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Get ready for the most exciting scuba diving simulator &underwater shark hunting game in 3D. Experience fishing withharpoon as well as with gun and forget the regular fishing. Hereyou are an ace diver & swimmer breaking into the fishing world.Hunt fishes underwater with spear gun without angling rod. There isnothing more thrilling than hunting shark with a rifle. Scubadiving simulator & underwater shark hunting is the summer 2018water game for your enjoyment and fun, while playing this beach andwater game you will get the real feel of swimming and diving indeep blue waters. Now you don’t need to go to any beach or swimmingpool. You have the real sea diving simulator in your hands, open itand jump into the water and enjoy the real water surfing simulator.You can walk on the beach to explore its different parts and alsocan run to the sea and swim, to make this swimming game moreinteresting we have added treasure in the deep sea and you have tofind it by diving in the water, swim by the arrow and complete thewater game levels to open next. To hunt dolphins peeking abovewater use bow arrow. Dive in deep Blue Ocean and swim around toexplore big shark live aquarium with eels and squids. Feeling fishyget rid of angling rod and tension gauge jump in freshwater swimtowards fish horde reduce distance. In scuba diving simulator &underwater shark hunting game there are no time limits for swimmingor deep water diving you can play it anytime anywhere and at anyplace. The killer shark is furious jaws unleashed aim to hunt downmegalodon in ocean depths. Hunt the big shark in North AmericaOcean, dive into clear water and start swimming for hunting the bigones megalodon in fish hunting simulator 2018. Play this scubadiving simulator & underwater fish hunting as you will be aprofessional swimmer in realistic deep sea environment with seaanimals swimming around in water. So jump from your power boatsimulator & swim freely with jumping dolphins. Avoid hittingturtles, dolphins, whales & water monster animals. Scuba divingsimulator & underwater shark hunting game is here. Become thekiller shark of the seas and munch on scared humans. Sharks haveevolved themselves so that they can tear apart their victim whenthey are hungry or angry. The beach is full of innocent people sothat the shark can eat them. Attack them when they are unaware sothat you guarantee a kill. The game is designed to give you thereal experience. Go on killing spree in depths of ocean and ripapart everything in sight & become sea monster and kill spearhunters, a brutal megalodon, cause havoc and turmoil in underwaterworld. Killer shark will kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so getready to hunt the most wanted fish and become ace shooter enjoyingangling with your rifle in this fishing season with your scuba maskin lake with seamless cozy water and prove your diving skills.Avoid hitting into coral reef and algae in deep waters sharkrampage. Aim to shoot shark, hunt sea monster and dangerouspredator to seek revenge for human killing. Enjoy the massivegameplay on colorful paradise island and explore the realistic sealife in 3d open world environment. Get hooked on with this realfishing game, dive in freshwater trap angry sharks towards you.Scuba Diving Simulator: Underwater Shark Hunting • Discover andHunt Mysterious Creatures of the Deep Sea Water • Recruit BabySharks to Boost Your Predatory Powers • Sink Yourself into DeadlyBlue Sea Shark Hunting Missions • Amazing & Ferocious GreatWhite Shark Attack Simulation • Animated Aquatic Animals IncludingShark, Orca, Whale, Dolphin, Jellyfish and More. • AwesomeUnderwater Environment Visuals and Magical Sound Effects • SharkHunting In Underwater Sea Battle Arena • Smooth Game Play and EasyControls • No Wi-Fi Needed, Play Offline Wherever You Want

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    Scuba Diving Simulator: Underwater Shark Hunting
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    December 9, 2019
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    Collider Game Studio
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Want to rescue the innocent and injured in an all new ambulancerescue driving game? Save those who get into a traffic accident bytransporting patients to a hospital. Sound the ambulance sirens andbe the best ambulance driver in this rescue game.Nothing is asstimulating as saving a human life. Drive fast! The patients needhelp and have to see a doctor, they need urgent medical care inthis ambulance driving simulator 3D game 2018. You have to drivearound the big city and save the injured, weak and sick in thismost anticipated emergency simulator game of 2018. Turn onambulance siren and push the throttle to race fast. Like an urbanambulance driver save the city people who are in need of medicalattention ASAP!Be the virtual rescue hero by providing first aidand driving your ambulance offroad to get to the patient in time todrop at hospital, in your emergency rescue missions. Real rescuesimulator driving offroad ambulance means you will also have todrive uphill and save yourself from a crash! You can have more thanone car or bike coming your way so watch out because patienttransport is your city hospital duty. This off-road ambulance gamehas no helicopter rescue missions, so city rescue is done onground. Amazing ambulance doctor game that has no limit on how manylives you can save!You are needed in this ambulance emergencyrescue 2018, be a virtual hero and don’t let any patient die.Respond fast to 1122 or 911 emergency calls in this car rescue gamebecause this is not a training mission. Protect and save people whoget into a crash or accident by providing the best rescue truckservice in offroad rescue missions. This ambulance 3D simulatorgame needs an auto rescue driver with top driving skills to savelives! Time is of the essence, explore the map and find the injuredin this emergency medical rescue 2018. Respond to emergencies anddish out aid by driving fast like firefighters do when driving afiretruck. Take your rescue squad and save people in this highpaced driver simulator game. This is not an airplane rescue game,you will be driving on ground so don’t confuse this game withairplane rescue games. Enjoy off-road ambulance games. This game isa callout to those who want to save lives by driving an ambulancebus! Drive carefully in this ambulance city game 2018 by drivingand dropping patients at hospital.🚑 Ambulance Rescue DriverSimulator 2018 Features: 🚑✓ Multiple rescue missions in multipleemergency scenarios✓ Easy user interface for easy controls andnavigation✓ Realistic ambulance simulator game with amazinggraphics✓ Addictive and easy game play so you can save lives asmany as possible✓ Amazing graphics in a big city environment inthis ambulance doctor game✓ City, offroad, hill climb, curvy roadrealistic environment.
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Futuristic Gyroscopic elevated transport bus is the future ofpublic transportation in urban city rush. Step into the high techtransit bus as real driver and guide it through city routestransporting office professionals, citizens and tourists. Thisguided bus straddles above road traffic and transport passengerswithin city destinations. Get inside gyroscopic transport buscontrol room to maneuver gigantic vehicle. Pull race lever withfull throttle for fast city futuristic transport bus drivingsimulator. Gyroscopic futuristic transport bus is powered byelectricity so no need to refuel from gas stations. This futuristicgyroscopic transit transport bus drives 10 feet above ground levelso that city traffic flows beneath it without collisions. To becomea real bus driver follow traffic rules and stop at red light toavoid car accidents. Gyroscopic elevated transport bus is carry upto 100 passengers at one time. Your traffic skills of driving thisbig coach will be tested while playing this game. This is the mostmodern form of the transit bus driving simulator. A heavy trafficis induced in this game and to make it even more fun and thrillingexperience, city futuristic bus is enabled to pass over thevehicles as the traffic gets jammed. Get a real driving challengewith your fast and furious driving skills and compete the entiretraffic rivals with your engine and crazy driving. Best futureinnovation in fast paced world which makes you an expert driveraround huge traffic. This futuristic gyroscopic bus service has afixed route and track, and its passenger’s compartment widths thewidth of two traffic lanes. You can ride on this bus like a doubledecker bus above the traffic. Elevating bus driver needs expertskills passed by special bus driving simulator academy. Pick &drop passengers on board to transit bus stops. Gyroscopic elevatedtransport bus transit bus simulator is the unique game regardingits design and the way city traffic is controlled. Heavy traffic isnot a kid’s job to handle, so to tackle this gyroscopic transit bustransport was introduced. Enjoy different model of the bus and getit on the road. Everything else is like a normal bus except thiscomes with a tunnel like shape. Superfast driving help the morefigure of passengers to travel around in the city. Drive wellwithout crashing into building and unlock real bus driver statusfrom driving school. Better than any coach school bus or doubledecker bus, we bring you the futuristic gyroscopic elevatedtransport bus. Looks like bullet train but moves in the middle ofsuburban town. This futuristic bus is the ultimate solution toheavy city traffic. Enjoy first ever realistic futuristicgyroscopic transport bus driving simulator 3d game to pick &drop passengers on fixed routes. Futuristic gyroscopic transit bussimulator is the ultimate solution to travel with heavy citytraffic. The city futuristic bus driving simulator will provide youdifferent routes with amazing environments in different levels.Enjoy different levels and have ride on city futuristic bus toovercome the problem of traffic jams. Gyroscopic Elevated TransportBus: Rescue Driving Game Features: • Real driver job oftransporting passengers & tourists at multiple stations•Gyroscopic electrically controlled bus driving simulatortechnology• Full throttle sidebar lever to accelerate bus• Excitinggameplay in transit bus driving missions• Unlock multiple buses& levels in futuristic bus drive game• Use slide baraccelerator to move forward and backward• Change camera to enjoydifferent views• Use slide bar to slow down bus around turns and atstops• Amazing animations to pick up and drop the citizens•Realistic HD graphics, Smooth bus controls gameplay experience•Realistic city locations and public bus terminals
Prado City Car Parking Plaza: Driving Simulator 3D 1.9 APK
Attention: Before igniting to your modified & reloaded sportscar driving. Check your car engine torque, brakes, mirror anglesand keep one foot on the race pedal and ready to use brake pedalwith prado drive. Fasten your seatbelt and take your 4x4 prado tovehicles parking & driving learner’s area and enjoy parkingadventure in one of best parking games of 2018. Avoid parkingproblems like scratching, crash and smash to hitting other cars orside walls. This is one of the best parking simulator game of 2018and ultimate car driving madness in Prado City Car Parking Plaza& Driving Simulator 3D game. In this jeep adventure game youwill test your driving ability and show your parking talent. Youare the professional driver of car parking adventures. You mustcheck the clearance to ride in prado car games, press gas paddle tomove forward press brake to stop the vehicles. Avoid drift,hitting, crashes, body paint scratches and smashes. Police Carparking driving is way more challenging and exotic than prado citycar parking, which is just the straight parallel parking or realparking in modern prado SUV driving game. Explore 3 differentparking lots and miles of detailed city streets. The main game modeis 100% free to play, Multi storey car driving and luxury pradoparking 3d, car parking experience in this 6x6 Prado City CarParking Plaza & Driving Simulator 3D game Do you consideryourself to be a professional car driver & park your carexactly in city Multi storey car parking? Prado City Car ParkingPlaza & Driving Simulator free 3d game is a blend of both carparking and car driving simulator of real driving and bring up thisshopping mall car parking 3d game among top city car parking gamesand prado parking 3d games. In this real parking simulator &free parking adventure game. you are going to find all in one fromcar driving to car parking prado drive and world best heavyvehicles driving simulator with jeep adventure in best parkinggames, which make this 4x4 prado game addictive and interesting andprovide interesting parking solutions for complex parking problems.That’s why 6x6 prado driving and parking car fun with luxury andworld class driving simulator are most appealing to road driverswho are looking for modern prado car driving with stylish parkingdrive. Offline driving adventure with luxury 4x4 prado parkingchallenges to play driving game. Prado city parking sim will testyour parking skills and will train you for prado parking in thecity among the parking cars and driving cars. Park your modernprado in parking sim and become the pro of prado parking in thisprado parking simulator. Welcome to the most popular multi-levelplaza Prado City Car Parking simulator game, Place vehicle inseveral realistic parking lots, taking care the collision among thereal parking area vehicles. Try not to scratch your cars and parklike a professional driver and enjoy jeep adventure in pradosimulator. Drive small hatchbacks to super-fast sports cars, andmany latest muscle cars. You are professional car driver and aparking master you are going to play new luxury car parking for theprado city car parking fun and to be challenged by car parkingdriving in this free prado car parking Car parking driving fun mostamazing fun you can find in either of these new luxury car parkinggame. This prado drive is most interesting driving game ever forthe driver who is looking for best prado driving simulator in pradoreal driving game. Prado City Car Parking Plaza: Driving Simulator3D Features: • Enjoy Luxury Sports Racing Cars Parking Experience •Real Parking and Driving Adventure in Multi Storey Plaza •Challenging Levels to Test Driving & Parking Skills • RealPrado Car Driving Physics and Smooth Controls • DifferentChallenging Parking Missions in luxury 4x4 prado parking • CityCars Driving & Auto Parking Simulator Game • Different CameraView to Drive Sports Racing Cars
City Bank Robbery Mafia Heist: Virtual Gangster 3D 1.2 APK
Being a real gangster isn’t easy, especially when you’re themastermind behind a virtual grand city criminal bank robbery that’sabout to get wild. A bank robbery is nothing like stealing from asupermarket. This virtual game is going to give a mad thug’s crimecity life a new meaning! The aim is to steal hard cash, go crazybecause you’re going to need the money to buy weapons includingvirtual guns. Protect yourself using your super punch and multipleselection of weapons as you have to bypass the bank manager, policesecurity and SWAT teams. Don’t leave your Vegas gangster squadbehind! Wear your scary clown mask and start shooting! Let out yourcriminal instincts in this bank heist, you need to rob the entirebank vault not the ATM! Think big and be ruthless, in this engagingand thrilling virtual mad city mafia robbery. Walk out of thecasino and beat people to get money. Buy guns with cash that youhad to snatch and start robbing the bank. Defend your crew when thealarm is triggered and the counter terrorism unit surround the bankwith cars and a helicopter. Take unknown hostages to make thistheft possible and to avoid a shoot-out with the police. But if thehostage runs then start firing and escape to be the battle royalechamp you know you can be! Be the virtual mob boss in this cyberworld and hijack the bank’s cash delivery van. Eliminate thevirtual cops and prove your gang is better than the Italian orRussian mafia gangsters. Play this criminal robbery game and feelthe thrill! Drive and steal the security truck full of cash and bethe biggest thief the Miami police have seen! Wear your mask andmake this clown robbery possible, and tell the world you’re readyto be the underworld king. Rob the bank, steal cash from the bankmanager and cash register. But remember, it won’t be easy! You’llhave to measure the entire security risk and shoot down theanti-crime squad by attacking as a thief. This grand city robberyand mafia heist shooting game will give you the action you need.Take over the bank cash transit van & protect your crime lordsfrom high speed police car chase. Lead your mafia cartel &crooks and liars and witness mafia shootout like Mexican cartel inthe middle of cops’ vs robbers, be the criminal clown and witnessthe crime mad city battle royale. Play one of the best clown actiongames as a looter in this transit game of cops & robbers.Features: City Bank Robbery Mafia Heist: Virtual Gangster 3D · Playas a virtual grand gangster, in a third person shooting game 2018·Multiple missions include robbing the bank, car driving includingdriving the security van full of cash, stealing from the cashcounter in this TPS grand robbery game 2k18· Different thrillingand engaging shooting missions by acting as a clown gangster·Challenging 3D environment with extreme stealth survival to fightthose in cop mode· Plan your gangster escape using multiple weaponslike Sniper, Ak47 and other guns.· Thrilling car driving to escapepolice chase & play the security van simulator
Tow Tractor Driving Simulator: Chained Pull Driver 1.2 APK
Let’s fasten your seat belt & sit behind the heavy tow tractorsteering wheel to take part in offroad emergency rescue job.Traffic is blocked on mountain roads due to accidents and damagedcars. Let’s imagine yourself as you are in offroad driving towchained tractor trolley driving simulator game on offroad tracks inchallenging missions. Offroad Tow Tractor Driving Simulator &Chained Pull Driver Pull trucks, vehicles pulling games tractor andtruck tow and pushing chained trucks. Offroad tow chained tractordriving simulator is a thrilling & adventures transporting 3Dgame. Become trucker on offroad with the farming tractor pulltransport traffic car towing. Time to help the luxury touristvehicles and pull the truck to workshop. Offroad tow chainedTractor driver job is cargo and transportation duty in one singlecombo game. offroad Tow Chained Tractor transport game is designedfor the passionate game lovers & offroad transporter gamelovers. Show your offroad tow chained tractor driving skills totransport the heavy truck like world professional best cargo driverin offroad transportation games. Driving experience of a heavychained tow tractor driving and farming material transportationduty on offroad track. Be the transporter to transport vehicles tothe workshop garage. It’s time for the realistic offroad farmingtractor tow chained transporting adventure while playing transportfarming tractor driving game. Become the best offroad tow chainedtractor driver & farming transporter truck driver. Offroad Towtractor simulation and parking will give you the thrill of drivingon offroad tracks. Enjoy the beautiful 3D environment withthrilling obstacles and your challenge is to finish them in giventime in Offroad Tow Tractor Driving Simulator & Chained PullDriver 3d game. People are waiting their vehicle and plane to betowed so don’t get late enjoy awesome Tow Tractor Driving Simulator& Chained Pull Driver game. Start your duty as the ultimateoffroad tow tractor driver to lift, parking and save smashed cars.Make sure to drive carefully on the impossible mud offroad. Avoiddriving fast in mountain your mission will be failed.Transport carpulling from offroad with real heavy carrying tractor is aprofessional duty. Being a real offroad driver, drive differenttype of vehicles like uphill farming tractor, tow chained tractor,cargo tractor and transporter tractor. Help drivers who are havingtrouble with their wrecked vehicles. Tow cars and lift them safelyto the garage. Enjoy manual driving and pull car lift duty. All thevehicles need the extra help from the tractor chained pulltransportation. Extreme challenge of dragging the car while keepthe balance of the car on the road with the pull chained to towthem. Offroad Tow Tractor Driving Simulator & Chained PullDriver Games carefully and avoid from speed and hurdles in mountaintracks. The most difficult job to drive chain tractor onmountainous, curved and zigzag off-road tracks. You will experienceheavy duty real tow chained tractor cargo transport in challengingoffroad game. Drive heavy tractor and complete a parking missionand gigantic cargo truck driving. Be a professional offroad towchained driver of cargo tractor trolley and transporter duty ofjungle trees & heavy material and many more vil Offroad TowTractor Driving Simulator & Chained Pull Driver Game Features:• Realistic offroad tow chained tractor driving simulator• Driving,parking and transporting experience in one single game• Offroad Towmonster truck tow workshop by pulling chain• Transport damagedvehicles to workshop for repair service• Pick faulty vehicles fromoffroad and tow chained to garage• Drive tractor trolleys to theservice station for repairing• Real Experience of Police Tow Truck,crane and fork lifter Driving• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes& Lifting controls• Real Experience of Driving Heavy Tow Truck•Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment
City Taxi Driver: Yellow Cab Crazy Car Driving 1.0.4 APK
Get crazy to experience the modern taxi drive, speed and drift inbest taxi game simulator. This is the amazing taxi simulator withcrazy taxi drive and customer transport. Not only you play as asimple yellow cab taxi driver but you drive like crazy on thestreet with traffic while you chase your customer unlike any othertaxi driving games. It’s time to fasten your seat belt and getready for the city crazy drive with extreme taxi cab driving skillsto transport city travelers in best taxi game of 2018. Sometimeyour duty might turn around as you take citizens on your taxi andyour speed is fast enough to reach destination. City taxi driver:crazy car rush driving simulator is a fantastic mad taxi mania game2 which uses realistic car physics and makes you feel like a realdriver. An extreme crazy driving simulator concept with furioustaxi cab driving in passenger pick & drop game. Speed up yourreal taxi car, drive through the big city traffic, pick up thepassengers and drop them off at their destinations. A real taxigame driving simulator with multiple transport tasks and a chanceto show your driving skills. Top speed cab driving and drift whilepolice chasing your yellow cab taxi. You are a driver of crazy taxiand your duty is to pick up all type of customers in real taxi cabdriver. It's a crazy drive on your mad taxi with street crowdedwith people and cars in taxi mania game. City taxi driver: crazycar rush driving simulator is a realistic car driving game for thesimulator and taxi driving games lovers. Get in taxi, fasten yourseat belts and become a city taxi racer. Don’t let anyone matchyour speed and drift racing in modern taxi game. This is like adriving school for ones who want to learn crazy driving on roadswith traffic rush. The real duty is to build a living with taxidriving duty. City taxi driver: crazy car rush driving simulator 3dwill give you hours of gameplay, full of traffic racer action,different missions and more.You will be addicted with the one of agreat taxi game of the season. Modern taxi driver simulator willgive you a chance to become popular new york taxi driver 2018.Citycar driving duty in great taxi game is a virtual job to pick uppassengers and drive them with safety to their destination. Yourcustomer might be a kids, ladies, gents or even a govt officialswhile your ride in yellow cab taxi. It's a mad taxi drive on yourtaxi with street crowded with people and cars. With traffic aroundyou need to be careful while driving modern city taxi in taxi maniagame. This extreme adventures driving game 2 will let you theexperience the thrill of driving, parking and simulation. Take yourcar, fasten your seat belt and play the role of the cab driver. Ifyou are a big fan amazing taxi games, cars driving and parkinggames then this city taxi driver: crazy car rush driving simulatoris the amazing choice for you. Take a seat behind the steeringwheel in 3d taxi driver game, drive around in different taxis, andearn cash. Make long days and earn as much as possible in crazytaxi driving game, race through traffic on your way to the finaldestination of your customers in amazing taxi driving games of2018. Are you a big fan of driving games, taxi games, and parkinggames then try out city taxi driver: crazy car rush drivingsimulator 3d. In this newest big city adventure and taxi driver 3dsimulator, your cab driver duty starts today.City Taxi Driver:Yellow Cab Crazy Car Driving Features: • Show that you have thebest cab racer driving skills• City Passenger pick & dropChallenging Levels • Different Missions full of adventure &actions• Complete Game Play Tasks to Move ahead• Thrill of customertime chasing on your Taxi• Highly Additive & ImmersiveGameplay• Real-time driving, Racing, Simulation, stunts &Drifting• Race the Taxi through a real city environment• Enjoyrealistic simulation and animation!• Smooth car driving controlsand addictive gameplay
Offroad Fruit Transporter Truck: Driving Simulator 1.3 APK
Let’s be ready to enjoy new offroad fruit transporter truck &driving simulator 3d game. Sit behind the steering wheel of heavyfruit truck to experience the offroad & city driving simulator.This three wheeler truck is very new in the market. Download thisnew cargo fruit delivery from village farms to urban citysupermarket stores & juice factories in this transport truckingadventure. Off road adventure will also come in your way to testyour driving skills. So drive carefully & show accuracy intruck parking skills & enjoy offroad cargo truck, tractortrolley, American truck, pickup van, 4x4 wagon, family car &tuk tuk auto rickshaw. Farm fruits transporter truck will fulfillthis driving simulator experience as well. Being a pro trucker youhave to make sure that obstacle for reaching destinations inlimited time. Curvy paths & turns become treacherous especiallyin winter season. It is difficult to do mountain climbing. Beforeyou do anything. You will go to farmhouse & will operate forklift after boxing of vegetables has been done. Offroad fruit supplydriver has many wonderful and thrilling game levels for you toprovide you real feeling of supplying fruit in your hometown area.Every mission has one fruit supplier with different number of fruitbox, you have to pick one fav truck simulator driver for marketfruit delivery job. After supply fruit on truck from onedestination to another destination your complete job and you willhave next interesting task where different fruit truck suppliersare in wait for you to transport the village fruit delivery truck.Driving truck simulator, the fresh farm fruit supplier truck youhave to take care of brakes and jumps in other case, your fruitsupply truck can demolish. Don’t hit traffic & city peoplewhile driving your fruit supply simulator truck. And carefullyfinish fruit delivery fresh farm fruit from one place to another.As a transporter, you have to drive cargo truck, tractor trolley,American truck, pickup van, 4x4 wagon, family car & tuk tukauto rickshaw from city and deliver fruits to this mountainousregion. This will be a real fruit truck sim game.Load them in themini truck carrier or pickup 4x4 truck which can cross offroadterrain to move to smooth highway traffic. But before you entercity streets, you have to experience off-roading in mud paths &rugged tracks. By making your do not make cargo containers fall.Super market refrigerators are empty. And so driver make sure youare rush driving to city grocery stores in limited time assigned toreach parking area of their warehouse safely. After all you justhave to drive from countryside which is not far away. Then, beforeyou enter big city streets & reach mega stores. You have totransport all this material within limited time. To complete yourmissions, you have to drive fast cargo truck, tractor trolley,American truck, pickup van, 4x4 wagon, family car & tuk tukauto rickshaw but with care to complete your levels. Managing fruittrucks will never this fun, it chaotic but the rewards are huge.Get ready to serve streams of hungry customers. Offroad FruitTransporter Truck: Driving Simulator Game Features: • Realisticdriving experience of Cargo Truck, Tractor Trolley, American Truck,Pickup Van, 4x4 Wagon, Family Car & Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw•Fruit truck supplier driving experience• A Unique Concept ofMountain Fruit Transportation• Driving Experience of HeavyTransporter Truck with farm fruits supply• Exciting Levels to Enjoyfarm fruit Truck Driving• Driving Fun on Mountain Roads with RealTraffic• Heavy Truck Driving Simulation with Smooth Steering &Hydraulic Brakes• Different Camera Angles to explore the 3D OffroadEnvironment• Amazing Gameplay with HD Graphics
City High School Bus 2018: Driving Simulator PRO 1.12 APK
The winter holidays are finally over and you’re ready to get backto work. The kids are waiting for their preferred preschool busdriver to conveyance them to school on time. Start your drivingduty early morning as the high school bus driver and pick up kidsfor school. In this real school bus simulator game Bus driverregularly transport kids to school and after school pick up servicebring them back for home and provide school transport service.Drive along some crazy tracks while making sure the kids get to andfrom school securely. Some turns and paths in the city might beextremely dangerous but be careful about the safety of the kids.Don’t rush along the extreme big city traffic and play as perfectcity school bus driver in school transportation game. Follow allthe traffic rules, stop when traffic signal is red and avoidhitting other vehicles on the road. Your duty is to safely drop thekids off at school. Drive the school bus carefully and don’t belate. One of the best free school bus games for year of 2018, solet’s become professional city schoolbus driver in city ofeducation. We hope you will enjoy this student transportationservices and newest City High School Bus Driving Simulator game asthis is the season to be an auto bus driver 2018. High School AutoBus Driving Simulator is a perfect driving & simulation game toplay and have hours of fun. Bus Driving Simulator is developedespecially for determined drivers who feel they are ready to do thejob of city School Bus Driving in city of education. City schoolbus simulator game will let you enjoy the thrill of going to schoolafter a long winter holidays. Transport kids to school,transportation for summer school in this real modern city andprovide school transport service to fulfill your duty as theschoolbus driver. The city traffic might cause you to get late forschool but be quick, drive fast but keep the safety of the kids inmind. School kids transport game is the most exciting to learndrive rules and skill and all traffic laws as in driving schoolacademy test. No need to violate traffic rules while driving yourschool coaster because a perfect preschool bus driver never breakstraffic laws. Bus driving games and free school bus games are lovedby kids but driving a school coaster and school transportation is aresponsible task. City High School Bus Driving Simulator drivinggame will give you the chance to drive something other than theregular size bus, coach or coaster. The wonderful game of schooltransportation gives you the real driving feel inside a big city.Be careful and don't crash your bus into the traffic. School busdriving simulator is a game for all age groups that would like tokeep those driving skills up to date, you need to practiceeverything from parking, reversing and use your mental skills tokeep calm. People who love to play van driver games this highschool coach game is for them with excitement of drive and fun.Start your engine and enjoy the drive of school transport van of2018. City High School Bus 2018: Driving Simulator PRO GameFeatures: • Amazing School Bus Driving Experience • Drive differenttypes of school buses in city • Smooth driving controls and fungameplay • Incredible duty to pick and drop school children •Explore the Big City Environment • Amazing Gameplay with HDGraphics • Play as professional city high School Bus Driver in cityof education. • Thrilling gameplay in unique transport drivingmissions • Immersive 3D design for best gameplay with Stunningenvironment. • Wonderful background sound to increase your gamingexperience