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Welcome Kids!You are now in a magical land of hidden objects.Theseobjects could be anything right from an ant to a building, afruit,a sport, a vehicle or even a person.But you can't see them.To seethe object, you have to use your magical wand that is yourfingerto scratch the top layer of the object and reveal theoriginalpiece of art. Once you reveal the objects you have to castthespell by guessing it's spelling correctly and in turn you willget10 gold coins (virtual).So why wait when you can become the lordofgold coins (virtual) by guessing all the objects correctly.Thesebeautiful games is designed only for you keeping in mind howmuchyou can learn and enjoy by playing these games. Rules to playthegames are fairly simple. Scratch the image to reveal thehiddenobjects and guess it. Spell the object correctly and proceed.Thereis no time limit. Although you have two lifelines to help youguessthe object and they cost coins.There are more than 200 levelsinthe game. So enjoy as much as you can. Guess the objects,competewith your friends and become the object master.

App Information Scratch that object - Quiz for Kids, Kids Games

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    Scratch that object - Quiz for Kids, Kids Games
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    August 2, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    PU Innovations
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