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Don’t risk your private pictures, secret videos or photo albumsfalling into the wrong hands or being deleted! Secret Photo Lockerkeeps your personal photos and videos private by locking thembehind an easy-to-use PIN pad, giving you a complete look and feelof a normal calculator but it can give you full control over whosees what. Your friends, family, and co-workers will be able tolook at your public photo gallery, but NOT what is in yourcalculator vault.Private calculator app is keep your private photosand videos hidden behind calculator. Anyone who starts thisapplication looks as a calculator but if you put in passcode itwill open up private area. All files are securely stored in the Appand remain completely private and confidential.Secret Features:•Easy-to-use PIN pad access• Create and name custom albums•Full-screen viewing for photos and videos• Rotate and zoom features• Inbuilt video player to watch videos• Share pictures/videosdirectly from photo locker • Safe Send feature lets you sharephotos for a limited time • Clean and simple user interfaceHow touse======================== 1. Open Secret Photo Locker and set apassword 2. Select the pictures and videos you want to hide3. Makesure the media which you have selected to hide is deleted from yourmain gallery and only available in this secret locker.Anysuggestion or feedback will always help us to improve ourselves.Thanks for downloading this app.

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    Secret Photo Locker
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    September 27, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Addiction Apps
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Memory low..?? Not enough space to perform this task..?? No Spacefor new photos, music or games..??? Does your android phone givesthese errors/notifications?? You are seriously required thisapplication to procced with whatever planes to you have to playwith. This is the most powerful application release ever toexpand/Boost your RAM memory of your device. This application isspecially designed to with great programs which clean your junkfiles, release unused RAM, clear caches, boost up speed so smartlythat to in just a single click. So download “RAM Expander” andexperience the all new feel. Highlights of RAM Expander ► Fast JunkClean ► Quick RAM Booster ► Advanced application ManagerFast JunkClean• Smart junk scan• 1-click clean up• Show detailed storage useof internal and external storage and RAMQuick RAM Booster•Intelligently collect all application at a glance in single scan•Cleaned and boosted RAM quicklyAdvanced application manager• Easilybackup, uninstall unused apps • Share smartly and update to playstore from the same window • Manage backup (.apk) filesThisadvanced and intelligent app is completely free for you. Thisoptimizes mobile performance and expand your RAM and clean junk andcaches. Please let us know how we can improve this app, we wouldlove to hear from you. Thanks!!
Reduce PDF File Size 1.2 APK
“Reduce PDF File Size” has the capability to minimise file size ofPDF documents, especially useful for those PDF files with manygraphics and photos. You can send smaller and faster emails, saveyour storage space, decrease file upload or download times afterreducing file size of PDF documents. Advance Features • Extremelysimple: You just need to select the PDF file needs to be compressedfrom the list of PDF file appears on the application screen.Provide the name of the new PDF file with reduced size and done… •Balance between image quality and storage size: Reduces PDF filesize compressed PDF by compressing the images within PDF document.It reduces reduce your PDF documents size, especially useful forthose PDF files with many scan graphics and photos • Trulydedicated functions: Apart from reducing file size, you can viewPDF file from this app directly. Moreover you can send thecompressed file to anyone directly from this application. Deletethe unnecessary or large file after compressing them for optimisingRAM and phone storage. Key Features: • Really attractive, supereasy to use interface. • Reduce PDF file in just a single click. •Mail out documents as email attachments or Send files to otherapps. • View, delete and compress, send PDF easily. Note: The appmay not work for PDF files that was compressed before, yourunderstanding will be appreciated. If you have any questions,please contact on our email id before leaving a negative reviews,thanks for your support.
Magic Launcher 1.0 APK
'Magic Launcher' is a latest launcher App that develop to extendyour imagination in to the real word. It gives full control to userhow they want to display their icon. To experience this magicalstyle you must install Magic Launcher app first.********You canHide and Show your apps which is displayed in the menu.To hideapps, you just need to tap a switch given in front of the menu youwill now show that particular app in your phone menu until youagain tap it to show it again. That's it…Features:- Fully controlon device icon which displayed on your phone menu.- You can changescale of icon, Set ratio of the icon- Set distortion factor andmany more customisation possible- Pinch Zoom in or zoom out to seeapps icons more clearly and closely.- Hide and show of unwantedapps from the phone menu- Single touch app information andun-installation option.- Set custom wallpaper - Set color on touchof screen icon according to your mood.- Option to show touchselection on home screen- And many more options to play with thismagical launcher,Please install the magic launcher and experiencethe new magical output. Also share your lovely feedback to us forrecommend us.
My Secret Diary with Lock 1.7 APK
A writing diary habit is treated as good habit as always. So keepyour habit alive with My Secret Diary With Lock and keep enjoyingits updated features. This diary is available with top qualityfeatures along with an encrypted feature which will helps you tokeep your records secret. Also for any kind of mess up you may havebackup and restore your memories as and when you required.★Features Store: ★☛ Diary Entertainment: • Multiple font supported•Variety of backgrounds to choose from• Create, Alter and Deleteentry • Music option to play with• Add selective pictures to yournotes• Set Reminder to write your diary• Give a mood to your day byselecting Emojy• Add Paint to your notes, if required• Material UIfor easy and simple use☛ Password encryption: • Select yourpassword for your diary• Pick your password from PIN, Password orPattern• Password recovery option with security question☛ Backupand Restore: • Backup your notes/diary on your phone or SD Card•Restore your notes/diary from your phone or SD CardThis app can beyour secret life journal that will help you remember the pleasanttimes and will make you smile and remember the good and funtimes.Enjoy!
Secret Notepad With Password 1.4 APK
Ideas, Routine life, or life events. Capture them in a Diary thatcan be so private where no one can enter other than you. A “SecretNotepad With Password” is simple to use and intuitive applicationthat allows you to keep track of your life, what you have beendoing, how you have been feeling and further it allows you tocapture your moods, contemplate your achievements and reflect onwhat now, what next, whatever you want….Use it as you need to keepnotes, capture pictures, load music – and it’s private so nopressure, no criticism – your place be yourself on your androiddevice.THINGS YOU CAN DO* Strictly control over your privacy andsecurity that makes this too PRIVATE* Add photos and put them whereyou want. The text flows around them* No limit to the number ofphotos you can put on the page* Pick your font, font size and diarybackground* One touch music for seamless diary writing* Customizethe text color of your journal* Resize and rotate photos. Tap toview a full screen, zoomable version.* Support for Dynamic Typemeans text is never too small to read* Emoji keyboard makes it easyto insert emotions into your writing* Arrange your photos bydragging them; rotate with two fingers* Auto save and undo whileyou're writingStart keeping a journal or diary. Organise chaptersof your life. Note down notes and ideas. You can always export whatyou’ve written for safekeeping.Download this and help us in makingthis private diary more effective so that we can modify itaccording to your needs..
Pocket Calendar 2016 1.0 APK
*Are you a student who often confused with when and where the nextclass will be happen?*Are you a professional who mostly troubledwith the assignment and project dates and meetings?*Are you aparent who always tensed with that you would like to take care ofkids but you do not even know when the exam is?Then Pocket Calendar2016 is for you! This Calendar is a professional day plannerintegrating calendaring and powerful task management and eventmanagement. Our Pocket calendar is one of the best tools to trackdown all your events, important days & track all your thingsthat affected you. Once you use this app you will want nothing elseto make your life easier than ever. Features: * Personalisedcalendar with photo background of your lover once.* Powerful eventsand task reminders* List, Event, Week, Month view* Notification toremind you about your tasks and events* Free to enable/disable ordelete the particular event or alarm* Handy to use and performForany queries or suggestion please do not leave a negative feedbackinstead Email us, we will reply back to your query. Thanks
Secret Photo Camera 1.3 APK
A most powerful secret camera that secretly record video orcaptured photos instantly!! Secret Photo Camera have most powerfulfeature that record high-definition audio, video recording. Now youcan record video or captured images where photography prohibitedand even where no one can allow you to use camera such as in someprivate parties, meetings or while dealing with someone. With nopreview, no camera sound and no flash you can take many pictures.You can switch the camera mode instantly and switch from camera torecording.Best feature that make it apart from bulk is itsAuto-face detection feature that allow you to record video evenwhen your screen is off, it record video that keep focus on themain person.【 FEATURES 】► Takes photos or record video continuously► One touch switch camera mode for smooth operation► Very discreetscreen indicator showing you it's working► Record using rear orfront camera► Avoid distractions with minimal UI► Completely silent► Auto Shot with auto face detection► Choose the path where youwant to keep secret picture or video where no one can reach► + 40language supported【 FEATURES ADDED SOON】► Device shows a blackscreen and camera working in background as if it were off► Choosebetween small, medium and high resolution► Auto - Face detectionthat provide exact recording that you want ► And many more …If youare having trouble with Secret Photo Camera, please Email us at thelink provided below. Let’s Enjoy the Application.
App Icon Changer 1.0 APK
Want to give you a new look and feel of your androidapplications..?? Feeling bore with your favourite app icon? It’stime to change the app icon of your existing apps and give them newicon as you want with our new icon changer app.Give your lover oncea special surprise by putting their image in your apps icon. Or youmay put your image in any of your android apps. Even you can swapthe icons from one app to another app. whenever you change the icona new shortcut would be added to your wall of your android devicewithout changing the existing one. ★Features Store: ★☛ Swap youricon from app to another ☛ Put Image from gallery and make yourimage as icon of the app☛ Modify the app icon with multiple imagefilters☛ Make your icons corner round for special feel and touch☛Create as much as shortcuts for a single app with differentimages/iconsApp Icon changer helps you to modify your existing appicon and you may change the icon from one app to another. Also makeyour image as your app icon and give your phone wall a new look.