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Links to wikispeedia.org, the world speed limit database.

App Information Screaming Speedometer.

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Speed Limits by Wikispeedia 1.89 APK
Find out the proper speed limit for your local roads, or whereveryou visit, with Speed Limit, the fun Android app fromwikiSPEEDia.org. Unlike all other speed-apps, this one knows thespeed limit. WikiSPEEDia, the world speed limit database, gathersthe GPS coordinates of every speed-limit sign found by users allover the world. Speed Limit contains 27,000,000 speed limits fromtheir open-source, constantly checked and edited database,including back roads missing from standard GPS systems.Edit yourown records if you find a sign which needs correction. Payattention to Granny, who will let you know if you're exceeding thespeed limit--and won't stop nagging you until you slow down (orturn off her taunts in the app's settings). Cast a quick glance atthe posted speed as you drive; if the number turns red, please slowdown.Rally your local car club, Girl Scout Troop, School Fundraisergroup to log speed limits in your area. Its easy and fun. Allsubmissions are audited nightly. Search for wikiSPEEDia on the webto see how a group of Lego US-First kids logged 500 speed limitsfrom their houses! All signs contributed are copyrighted with yourname, owned by you forever. ------Product Features---------Featuresa constantly expanding worldwide speed limit database.Offerseditable speed limit entries in case your local informationchanges.Provides an entertaining--or annoying--companion who letsyou know if you're going too fast.----Usage-----------1. Add thewidget2. Tap on the Speed Limit Sign to turn it on. It will nowchange as you drive.3. If the speed limit is wrong, tap again. Thisbrings up submit screen.4. Change from MPH to KPH in SETTINGS.5.Change to Analog/Steampunk mode in SETTINGS. To save preciousbattery, the app will turn off after 1 minute ofnot-moving.Analog/Digital Mode: There are two apps, in thecompanion app called SETTINGS, you can change from Analog toDigital.Analog Mode: Steampunk mode. Shows three needles.Black isthe Speed Limit.Orange is your speed.Green is distance to nextsigns ahead of you.Purple is distance to next sign behindyou.Odometer can be set in Companion app calledSETTINGS.-------History--------------This is an improved version of"Speed Limit, N1"Here is what customers had to say about thatapp.Recent Comments by john (November 3, 2010)I have enjoyed thisapparently Thanks for the help I love to speed by RESCUE 520(October 31, 2010)Not bad. Good little app.
Back Seat Driver -Manbir Crash 1.5 APK
Granny will yell at you if you speed. Find all 8 tonguelashings.Try the new G-force gage.Help combat the US$10B speedingticket industry. All signs are Copyrighted by the finder. 100% ofany proceeds go to all donors.This app is obsolete. Please get"BackSeat Driver, Pro Version".(app was called LostKEY!!BackSeatDriverVI27M)
Screaming Speedometer. 5.6.0 APK
Links to wikispeedia.org, the world speed limit database.
Speed Limit Workbench 1.57 APK
Shows the speed limit for cars and trucks. Source code is ongitlab. -------------------- Step 1: Turn on app, wait for gpssignal, drive on roads to see Speed Limits. Step 2: InMenu->Settings->Name, add your "name". Your corrections willget logged into Wikispeedia.org. Once you find a sign, your name oryour group name shows up as the owner. If you see an incorrect ornew speed limit, tap the screen to correct it. All submissions areverified. About us: Wikispeedia is the most accurate speed limitdatabase available for public use. It was created in 2005 tocollect and share the location of speed limits worldwide, helpingpeople be aware of the speed limit. Note: This app uses no cellulardata, only Wifi. It is uniquely designed for civic groups who careabout eliminating road rage, and improving traffic safety. Usage:Enable GPS, drive around. Then Sync when you get home or such. Besafe, only sync when the car is off. The blue dots are places youshould visit. The Green dots are old signs that you can claim. Toclaim them, drive down the side roads. When you are moving the samedirection as a sign, it will show up. Otherwise it will be a dot.Put your email in Settings. At Wikispeedia, we share allcontributions. Legend: White Signs: Signs ahead of you. Redcorners: Direction you must travel to see the sign. E.g., N, S, E,W Blue Dots: Signs that are not ahead of you. E.g., Nearby sideroad, reverse facing, etc. Email us feature requests.-------------------- ABOUT US About us: There is no Federal orPrivate Speed limit database available for your use. This is whyWikispeedia was formed, for you to be able to incorporate speedlimit information in apps, speedometers, cruise controls or safetyapps. This is your database. Your signs are owned by you. Even ifthe speed limit changes, you found the sign and own it forever.Like adopt a road. If we have any money, it is distributed todonors, so please help out. All submissions are verified. Tap thescreen to suggest/correct a missing speed limit. We audit allsubmissions nightly. We pay contributors. As you drive around, thisapp looks ahead and pulls in speed limits from wikispeedia. Theyreside on your local SD card for future use.