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Start with just 50 credits and see if you can make it to amillionwith four wildly different themed slot machines. Bets canrangefrom as low as 1 per spin to as much as 9,000 per spin! Betwisely!Game saves progress automatically!

App Information Scott's Fantasy Slots

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    Scott's Fantasy Slots
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    May 16, 2013
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
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  • Developer
    Scott Cawthon
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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  • Developer
    Email scottcawthon@yahoo.com
    Mill Creek DR Salado, TX 76571
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8-Bit RPG Creator 1.53 APK
Scott Cawthon
Snap together your own classic rpg withinminutes! Put together your own enemies and NPC's using 200 bodyparts and over 1 BILLION possible character combinations! Buildyour own customized weapons and weapon shops; draw your ownoverworld maps using tiles for grass, snow, sand, stone and lava;and interlink as many overworld maps as you want for almostunlimited gameplay possibilities!(NOTE: This program is for entertainment purposes only and isnot for professional game development.)Highlights include:-Make unlimited games!-Switch between edit and play modes at the click of a button!-Go back and tweak enemies and maps in seconds!-50 character and weapon slots per game!-Choose between 12 unique heroes!Start by clicking an empty game slot that says "empty". You willthen be prompted to name your game. Be sure to name your game usingletters, numbers, and spaces only! Not giving your game a propername will prevent it from saving properly!The Frame Editor:The games you make will consist of frames; each frame can be oneof four things, a title, an overworld, a shop, or a cinematic. Thegame will always start on frame 1, but from there, frames do nothave to play in sequence. Each frame will have options to set wherea player will go when leaving the frame. To create a new frame,click the "empty" grey frames along the top of the level editorscreen. Then pick what type of frame you will create from the menu.Here are the types of frames:Title- Use this at the beginning of your game (best at frame 1),or to divide your game into chapters. A title will consist of asimple text title at the center of the screen, and can containsave/load options if you prefer.Overworld- This is the overworld map. You can have as many ofthese as you like and link them together through exits to make theworld as large as you wish. Each overworld can have three totalexits, two labeled as "exit 1" and "exit 2" which can lead to shopsor other frames, and the third exit, which is where the player willgo after defeating a boss. Set these options on the left hand sideof the overworld menu so the game will know where these exits willlead. Here you can also enter enemy ID numbers so the game willknow what enemies the player will encounter on this map, as well asthe boss ID. Character ID's are displayed at the top of thecharacter creation page.Each overworld map has two layers. The first layer is it's basecolor, and can look like grass, snow, sand, etc. The player canwalk on all of these freely. The second layer determines what is anobstacle, what causes damage, what heals, etc. Draw the base layerusing the first row of tiles next to the map grid. Then use thesecond layer to set boss locations, exit locations, healing tiles,etc. Boss locations, obstacles, healing tiles and exits can looklike different things. Click the green arrows next to these tilesto change their appearance on the map.Shop- This frame consists of a shopkeeper, which you will pickfrom you list of created characters, as well as a selection ofthree weapons. Enter the text for the shopkeeper, as well as theitem ID numbers and prices of the three weapons you wish you sellin this shop.Cinematic- A cinematic consists of a character, which you willpick from your list of created characters, and some dialog. Afterthe player reads it, they will click the "next" button to proceedto the next desired frame.
Scott Cawthon
Start with up to 999 lives in this fast pacedaction game where you have only moments to react to what liesahead! Spikes, dragons, lava pits and false floors are just a fewof the obstacles you'll encounter in your dash to the finish; andwhen the sweat starts to fall and you need a break, just remember-There is no pause button!!!
Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. 15 APK
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Welcome to Beaver Forest, where little Tyke is about to venture outinto the world for the first time! You'll plant trees, chomp trees,and build a wide variety of things using the lumber that yougather!Find trees and cut them down to collect the wood. Take the woodto Mr. Chipper (your Dad) and he will make lumber for you. Usingthat, as well as the items you collect, you'll build things rangingfrom Lumberbots, to Totem Poles, to Crab Cabanas, and in theprocess you'll unlock new and more advanced blueprints!There are also plenty of mini-games offered by the inhabitantsof the forest, each rewarding you with unique and helpful items,such as fungal fertilizer and storm callers, which can summon arain storm at the press of a button to help your trees grow!-Do favors for the other creatures of the forest and they'll sendhelpful items to you through the mail!-Create Lumberbots to chop wood for you while you're away andthey'll send you lumber in the mail!-Five mini-games; including island jumping, mushroom bouncing,and termite treasure-hunting!-30 blueprints to unlock!-Over 50 items to collect and use in your creations!-Earn Beaver Coins by building things and use them to buy petsand power-ups!
Sit 'N Survive 1.2 APK
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See how many days you can survive whilesitting alone in the wilderness! At the beginning of each day youcan buy supplies for the night, and you'd better spend your moneywisely because you'll need protection from mosquitoes, bats, bears,snakes, zombies, rain, acid rain, meteors, lightning, ghosts, andmore! Choose from three difficulty settings then see how long youcan last!
Forever Quester- Unlimited 1.1 APK
Scott Cawthon
Forever Quester is your quest companion,playing the rpg that you just don't have the time to play whileyou're living your own busy life. When you turn your phone on laterand check the game, your hero will update you on what you'vemissed. Help him choose weapons, armors, mounts and professions,then check back often to see how he's progressing! Guide him as heseeks out the evil Xaxoor on a quest that could very well go onforever!The unlimited version has no level cap!
Rage Quit 2 APK
Scott Cawthon
Start with up to 999 lives in this mad dashfor survival through a fast-paced digital gauntlet of lasers, UFOS,meteors,and giant fists! With twenty levels and five difficultysettings, there are plenty of challenges ahead! Earn medals foryour achievements!
Golden Galaxy 1.8 APK
Scott Cawthon
Mankind has just reached the outer edge of thegalaxy and discovered its bizarre secrets; so naturally you shouldshoot everything with lasers! Defeat the galaxy lord Pulsar and hisminions in this fast-paced space shooter! Pick from three primaryweapons then collect money throughout each level to upgrade it andthe rest of your arsenal!
Scott's Fantasy Slots 1 APK
Scott Cawthon
Start with just 50 credits and see if you can make it to amillionwith four wildly different themed slot machines. Bets canrangefrom as low as 1 per spin to as much as 9,000 per spin! Betwisely!Game saves progress automatically!