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The scrapbook or scrapbook is the technique of personalizingphotoalbums. Scrapbooking is being made by keeping memories orcuttings,letters in a diary or pieces of gift paper. These memoriesarerevalued with ornaments of all kinds ((stickers, buttons,ribbons,special papers, gems, dried flowers, rivets). In thesevideos youwill see a great variety of scrapbook designs and ideasto learnhow to make your collage book. The most commonly usedtechniquesare trimming and gluing, tearing, punching, stamping,texturing orembossing, embossing, rivets and eyelets, sewing, labelmaking ...You can see more basic techniques, such as the placementof photossimply with frames or torn or cut in zigzag. Or you canalso enjoyother more complex procedures, such as creatingmosaiccompositions, spirals or geometric figures fromseveralphotographs. ☑️ In these tutorials you can see images ofcollages,original books and hundreds of ideas and designs with thebestmemories. ☑️ The use of color and decorative elements areessentialin the final result. A good method is to include labels orsmallparagraphs that briefly describe the content of the photographtheyaccompany. ☑️ We teach you the most common materials used inthistype of collage, which are: scissors with shapes, cutters,paperfolding, acid-free glue, punches or punching, embossingorembossing folders, cardboards, decorated papers, silks,ribbons,stickers, 3D stickers, among others. For all this and muchmore,you can not miss the opportunity to learn how to make yourownscrapbook album. A great set of designs and ideas withphotocutouts for your best album.

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