasekhar Gadgil, Sharma Pandu, Manadey and legendaryGazal Singer Anup Jalota, among others.Section 3 are Bhajans: These are the expression of your deepestdevotion for God manifested through music. The app has most popularBhajans in the voice of famous singers to make you deeply immersein Bhakti. Here too you can listen to the Bhajans of Asha Bhonsle,Anup Jalota Jagjit Singh, Gulshan Kumar, Satinder Singh Sartajamong others.Section 4 are Aartis. This form of prayer depicts highest formof your love towards God. You can witness and see the live Aartisas they are being performed in temples. It is performed one to fivetimes every day at the end of the prayer by circulation of Aartiplate or Aarti lamp around deity followed by a song in the praiseof your lord or a person.Section 5 is Satsang: You can just relax at home and still joinin Satsang of your Guru. You can listen to the discourses of SriSri Ravi Shankar, Osho, Asa Ram Bapu, Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj, SantNirankari Baba and others.Through easy to use navigational options, the app can createwonders in your life as you can search, hear and make others too toinvolve in the deepest form of worship, prayers and “Surs ofDivinity”.
Healthy Recipes 1.5 APK
Now look out for more delicious and nutritiousrecipes for healthy and wealthy life for yourself and your familyin your “Healthy Recipes” app absolutely free. Take the advantageof this free app to cook varieties of dishes for yourself and yourfamily. You can have additional collection of recipes in eachcategory, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian including vegan, sugarfree desserts and even salads.What makes the app unique is the selected choice of recipes itprovides for anxious mothers who are health conscious about theirfamilies.The app also has some quick meal recipes too which are faster tocook, are rich in nutrient content and equally delicious.These recipes are best for the working mothers who have to rushfor work and are worried for their family’s health too.With beautiful interface and simple features, the app can bevery useful for the people whose passion or profession is cooking.Divided into different categories it makes it easy for the peopleto make a choice of their favorite recipe.-Quick Meal recipes-Low Fat/Low Calorie dishes-North Indian-Sugar Free Desserts-Salads-VeganIn Quick Meal Recipes: This category has quickly prepared anduniversally liked recipes. In both the non-vegetarian andvegetarian sections, the collection is of carefully chosen recipeswhich are quickly prepared, healthy and delicious too. Each dishcan be prepared within 20 minutes.Low Fat/Low Calorie dishes: This section yet again has both thenon-vegetarian and vegetarian collection but that too low fat/lowcalorie dishes. Each recipe also includes the nutrient content soas you are sure of the calorie count and fat content each dishcontains. It is a smartest way to satisfy the food requirements ofthe family.North Indian Dishes: North India is famous for its spicy fooditems. Whether it is butter chicken or Chole Bhutare, people of allover the world love their taste. If you also would like to catchthe spicy taste, these North Indian easy to prepare recipes arejust for you. There are favorite and most popular dishes of NorthIndia.Sugar Free Desserts: If you are sugar conscious, yet love sugaryand mouthwatering sweat dishes, here you have some of the bestrecipes. These are specially designed with less carbohydrate, lessfat and less sugar for health conscious people. Each recipe isfollowed by the amount of the nutrient content it contains. Whetherit is a chocolate, pudding or a cake, you can eat it to yoursatisfaction as all these dishes are sugar free or have very lessquantity of sugar with less carbohydrates or fat.Salads: Suppose if the salads of different fruits or vegetablesare prepared in an innovative way yet retaining its original flavorand nutrient content, people will sure to add it in their every daymeals. The app has different types of salad recipes from differentfruits or vegetables according to the season too. Just add yourcreativity and flavor in the salads and assure of healthy and bestlife of your family.Vegan: Here are some delicious and full of nutrient content mostpopular Vegan dishes too. These Vegan foods can be quick toprepare, healthy, light and tasty. Majority of the people fromacross the globe are preferring plant based dishes in their everyday meals. It is our effort to give the best Vegan recipes for youto nourish your families with plant based dishes.So what are you waiting for? Download "Healthy recipe" app freeand keep yourself and your family healthy and happy.
Bhagwad Gita Saar 1.1 APK
This app presents Bhagavad Gita in simple English including videosof each Adhyay or chapter in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and originalVedic language for you to learn and understand the moral values andlessons for us all.Bhagavad Gita is divided into 18 Adhyays and 700 verses. Oureffort is to explain each Adhyay briefly and in simple words so asa common man can also understand and redeem the benefits of thegolden words of the lord Krishna. You can read the description andwatch videos of each verse of Gita as if Lord Krishna himself hasdescended on the earth to explain discourses to Arjuna in thebattlefield of Kurukshetra just before the start of the battle.It’s Features:-Categorize in Eighteen Chapters-Explanation of each Chapter in simple English-Links of Videos of Each Adhyay from youtube-Available in all versions-Grasping interfaceBhagavad Gita is a part of Mahabharata, which is a largest epicof the world. Though it is center to the religious doctrines ofHinduism yet the lessons or values inscribed here are universal.Each lesson and philosophy mentioned in Bhagavad Gita has its ownrelevance and importance in the today’s world.The message of Bhagavad Gita in the today’s world is simple. AsLord Krishna says in the Chapter 6:3, “For a sage who wishes toattain Yog, action is said to be the means, for the one who isestablished in Yog, even his quietude is said to be the means”.In other words, you can either perform your duties while beingattached thinking that you are the achiever or you can act in asimilar way without feeling attached to the materialisticpossessions thinking that God is doing the same. This kind ofaction or this performance is called as Yagya or Karma Yog in Gita.By performing these actions, you can be free from the sorrows andgrief of old age and death and attain immortality.Bhagavad Gita app is available in all the versions for you toavail its ample advantages. Whenever you feel like, just click onthe app, and read, watch and listen to the discourses of LordKrishna and adopt the moral values in your daily life. You willsoon feel spiritually enlightened.
Learn Yoga 1.0 APK
It’s “Learn Yoga” app for your mobile device for you to utilize thebenefits of yoga asanas and exercises to get relief from the mostcommon ailments. It is a best collection of videos of the famousyogic gurus like Baba Ramdev, Paschimottanm, Peggy Cappy amongothers who will give you live demonstration of the yoga exercisespertaining to the particular diseases or health issues like• Heart diseases• Diabetes• High Blood pressure• Obesity• Arthritis and• Asthma.You can also find brief description of some of the important andmost common yoga poses which are really beneficial in cure or inprevention of the above mentioned ailments.It is our effort to help you to understand, learn and performyoga that pertains to the above mentioned health issues. Eachcategory has particular description about the yoga asanas and yogaexercises including links of videos from you tubes of the famousyogic gurus. You can learn yoga and follow them every day to redeemextreme benefits of yogic exercises.Since centuries yoga has proved beneficial in curing andpreventing of many of the diseases. Yoga means to yoke or unite andattain spirituality and peace through postures, breathingtechniques and movements as a means of holistic health.There are many types of yoga practices which range from mostcalm posture Hatha yoga to the more challenging Ashtanga yoga. Allthe yoga techniques have tremendous health benefits. Yoga helps inbuilding your immune system, increase your muscular range ofmotion, purifies toxins from your blood stream and this list goeson and on.According to the studies, diseases of the heart diseases can beprevented and even cured by bringing in changing in life style andgetting healthy heart. Though surgery and drugs can cure heartproblems but are not the ultimate healers. Yoga exercises cannotonly prevent several heart diseases but also enhances overallhealth of the person and retains healthy heart for the lifetime.The same is true with other health issues or ailments. You canimprove or even cure your asthma attacks through proper yogalearning and performing yogic exercises.Features of the yoga app•Categorization of Most Common Health Issues•Few Links to videos from you tube of famous gurus/teachers whichis related to that particular disease.•Explanation of asana or exercise in simple language•Follow your own regime and redeem the benefits of yoga•Best support•Easy navigation•Is compatible with all versions.Yoga learning and yogic exercises every day through yoga app canhelp you to gain many other health benefits too besides above. Sodownload the app fast and enrich your life yogic way.
ApnaLala 1.2 APK
ApnaLala - Online Grocery Shopping Store.Atpresent we operate in Chandigarh and Panchkula providingfreshproducts to your doorstep at a click of a buttom, anytimeanywhere.We beleive to make online shopping of groceries simple, fastandefficient with the assurance of quality and customerservice.Now use our Mobile App for online ordering. We assure youofquick and prompt service.
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Send personalized Love Cards on this ValentineDay with our Love Cards app !!Graceful yet simple, this app can bring smile on your beloved’sface. Choose from various Love Cards themes and choose from variouslove messages templates OR add your own custom message.This app also provides the option to choose from different designedframes, and makes it personalized by adding your photo through yourphoto album, internal camera and gallery.What you all have in this app:• View/Select lots of Love Themes• Personalize your Love Card• Choose one from excellent Love quotes OR add your own custom lovemessage• Add Your Favourite ImageYou can save and also share your creations and send them throughemail and share through Facebook and Twitter.We keep adding new cards in this Love Cards app, So keep checking!!Tags : Love Cards, Romance Cards, Valentine Cards, PersonalizedGreetings, Love Messages, Love and Valentine Cards
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Shoppeboard is not an Ecommerce Website but is a Movement.Shoppeboard is a Network of Shoppers and Sellers. Shoppeboard isalso a commitment that you will never be treated as a product likeSocial Networks treat you but your privacy is always in yourcontrol. All this to make sure you enjoy your Shopping experiencewithout any fear and the only objective in your mind is Savings.Shoppeboard has introduced their Mobile App for online orderingelse visit Sushant Shopping Arcade, Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon, Haryana122002.