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Welcome to the world of secret agents and US Army Military TrainingSchool where spies operate under the radar and deploy to locationsaround the world to complete secret army missions. You are the newsecret agent sleuth, recruited and trained by the military's secretservice agency to ensure the security of your nation. Operate undercover to complete secret agent missions without being discovered inthis challenging spy stealth game. Trained as a ghost spy for topsecret missions, you'll move quickly and quietly to destroy enemymilitary bases. Test your physical fitness and mental discipline byplaying this obstacle-based fun game. But be aware that it’s noteasy to become a soldier of the National Guard—you must clear arigorous assault course. And remember your uniform represents yourhonor—don't get it dirty or muddy! Conquer obstacles acrossdifferent army courses and terrains like dense tropical forests,freezing arctic snow fields and blistering hot deserts. Escape thehigh school life and plunge into the craziest park our obstaclecourses and army bases have to offer. Can you jump over a ten footwall, swim in freezing arctic waters and climb assault nets in thedesert heat? You'll need to be mad and more than a little crazy toget through this game in one piece! Become a one man strike forceand face world armies to prove which country's army forces arebest: USA or Russia? India or Pakistan?As a ghost agent you willtrain as hard as you can to be sure you can defeat the enemy byworking undercover as a top secret agent to destroy enemy bases.Training missions show elite spy skills and how to stop the enemystealing blacklist files. Save fellow spies with your military andsecret agent training. Be the elite spy and complete excitingmissions by destroying different targets like enemy helicopters,trucks, buildings and command centers.Once fully spy trained you'llbe ready to execute dangerous operations in enemy bases—but keepabsolute silence or you'll trigger the alarm and get caught! Somemight say it’s an impossible mission, but the secret service agencywants to complete this army mission by sending the best secretagent spy in this stealth military game. And this is you! Neverbefore have such challenges been seen in secret agent rescuegames.Enjoy the latest action game with army basic combat trainingcovering different army posts. Enter the strenuous boot camp andget in line for the first call for military training, but alwaysremember your uniform is a sign of your honor and avoid getting itdirty! Play as a new recruit in the platoon and follow the chain ofcommand over rough terrain. Enjoy some wipe out and ninja warriorgames by challenging your family and friends to beat your score onthe game leader board. Exhibit fitness with physical training andmental training by following the drill sergeant's orders. Completemilitary training camp by passing the commando battalion test inthis action packed simulator game. Master intense obstacle coursesand follow orders from platoon instructors. It might be easy tobuild 6 pack abs and get fit in the gym, but it’s a hell of a jobto pass this special forces operations course. Show real disciplineand physical fitness by climbing tactical nets and ten foot wallsand much more while all the time drilling, grounding and grindingto enhance your Marine soldier skills.

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    Secret Agent Training Spy Game
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    November 15, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Bleeding Edge Studio
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    Office 2501 Mazaya Business Avenue - BB1 - Jumeriah Lake Towers , Dubai U.A.E
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Real Sports Car Racing 2017 : No Limits 1.0 APK
Car racing fever is your chance to try the new generation of 3Dsimulator games. We are proud to present this real car racing nolimits where no limits really means no limits! Experience drivingand drifting the real racing car. Race and drift on big citystreets, squeal around corners and curves and weave between lanesalong with the very best top car speed racers! Test your skills atreal driving or fantastic drag racing. Get into your speed car,turn on the motor and go! Speed car racing comes with a choice ofexciting vehicles to give you the real feel of the best speedracing! It is a nitrous, freely available 3d game and one of thebest speed car fast racing games around today. Enjoy hi-speedracing in five exciting environments. Feel free to drive your caron the bridge, mountain, forest and city. Open the turbo speedlimit and hold on for the adrenalin rush of a super-fast carfeeling.This latest thrill driving game will never let you put yourcellphone down. Watch out for the heavy Moto traffic and overtakesmoothly and carefully without causing a crash! Just enjoy the realdriving. Drift, race, drag and crash and smash your way to collectboosters, pick up special car bonuses to change vehicles and stayahead of your friends! If you love turbo car racing games, thenthis will test your skill of racing through traffic hurdles,hazards and much more!Race your car fast & furiously but try toavoid crashing into oncoming traffic!Drive your car as fast as youcan along the city highway, collect nitro, to gain even more speedand experience the feeling of the very best endless racing! Pick upmore coins, earn rewards and upgrade your car by taking out betterand faster cars to complete the target levels. Download Real carDrift Racing No Limits. Experience the best HD car racing game andbe the best champion of this real car racing no limits game!ChoiceNature Scene :Real Car Racing No Limits brings you the bestgraphics for speed racing in five different natural scenes .Carracing in the city is much harder while driving in off-road . It'sup to you. Become a city car rider, or off-road racer, you choosethe environment! Graphics:Great graphics of fast cars and realisticenvironments for you to chooseFeatures=> 3D NEW-GENGraphics=> Super-charged action packed car motor racingsimulator game=> Smooth motor handling controls=> High speedcar racing with tilt and steering controls=> Various road tracksand scenarios to choose from=> Overtake other high trafficriders to get more coins=> Complete more stunts to get higherscores=> Choose from many supercars all waiting for you to ride!
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Offroad Jeep Simulator 2016 1.2 APK
Get ready for the most realistic driving challenges!Do you like offroad games? Do you want to play the 4x4 off road jeep hill driving?If you are waiting for these type of jeep games , then your waithas come to an end because we are introducing the most addictiveand excited off road jeep for you , so get ready for the off roadjeep hill driving which is presented by BLEEDING EDGE .Select yourfavorite off road jeep; drive it through a beautiful hilly forestand huge mountains. There are 8 levels which are full of fun, stuntand many more. Drive your off road jeep and go to some specificpoint. There are many off road hill tracks where you can drive youextreme off road jeep. You can drive your 4x4 jeep on the road, offroad track of hills and mountains so get ready to enjoy all that.You can perform stunts and race with the other off road jeeps likeasphalt. We are giving you a full pack of excitement. Do you wantto take all this excitement? Enjoy this Off-road Jeep hill drive.Do you want to learn off road driving skills or do you want todrive these expensive luxury jeeps on hill and mountain? Use yourdriving skills and drive your 4x4 and perform different stunts andbe an off road 4x4 jeep driver. There will a racing challenge indifferent off road tracks and you will have to be careful becausethere will be land sliding if you will touch the stone then youwill lose the level. You have to be on time because the clock isticking and you have to leave behind the clock needles. Stay awayfrom construction area because some workers are working on the sideof the off-road track. Stay away from the heavy vehicles which arecoming to you if you will lose your control then you will becrushed by the other heavy vehicles and traffic so becareful.Amazing concepts and Car physics behind this off road jeephill driving.4x4 Off-road Hill car simulator is an open world of4x4 off road jeep simulator where you can experience the 4x4 in ahill climb environment by performing extreme stunts 4X4 Off-roadJeep Hill Driving Features:• Outstanding challenges in each level•Free open world 4x4 off-road hill climbing.• Amazing graphics andsmooth physics simulation • Real time reflections and superb 4x4off-road vehicles• Wonderful 3D graphics design bringing reality ingame • Exciting 4x4 jeeps like Hummer, Range Rover and Pickupsembellished with attractive colors • Smooth and Easy ControlsYourfeedback is very important so that we can improve our gameplay . Wehave given you a lot of things in a very limited pack so enjoy thegame from the BLEEDING EDGE GAMES.