1.0.0 / November 10, 2016
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Sea Monster Attack is an exciting game that will make youunforgettable!The character is just so remarkable and so fresh thatyou have never met before!Game play is challenging and interestingand you will find yourself fall in love.We like to be a hunter onland or underwater especially in spearfishing activity.Dealing withsomething unknown in the deep sea is really unpredictable andcurious.How are you going to handle this is really a great test foryour instant ability.It is good if you do have a spear with youwhen you go for fishing in the deep sea.We do not know what will behappening in the short time and all count on yourself.That is howwe make Sea Monster Attack a very special game for all of you.Haveyou ever imaging what type of animal or species you might see inthe deep sea?Can you be a tough hunter when you are underwaterdoing something like spearfishing?How would you feel if you reallysaw something you first time seeing in your life?We always wantedto create some different values for our users for newexperience.Like you are holding a spear on hand and ready to gofishing and face any challenge.That makes life special with uniquemeaning even when you are just playing games!The graphics look soreal and it really touch your heart like you are alive there.Afterall we just want everybody do really enjoy with Sea Monster Attack!We also make the background sound effect feel like you are in thereal environment.That would make you feel like a real hunter inunderwater when you are spearfishing!How to play Sea MonsterAttack- Avoid Attack from all Monster- Kill all the MonsterNone ofus have meet monster before and now we have chance to deal withthem.Let's enjoy playing with Sea Monster Attack now and have funwith it!

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    Sea Monster Attack
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    November 10, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    New Hope Creator
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Koi Fishing Finger Game is a gamespeciallydesign for Koi fans!We know this animal has thousand of millions fan inwholeworld!We make something special for you guys and hope you alllikeit.The feel of zen is very strong from all the koi fishinmarket.They are just too beautiful and lovely all the time nomatterwhen.So relaxing seeing them swimming in the water withnopressure.Their body and colour are just too beautiful and lovelytosee.Koi Fishing Finger Game offer all fans chances to know moreaboutthem.We all know it is not easy to maintain the life for koi fish!They always provide us the zen energy form koi body allthetime.Koi can free us from tension in live and feel goodlikewallpaper.Taking good care of them is the most important thing forthis.They are just so luxury and high class compare withotherfish.This is why so many people crazy about them in thewholeworld.if there is chance we must go Japan and see more ofthemthere.Before that you could enjoy playing this Koi Fishing FingerGamefirst.This is a game which could make you crazy and addictedforhours!With the strong zen feel from koi fish you will enter tonewworld.Most of the koi are just beautiful and free like a liveinwallpaper.How to play Koi Fishing Finger Game- Cut all the Koi Fish- Do not Cut the Fishnet- Score high point to enter to next levelThis is a very special chance to do something different.Taste the real feel with Koi Fishing Finger Game now!
Lion Hunting Simulator 2018 2.0.0 APK
Lion Hunting Simulator tells you more story about the king ofjungle!How lion hunt? You will get shocked to know the secret! Trynow!We all know that lion is on top of the list in the jungle amongall.In wild life we can see lion running like simulator with 3Dfeel.They always have activity in group and it makes they verystrong.Nothing could beat them even elephant has the larger sizethan them.It is so normal for a gang of lions attacking elephant inforest.You make they angry you will be face lion their attack inreal 3D way.So do not challenge them if you want to keep and saveyour life.You can see how aggressive they can be in Lion HuntingSimulator.Lion attacking in a very crucial way as their body isvery strong.There is always no way out once they started the fighttill last breath.A wild life lion is not something that we see ingame simulator or 3D.A strong bite could easily kill any otheranimal in just a minutes.Not much of the victims could have runaway if targeted by them.When lion running they are like flying inthe air with high speed.They do not really run fast but they attackyou in sudden and fast.The fight between them are the mostaggressive fight you ever seen.The best way to experience this isto watch them at Africa safari!You also explore that in the thisgame of Lion Hunting Simulator.To know and understand more aboutlion's life help to save life.A single angry mood lion could beatgroup of animals attack in 3D way.They never knee down to enemy andthey keep on fighting for respect.That is the reason why do we callthem as king of jungle with no messy.Leo is has a very cute outlookbut even in small time already strong.They are all boned to leadthe forest and jungle in everywhere of world.The wild life of lionand animals simulator makes you understand 3D more.Meaning of lionto forest are as important as like the air to human.We hope youwould enjoy this playing this game and make so much of fun.humanlike to see lion in hunting as challenge especially in 3D view.Thatis so exciting and makes your blood level increase to maximumway!Feature of Lion Hunting Simulator- Avoid attack from all lions-Collect as much as stars you can for highest scoreWe know you cannot wait to be the king of jungle!Start the journey with LionHunting Simulator now!
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Temple Adventure Run is latest runninggamewith lots of fun.A secret agent got the mission to save everyone who areinrisk.In very short of time you need to complete the mission otherwiseyouare in danger.You are in a mystery place and no one can help you otherthanyourself.This is a really challenging and you will find a lot of funwithit.In the journey to temple comes with lots of dinosaur runtowardsyou.It's exciting as you have the chance to show all your skills.Many type of dinosaur in different sizes would come toattackyou.It could be Flying Dragon, Achelousaurus, Tyrannosaurus rexorTorvosaurus.You will find each of them attack you in a different waywthsuprise!That is really excited when you hear all the name ofthesedinosaurs!Temple Adventure Run is a very challenging running game.It's really simple but always need you to be high focus forlongsurvival.Move to the right or left as fast as you can and shootyourenemy.Make a quite decision to save your own life and it is themostimportant thing.A simple mistake might eliminate your game play and that isreallysad.You will see in the temple full with dangerous runineverywhere.The more you play the better result will be generated and youhappywith that.You need to be very concentrate in the temple and run if youcannotbeat them.We hope you could find very much excitements in this game.How to play Temple Adventure RunMove fast to avoid enemiesShoot at enemies to save your lifeCollect as much as point you canTips to play Temple Adventure RunMove before the dinosaur comes to youOne shoot kill the dinosaur to deathAvoid dinosaur if you cannot shoot themYes, we know you cannot wait to play the game after readingthedescription.That is what we want you to feel before you start playingthegame.Let's enjoy Temple Adventure Run now!