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Screen territory conquer without the red line touching the ticks(lice). The lice number is increasing in every level.Draw verticaland horizontal lines to partition the screen into smallerspacesBonus lives every few levels

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    Screen Divide
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    October 10, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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World Map 1.06 APK
Android app that displays a map of the world - World Maps of allthe Countries on EarthThis version of worldmap come with a briefinformation about every country like: Country capital city, dialcode, country code, country continent, country currency code, thecountry area in sq km, country languages, numbers of the populationand the GPS geo points east, west, north, south, geo name id, flagiso Alpha3 .Check the zoom in and the zoom out
Home Remedies 1.08 APK
"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" -HippocratesWhat to do when you have headache, stomach ache, flu,common cold or other common illness. Include CPR Pocket Guide andmore healthy functions. Free Home Remedies Pocket Book!Cure achesand pains naturally!A guide to Home Remedies and Natural Cures forCommon Ailments/illness.Natural home remedies are safe and usefulfor the common ailments. Most of the non life threatening illnesscan be treated at home. Learn how you can use natural cures toreplace many of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugs inthe treatment of common ailments and as cancer prevention. If youuse home remedies wisely, it will save your time and money.In thisapplication you can find -Home Remedies Book, find a cure for eachcommon ailments / illness :- Natural teatment - Natural drugs-Symptoms- Causes- Home Remedies- Treatment- Avois- SeeDoctorHealthy nutrition - Healthy foods (information) :- Healthbenefit for fruits, vegetables , nuts and seeds - Home remedies-Amount- Minerals- VitaminsEmergancy - first aid guide :- Symptoms-First Aid- More infoCPR Guide:CPR POKET GUIDE- CPR for infants- CPRfor children an adult- First aid for chokingVitamins Info: -General info- Daily amound needed- fruit source- Vegetable source-Nut or grain source- Meat or protein source- Legume source-Synergistic- Inhibtors- Direct effect on body- Symptoms ofdeficiency- Ailments treatedMinerals info:- Calcium- Copper-Iodine- Iron- Magnesium- Manganese- Phoshorus- Potassium- Selenium-Sodium- ZincMore Features:Bood pressure diary (with graph andanalysis)BMI +BMR calculator - Ideal Body Weight CalculatorNew*Blood Count Analysis Guide (Lymphocytes, Hemoglobin and more)Thisapplication provides natural "home remedies" and health info forsome common ailments and first aid, and is not intended to be asubstitute for professional medical advice by a physician.Bywww.androcalc.com
Effective to-do list lets you keep track of everything you need todo. Organize tasks in your own TODO lists.Simple and easy to use:*You can add a new task by typing or voice recognition* Slide itemsleft to edit task.* Slide items right to delete task.* Long tap forcontext menu.* You can change tags and edit priority.* You can editthe progress for each task.* You can set due date for each task.*You can sort by priority, progress, summary and due date.* You canedit and add new tags.* You can share any task with your friends.*Item will be marked by a blue ball on the main screen if you putsomething in the details.* You can change the appearance of thesystem and fonts size by preference setting.Task management - Timemanagement App.
com.androcalc.pray 1.04 APK
תפילת הדרךתפילת הדרך לטיסהתפילת הדרך באנגלית - The Traveler’sPrayerתפילת הדרך היא תפילה יהודית הנאמרת בעת יציאתו של האדם לדרך,ועיקר עניינה הוא, בקשת האדם מאלוהים שישמור עליו מן הסכנות האורבותלו בדרכו.תפילת הדרך נתקנה מפני שכאשר אדם יוצא מביתו או ממקום יישובהוא מתרחק מחברת בני אדם ונחשף לסכנות היכולות לפגוע בו, ובמקום מרוחקאף לא יימצאו אנשים שיוכלו לעזור לו. מפני כך נאמרת תפילה זו בלשוןרבים- האדם משתף עצמו עם הרבים שאינם איתו ועל ידי כך יינצל.הלכתתפילת הדרך:את תפילת הדרך יש לומר מיד לאחר שמתרחקים מן העיר ארבעהקילומטרים. בדרך קצרה יותר אין אומרים תפילת הדרך.הנוסע בדרך שיש בהסכנה, יאמר תפילת הדרך גם אם הדרך קצרה מארבעה קילומטר.הנוסע כמהנסיעות ביום, יאמר את תפילת הדרך בנסיעה הראשונה ויתכוון לכל הנסיעותשל היום. אם שינה את תכניותיו, והוסיף נסיעות שלא חשב עליהן, יחזורויאמר את תפילת הדרך.תפילה זו תוקנה בתקופת התלמוד על ידי רבחסדא:"אמר רב חסדא כל היוצא לדרך צריך להתפלל תפלת הדרך" (תלמוד בבלי,ברכות, דף כ"ט עמ' ב'). Tefilat Haderech -Traveler's PrayerCreatedby AndrocalcMore free android applications onwww.androcalc.comPrayerPrayer flightPrayer in English - TheTraveler's PrayerPrayer is a Jewish prayer recited at the time ofdeparture of the man off, and the main concerns, request the personGod would keep him from the dangers associated with a path.Prayerwill fix because when a person leaves his home or place of localityis moving away from people and exposed to dangers can hurt him, andin a remote place not even found people who could help him. Becausethis prayer that is recited in the plural - man sharing himselfwith the many who are with him and thus be saved.Planets Prayer:ThePrayer should be said immediately after you move away from the cityfour miles. Shorter route Prayer is not recited.Traveler in a waythat danger, said Prayer is also a short road four miles.Somepassenger trips a day, said the Prayer first trip and will meaneach day's travel. If he changed his plans, adding he had thoughtof travel, he assured the Prayer.Prayer is fixed by the Talmudicperiod Chisda:"Said Chisda all gets underway should pray the prayerof the way" (Babylonian Talmud, Berachot, page Kaf-Tet pB). Tefilat Haderech-Traveler's PrayerCreated by AndrocalcMorefree android applications on www.androcalc.com
Pregnancy calculator 1.11 APK
Pregnancy calculator This pregnancy calculator is not regular - itis like a handy pregnancy book.Use it as a tool during yourpregnancy period.It meant to give you a lot of information aboutyour pregnancy like:due day, weeks that passed, remaining weeks anddays, pregnancy days, days until the birth, start date for thesecond trimester , start date for trimester three.Pregnancyinformation:Common pregnancy tests you should take as relevant toyour week.Pictures, what to expect due to your week. estimation foryour baby weight, estimation for your baby size, you can see thedate for each pregnancy week (future & past), your babyastrology sign.It also good for new the father that want to be afull partner to the pregnancy process.From the 38th week - nametest calculator (numerology) will appear at the results screenbelow. This is another tool that can help you to choose your babyname.Created by AndrocalcMore free android applications onwww.androcalc.com
Tachometer 1.01 APK
Free TachometerProfessional digital GPS TachometerFor use at car,airplane, train, ship, boat, motorcycle, cycling, running andwalking Working in anywhere that there is satellites coverage -very accurate !Measuring and recording of speed, exact location,time and date.Good for travelers who want to document the exactlocations (track) where they stayed.Main Screen:1. Your speed bykm/h or mph - radio ontouch selecting.2. Displaying distance bykilometers or miles.3. Timer.4. Clock.Main functions:1. Start /Stop.2. Get location every second.3. Go to map.4. See recordsstored locations.5. Setting preferences.6. Setting speed alert.7.Saving csv file (excel format).8. Sharing gps track file.9. Deletegps track files.Description:Go to map: After clicking on "GetLocation" ,you will see your place on the geo map that your devicesupport - like Google map or Waze map, or other.See storedlocation: A detailed table with the following data -Latitude,Longitude, Accuracy, Time, Date, Speed km/h.Each row in the tablerepresents one second data accumulated.By clicking on selected rowyou will get the place on the map for the specific second.SettingPreference1. Speed warning - Speed kilometer per hour alert - Selfsetting of velocity alert km/h. 2. Speed warning - Speed mile perhour alert - Self setting of velocity alert mph. 3. Email forsending data and excel file (csv).4. Store location byGPS/Network.5. Clear/delete all data.6. Go back to main screen.Youcan export data file (csv) to any email that you want.All filessaved on your local device. you can manage and delete anytime.ThisTachometer for personal use - recording data on your device only.If you need it for commercial use with saving online data on yourcompany server - please contact us.Created by AndrocalcMore freeandroid applications on www.androcalc.com
London Tube 1.01 APK
Offline map of London underground train1. London Tube Map (zoom in,zoom out)2. Index to stationsOnline travel plan - Transport forLondon (tfl) with:Tube, DLR, Tram, London Overground, Coach, Bus,River Bus, National Rail3. Plan a journey in London withtfl.gov.uk4. London BBC WeatherYou can use the Tube map offline ,but to plan a journey you need to be online.
School Timetable 1.05 APK
School Timetable Easy to use. Easy to save lessons data. Easy toshare homework (TODO) with friends. Schoolplanner - display andmanage the timetable of schools. How to use: Click on the buttonEdit (on bottom of the table) - You will see a pink screen - forediting and updating. Fill in the timetable - according to thestudent's classes. Type in the class lesson name (math, literature,history, music, geography, language, science, sports, english,etc.) in the input field according to the time of the lesson. Fillin the TODO field with your homework or things you should do afterschool time. When finished click on the "Save" button. On the mainscreen you can click the button "Share" and transfer TODO list byemail and more. Your timetable can be your screen saver on thephone (by make a screen shot ). To exit click on "Exit" button orautomatically when screen off. Using the schedule is free andoperator's profit is only from clicking on ads. New on ver 1.05:Math Brain Game - Brain Training - Brain math practice! New on ver1.04: Scientific calculator Created by Androcalc More free androidapplications on www.androcalc.com