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We are very happy to welcome you toourScorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars game 2018! Do you have interestinpolice combat and Scorpion attack games? If you have then you’reinright direction of this Scorpion Hero game againstincrediblesuperheroes!

Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars Game Play:

* You’re a police robot and you have to fight against theincrediblesuperheroes!

* You can transform your boxing robot into epic scorpion afterSuperTransform!

* Game will bring mission after mission.

* You can throw combat powers on superheroes like greenhero,captain shield and other mutant heroes!

* Whenever you get transform into Amazing scorpion in battletapthen you can throw lightning and fire effects one eachsuperhero!

Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars Features:

* 10 action pack levels with amazing combat powers!
* Futuristic 3D, HD graphics of police robot wars.
* Realistic sound effects of xray robot.
* Grand city transformation of futuristic scorpion!
* Realistic police action with combat against gangster squadandsuperheroes.
* Easy and smooth controls of police robot simulator.
* Multiple highly engaging action simulator based missionsliketransforming robot games.

After having threat from opponent country, each force ofourfuturistic city got busy in planning of city battle and therearemaximum chances of futuristic battle. You’re also an amazingpolicerobot and in those days you were on vacations fromduty.
But now you’re called back during vacations and your wholepolicecombat team needs you because you’re the leader of policearena. Onthe other hand, incredible superheroes like green hero,captainshield, mutant hero, amazing hero and other spider heroesarecreating violence in grand city.
Earth is attacked, the buildings are on fire. There is evilrobotand amazing superheroes everywhere and these wicked robotaretaking over the world city by city.

Now they are heading towards your town. Will you be able tosaveyour hometown as police robot? Do you have the guts tostandagainst evil futuristic robots and incredible superheroes? Getahold of the most advanced robot police game with the added touchofa gunship strike and rescue mission as Robot BattleWarrior.

Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars lets you play as scorpion robotorfuturistic robot equipped with latest real physics basedscorpionsimulator and highly advanced battle simulator on highlyintensecargo station protection duty in well spread desert stormutilizinginstant kill desert shooting of robot war. Be a futuristicwarriorrobot or eminent superhero robot and defeat all x robotautobotsand mutant superheroes along with their supreme leaderflyingmonster or vicious flying robot equipped with Super Transformkillmachine weapons and successfully protect all cargo stationsinrealistic grand city environment as other scorpion games.

Many other hidden forces have joined this robot fighting againstthesuper scorpion hero. They have introduced the futuristicrobottransmutation with the help and aid of futuristic robot,jetfighter of the robot aeroplane games which is well versed inthescorpion transformation and having scorpion war simulator.

Get ready for Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars adventure,featuringscorpion robot and vicious scorpion Battle in beautifullydesignedblack rock futuristic environment. Get engaged in cityrobot battle& robot transforming games in highly spread desertstorm asscorpion robot or well-known robot hero.


Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars will be updated according toyoursuggestions. Don't forget to leave a review withyourfeedback.

App Information Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars

  • App Name
    Scorpion Hero: Police Robot Wars
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 12, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Modern Warfare Studio
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Modern Warfare Studio would like to welcomeyou to our Flying Superhero Battlefield game & city battle withamazing shooting powers of gangsters, criminals and other mafias.Flying Superhero Battlefield is especially for superheroes lover’sfan who want to save world from monsters and immortals.Flying Superhero Battlefield Game Play:The game play of this Flying Superhero Battlefield is very amazing& full of action pack fighting. You are a grand superhero andyou’ll have to fight against the mafias, gangsters, incrediblesuperheroes like incredible monster hero. You are one of the bestgrand city heroes from action hero legend squad, go to the grandcity and complete your all challenging missions!Flying Superhero Battlefield Features:* Variety of rescue flying super hero with high fly.* Challenging City Rescue with flying Battlefield hero.* Real time City Simulator against the deadly criminals.* Final fight against gangsters in final battle.* High Quality 3D, HD Graphics and Realistic Sound Effects.* Survival City Environment to Explore against mad citymafia.An epic adventure is waiting for you. The surprise has revealed andyour dream has come true. The science world laboratory was testingon a specimen. This can enhance the potential and traits of normalhuman being to make him invincible. You are the subject and it isyour only chance to become a real supreme monster hero.You were on a super secret mission, stealing the importantinformation about the enemies, the army base camps, rebels and theunderworld Mafia, but they saw you! Now after your returning theyare sending their best evil creatures like flashing speed hero todestroy your GRAND city & get back their secret data. Now youas a Grand Superhero should defend your grand Las Vegas city andfight with any kind of monster, creatures, gangster or evil boxeorobots who’s coming in your way to save Innocent people of yourhometown.Feel like your favourite grand superhero with the Super gangsterlike other flying apps and survival flight. Once the city seized bythe villains, everything was destroyed and captured. It can bestopped only by super mutant hero and strange hero same as othersuperhero fighting games 2018.People rely on you and they think that you are the only one flyingsuper hero in the whole crime city and they are looking for helpfrom you in each case of the futuristic city and battle tap.Show the villains and mafia who's a superhero. Experience a storythat feels like it jumped straight from a Marvelous book as yourecruit an army of superheroes. Combat the new Sinister, who haveopened a multidimensional portal in New York to summon differentversions of themselves!Real flying adventure with the flying super robot over the grandcity in action simulator game. Fly over huge skyscrapers and flylow to help the people in need. Fly high above sky with metalwings. Be the flying cyborg and save the people from all evil torestore peace. Rise as a grand super hero in such super robotfighting game!Do you want to become a superhero or saviour who can fly? Now youcan, if you love superheroes games, futuristic mortal combo games,simulation games, challenging games, flying hero games & actiongames then you will love this! This ultimate real monster fightinggame requires a lot of body strength and fortunately, you hold thatstrength after the experiment of city battle 2018.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Flying Superhero Battlefield will be updated according to yoursuggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with yourfeedback.
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Modern Warfare Studio would like to welcomeyou to our Gangster Spider Jail Escape: FPS Frontline Hero andshooting game which is full of adventure. Are you ready to performas a super spider hero in such a prison jail break game? You mighthave played prison escape games but you must play this stealth gamebecause you have never seen joker game hero as a jail survival heroin any prison escape game with incredible combat skills.Gangster Spider Jail Escape: FPS Frontline Hero Game Play:In the beginning of this Gangster Spider Jail Escape: FPS FrontlineHero, our character will be flying spider hero and we have to getescape from jail as a survival hero. Our character spider hero canshoot on the police cops and forces and we can select weapons likeAk47, Short gun, machine gun, pistol, rifle and more as a cops nrobbers - prison just like other breakout battles.Gangster Spider Jail Escape: FPS Frontline Hero Features:* An absolute treat for lovers of shooting & incredible spiderhero jail survival games with comprehensive 2 modes.* First mode has 5 levels and 2nd mode has 20 action pack levelswith jail breakout.* Special maximum security prison environment for Jail SurvivalHero.* Find tools to unlock jail cells stealthy and run to the escapepoint.* Impressive controls to thoroughly engage in this battlesimulator.Actually those people of fly hero city escape who create violencein the futuristic city with their shooting, mad city mafia andchange it into a crime city and then police forces carry them. Toswitch them into the jail same as the survival war prisoner andjail breakout games of gangster survival.If you want to become a shooting gangster, survival war prisonerand mafia hero and want to defeat your enemies in the battle tapthen you should have practice first in the criminal clown world andthen you can do this in the real life of city jail adventure.Few years ago, the security of city jail adventure against thegangsters, boxeo robots, joker clown, mafias and other flyingmutants was extra ordinary and power alliance and it was muchdifficult for each cops n robbers – prison to get escape from thecity jail like criminal clown.Whenever police forces against the spider world drop the gangstersand mafia hero into the city jail, the innocent citizens get relaxand they enjoy in the crime city according to their own life stylewithout power alliance of criminal clown.But when gangster spiders, mafia hero and spider superheroes getescape from the spider world jail with jail breakout they get startto tease the innocent citizens in the futuristic city.These gangsters and mad city mafia like super spiders snatch thecars from the whole public like new superhero games, breakoutbattle and explore the buildings as a power alliance and heroescape, jump over the buildings like fly hero city escape, teasethe employees of offices in the buildings and cops n robbers -prison and whenever they see any police team in the stealth jokergame they just start shooting on them with their multiple ofweapons like Ak47, short gun, machine gun, pistols, rifles, andother guns.Plan a best prison jail adventure escape plan in this FPS FrontlineHero and kill all prison rivals with shooting in this jail escapeas an incredible super spider and police cops that come in the wayof your stealth escape as a cops n robbers - prison.Attack strongly and stealthy in such an amazing escape story ofgangster survival, city jail adventure, breakout battle, fly herocity escape and Show super amazing action fighting stunts withsurvival war prisoner. Be in defensive position in this jailadventure when get attacked by prison guards and jail escape shadowcriminals as joker game.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Gangster Spider Jail Escape: FPS Frontline Hero will be updatedsoon according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leave a reviewwith your feedback.
Future Speed Hero 1.0 APK
Modern Warfare studio would like to welcomeyouto our Futuristic game. Future Speed Hero is a special designforrobot and superheroes game fan who love boxeo robottransformationand superheroes fighting. You as a Mutant FlyingFuture Speed Heroshould rescue injured citizens and to end extremecrime rate.Future Speed Hero GAME PLAY :✓ Game will bring your mission after mission.✓ Clear the mission will help to compete next level.✓ Creates a different every time for hours of radioactivefun!✓ becomes the world best player.Future Speed Hero Features:• Detailed environments with different Views.• Highly futuristic Mutant flying Speed Hero.• Realistic Sound Effects.• Stunning gameplay with variety of superhero levels.• Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.• Futuristic game Environment.You can fly & you can move superfast like a spider. Useyoursuper powers to save the people of the Las Vegas city fromnaturalcalamities in this futuristic rescue game. Start a mortalbattleagainst extraterrestrials. Follow the story and accomplishall thequests on your way. Don’t let your mafia enemies andfuturisticrobots to capture the city. With the help of your mutantSpeed herosuper strange powers fly high while holding injuredperson. Now isthe time to help military army save your country fromthe enemyterrorist forces to be a true war super hero.Mutant flying Light Hero an action filled simulation superflashhero game where you have to use your mutant strange flashherosuper powers to rescue drowning citizens. Mutant Speed Hero isanaction-packed adventure of rope hero in vice town. Fight likeastrange hero, be a legend of heroes and tagged yourself as heroofcity.Special cyborg robots corps are fighting against you, you areeveryone's hope and they are calling you my big hero, show somestealthyaction for the survival of your country and make it secure.FutureSpeed hero vs Gangster City Battle, grand gangsters and gangwarmafia has speed up an extreme crime rate in the entire sanandreascity. Vice City has become a gangster town. It's time forsomesuper hero amazing action crime fighting stunts and criminalchase.Be a part of these gangster streets, you have secret identityas amasked man and your mission is to end crime fight and show themwhothe boss here.This is a real battle between the lightning Speed hero,flyingsuperhero, monster hero and shadow hero and all guys’mafiacriminals. People want to escape from the mad boss ofgangsters andmafia. Join crime city combat and win it with yourstrange lighthero power and killer actions. Come to the city with abang to winthis battle. Find an angry boss to get all theinformation you needto start a battle against injustice.Don’t be afraid to start a new episode of the superheroadventure.War against assassins, champions, boxeo robots is nothingcomparewith this contest. Now its your turn to save people of ViceCityand keep the city safe. Gangsters are active, crime rate ishigh,city people are in danger and criminal activities are at itspeak.Army is busy in war, police can’t handle it alone. Survivalofinnocent people is extreme difficult. Be the brave super speedheroof big monster city and battle against extreme terror.Fightbravely like a real big hero showing extreme fighting stuntsandkill evil gangster, boxeo robots in super amazingfightingmissions.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Future Speed Hero will be updated according to yoursuggestions.Don't forget to leave a review with yourfeedback.
Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts 1.0 APK
We would like to welcome you to our RooftopTaxi Tricky Stunts with quad stunts & futuristic taxi! We arevery happy to offer you such an amazing taxi stunts game with fullcontrol of driving and you’ll really love it!Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts Game Play:Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts is an action packed fun driving game.Live life on the edge! Drive your taxi through amazing landscapesand perform some amazing stunts! Tighten your seat belts and speedthrough some challenging levels. Each level is more thrilling thanthe previous level. Perform some serious stunts and race to thefinish line really fast!Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts Features:★ 10 action pack levels of extreme taxi.★ Customizable controls selection.★ Avoid hitting the obstacles & barriers and save your healthbar.★ Futuristic background music to enhance your gamingexperience.★ 3D HD graphics especially for rooftop taxi games.★ Realistic Driving Experience of stunts taxi.Welcome to the racing car stunts with futuristic taxi in cityenvironment and you’ll have full control of rooftop taxi to driveand to perform the incredible stunts on the roof. Get excited aboutthis fully ready for the unbelievable Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts?Start your heavy engine and explore a unique space rooftop tracksadventure 3D game. Ambitious 3D graphics, realistic taxi vehiclephysics, excellent environments are waiting for you. Impossibletaxi stunts on rooftop track!Drive your racing Police taxi around a futuristic city wherehighways are not necessary. It’s wildly addictive and fun! In thisPolice taxi stunt game, you will get feel of futuristic police taxitraining while performing roof car jumping stunts making it one ofthe modern rooftop taxi games like other impossible tracks games.You’ll love the idea of rooftop stunt taxi 3D experience as thegame brings you the best of stunts taxi games with futuristic quadstunts of 2018!What is City amazing taxi Stunts all about? Who doesn't love thethrill that comes with performing serious stunts on rooftop? Areyou ready for the next generation of impossible Stunts taxi? Fastenyour seat belt and rev the engine: 3D environments present the mostchallenging stunts!City Rooftop Taxi Stunts is an amazing police taxi drivingsimulator game. Taking the role of the taxi driver, you drivearound the tricky road in a fast police taxi racing around the cityas you want. Take the fun of insane car driving too much heightwith a futuristic police car games 2018 edition with police roofstunt games of racing car stunts. Impossible Rooftop Stunts is thenewest and most wanted taxi stunt 3D game that you'll want toplay!Actually this is new impossible taxi stunt game of 2018 and youhave never played such type of roof top stunts with futuristictaxi. If you want to become a real taxi driver and stunt performerthen you must have experience of such type of quad stunts &taxi stunts games!Different levels with increasing the number of hurdles and stuntchallenges have been designed for you to have good real timeimpossible taxi stunt experience and become the expert car or taxicab stunt maker of the year 2018. If you have city car stunts andstreet car racing experience then it will not be difficult for youto have crazy taxi stunts over the mountains and hills in therealistic natural environment on the impossible tracks.Get ready to play this Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts game! This gameis crash free simulator game but in reality it is not true. In thisamazing taxi stunt game your extreme taxi car needs a high speed toshow real stunts in this stunning game. This game is heavyimpossible raising and high jumping mania taxi game 2018 likeimpossible tracks games.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Rooftop Taxi Tricky Stunts will be updated according to yoursuggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with yourfeedback.