1.0 / June 5, 2017
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You mistakenly became a secret agent and you have to find thieveswho stole an old jewel from the museum. This map contains aninteresting story that will keep you in suspense all the waythrough.You will be fascinated by the passage for 20-30minutes!Installing the Secret Agent (.mcworld) card:1. Download the.mcworld file.2. Simply open the file (via ES Explorer on Android)and the game itself will install all the necessary files.4. StartMCPE and find the map in the list of worlds.5. Run the card andenjoy its passage!

App Information Secret Agent MAP for MCPE

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    Secret Agent MAP for MCPE
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    June 5, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Go Play Studio
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new Transformers for MCPE mod 2.0 APK
Optimus Prime is a positive characterandleader of the Transformers, he turns into a truck, whileBlackoutis a desiptytic and transforms into a helicopter. Turnintotransportation, they will randomly, but not to wait forthetransformation of Optimus, you can sleep it with the help oftheWitch's Egg of Appeal. You can drive a truck if you sit in itandhold the Matrix (Carrot on a stick).Optimus looks like in canon cartoons, in its usual formitrepresents a small danger and prefers to remain neutral. Afterthetransformation, the robots sharply become aggressive and engageinbattle, Optimus starts shooting rockets, and Blackout in theformof a helicopter - with lasers.Installation:1. Download the mod to the device.2. Go to the Downloads folder using Explorer.3. Click on the mod and it will start to be imported intotheMCPE.4. Open the game, go to the settings of the existing world orcreatea new one.5. Go to the Addons section and select the ones you wanttoinclude.6. Have a nice game!
Jurassic Craft mod for MCPE new 1.0 APK
Jurassic Craft - это потрясающий мод для McPE, добавляющий в МКПЕ17 различных динозавров, которых Вы сможете найти практически влюбом биоме! Каждый вид динозавра отличается различными свойствами.Например, некоторых из них Вы сможете приручить, остальных же, мырекомендуем обходить стороной!Мы также советуем вам скачать картуJurassic Craft World, которая перенесет вас в настоящий Мир ЮрскогоПериода прямо в MCPE!Jurassic Craft - it's a great mod for yourmcpe, adding MKPE in 17 different dinosaurs, which you can find inalmost any biome!Each type is characterized by different propertiesdinosaur. For example, some of them you will be able to tame, theother, we recommend you get round!We also encourage you to downloada map Jurassic Craft World, which takes you into a real JurassicWorld right in MCPE!
Family for MCPE mod 1.0 APK
It replaces models of monotonous inhabitants, nice-looking, men andwomen. You can multiply them so that they create a new cell ofsociety and live in happiness. Residents can be lured to themselveswith the help of a cake and with the help of it - betray love. Itwill also be possible to hire security guards who will monitor theorder in the villages in your absence.Features of fashion:- Girlswill replace ordinary residents.- Men will replace zombieresidents.- If you give a cake to a man, and then a woman, theywill give birth to a child and create a family.- If you give a manan Iron Chest, then he will become a warrior.- The iron sword of awarrior can be changed to a bow and vice versa.- If a resident diesat the hands of a zombie, he will turn into azombie.Installation:1. Download the mod to the device.2. Go to theDownloads folder using Explorer.3. Click on the mod and select MCPEto import.4. Open the game, edit the existing world or create a newone.5. Go to the Addons section and select the ones you want toinclude.6. Have a nice game!
MOD new Super Hero for MCPE 2.1 APK
Would you like to feel yourself in the shoes of one of yoursuperhero idols, become as strong as they are, and for a littlewhile? Everyone can become: Deadpool, Doctor Strange or Iron Man.To do this, you do not have to go through all the tests that yourheroes do - just wear a suit and take up arms. For example, as anIron Man, you can shoot from his laser glove, and as CaptainAmerica throw his shield. But what kind of heroic everyday life, ifthere are no enemies against which you can fight? Addon will addsuch eminent villains as: Loki and Venom, and a bunch of pettyminions - together they will bring you pretty troubles.Features ofsuperhero fashion:- Weapons and costumesIron Man Costume = IronArmorIron Man's Glove - Bow, shoots laser clots that explode andignite in a collisionSpiderman Costume = Gold ArmorSpider web -Pearl of Edge, shoots a web and moves instantly in thisdirectionCaptain America Costume = Diamond ArmorShield Cap -Fishing rod, throws a shield, kills an enemy and returns toyouDeadpool Costume = Chain ArmorSword of Deadpool - Iron Sword,looks steeper than usual and does more damageThor's hammer -Snowball, strikes with lightning at the specified placeBow of theHawkeye - Potion of experience, shoots with explosive arrowsBlackwidow's gun - Egg, inflicts huge damage- Heroes andvillainsChitauri (Svinozombi) - aliens from the movie TheAvengersRobot Altron (Skeleton) - the minions of Altron from thefilmImproved robot Altron (Zimogor) - an improved version of theservants of the AltronMystic (Skeleton-desiccant) - a mutant whocan take the form of any personVenom (Zombie) - the main enemy ofSpidermanLoki (Hask) - the god Loki, the villainResidents -Wolverine, Star Lord, Thor, Black Widow, Cyclops and Doctor Strange
Pirates Adventure for MCPE mod 2.0 APK
Install this collection of mods and set sail on seven seas insearch of rich trading schooners. You can take a boat and board oneof the ships that is on this map. Some of the mobs have beenreplaced by truly pirate characters, and the weapon will surpriseyou at all. To supplement your pirate image, we have attached tothe news the skins of Captain Jack Sparrow and the fashion forparrots, which will not only gladly follow you on travels, but willalso perform a practical function.What you need to know aboutfashion:Pistol - 5 damage, drop effect, falls from the Pirate Girland the Captain.A large pirate sword is huge, replacing the DiamondSword.Pirate sword - replaces the Iron Sword.Girl pirate - replacesZombies, uses different weapons.The resurrected Pirate Captain -replaces the Zombie pork-man, vanshotit if you are a charactercompletely without armor, is armed with a random weapon.Captain -replaces Husk, a peaceful mob.Parrots - replace bats, you can tamea cookie.Installation:1. Download the mod to the device.2. Go tothe Downloads folder using Explorer.3. Click on the mod and selectMCPE to import.4. Open the game, edit the existing world or createa new one.5. Go to the Addons section and select the ones you wantto include.6. Have a nice game!
PokeCraft NEW for MCPE 1.0 APK
I think that it's not worth explaining what kind of mod is, becauseeveryone should know it. But beginners may not know. In short, headds pokemonz and special poker balls to the game, throwing thosein these Pokémonz, you can catch them. The main goal is that youmust catch all these cubic Pokémonz.Good luck!
Hallo Neighbor v2.0 for MCPE n 1.0 APK
They say that in the summer the horrorgameHello Neighbor will be released. But right now we have aHelloNeighbor v2.0 card, and it is updated, new secrets of thehouse arewaiting for you. And the story is this: you were somehowin thehouse of your neighbor. And now you intend to leave. Only youdonot need to catch the eye of a neighbor, otherwise he willkillyou. And then you really will not find a way out.Well, now for details on how to play Hello Neighbor v2.0. The mapisvery clear. Try to get out of the house of a neighborunnoticed.Then you will do everything that was required ofyou.Main Features:- The radius of your detection is small, so you'll have to berightin front of your neighbor's nose so that he sees you andstarts anattack."The neighbor replaced the skeleton."- A neighbor will attack with fire shells.You will need to constantly look for some items. They will workyourway out of the neighbor's house. Each object opens the doorandgives way further. If you suddenly noticed a neighbor, ratherhide.For this purpose, the closet is perfect. It puts the effectofinvisibility. So you sit in it until your neighbor calmsdown.If you want to be one of the first to delve into the theme of anewgame that is just about to appear, we already had time toupdateit, we need to download the Hello Neighbor v2.0 card for MCPEforall versions for free, get a feel for the atmosphere and passit.Then you will definitely be in the subject. Just remember,toescape from a neighbor will be more difficult than it seemsatfirst. Good luck!Installation:1. Download the mod.2. Unpack the archive.3. Then find the files and run them, thereby importing intothegame.4. Open the game and go to the world settings.5. In the "Resource Kits" and "Add-on Sets" sections, selecttheimported resource packages (add-on).6. Restart the game.7. Enjoy the game!
UNIT 303 for MCPE mod 1.0 APK
On the Internet there were rumors aboutacertain, mysterious mob, which is very similar to Herobrine, anditwas called UNIT 303. And since there are a lot of mods, mapsandother additions about Herobrine, now you can play with the UNIT303mod for MCPE, Which will allow you to meet face to face withthisunusual boss.He really is the boss, which means that before the fight youwillhave to prepare well. Put on only the best armor, take uppowerfulweapons and develop a strategy, tactics of the game.And that it would be easier for you to play against him, you needtoget to know him as closely as possible. We will help you inthis, asthe information below, which includes the secrets,capabilities andother characteristics of the boss, will be mergedbelow.In addition to the main, physical attack, he has the abilitytoimpose on you the effect of desiccation. This is veryunpleasant,since the damage from the hand is only 7 units and itcan stillsomehow be tolerated with good armor. As a drop, thespider's eyecan drop out, from about one to three pieces. Themaximum amount ofhealth is 75 units. Well, as it was writtenbefore: it is areplacement for the skeleton-scavenger, and has aspeed of movementmuch more, unlike its original.Installation:1. Download the mod.2. Unpack the archive.2. Then find the files and run them, thereby importing intothegame3. Open the game and go to the world settings.4. In the "Resource Kits" and "Add-on Sets" sections, selecttheimported resource packages (add-on).5. Reload the game.6. Have a nice game!