1.1 / February 9, 2017
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Are you ready to go on a top secret snipercityhunting mission? The city's crime rate increasing day by dayand theexpert security forces are forced to intervene in thissituation andwant to clear city from terrorist. Looking for toptrending shootinggame of 2017? Then forget those dumb, repetitiveshooting games.Here, your duty as a secret army agent will includeracing againsttime sniper battle war, exploding helicopters inAmerican victomizedcities, and quite a few bloodshed headshots inslow motion. But canyou solve the puzzle, save the victims andkill headshot only theright target hidden in the civilian?
As a contract killer aim and shoot to kill the miscreants.Startkilling the enemies in one of the best elite sniper shootinggamesever. It’s a free game to test your shooting practice skills.Timefor an ultimate war action, aim at evil & shoot to kill inanabsolutely amazing secret agent spy mission. You are a twodecadesexperienced master Secret Death Sniper 3D serving yourcountry whenyou get a call about a group of terrorists who areoperating from acity attack. These criminals have taken the localshostage and areusing them as human shield. Your job is to ensurethat all hostagesare free and you have shoot to kill orders forterrorists.
Use your Sniper gun city shooter experience to assassin-atethetraitor agents, corrupt politicians and drug lords. You havetoeliminate, sharpshooter, kill and finish criminals usingyoursupreme master elite sniper assassin’s ammo mission. Yourtrainingand experience encourage your best master sniper 3dassassinexperience who can take headshots as well as shoot &killterrorists, enemies and criminals in a blink of an eye. Rush&Explore the crime city for any crime to beat the druglords,criminals, corrupts and traitors in the public and kill themall.Be the skilled modern crazy sniper secret agent. Grab yourassaultrifles, ak47, and commando combat shoot at the criminal carsandkeep running to escape from hostile situation.
As a well-trained secret sniper simulator from special weaponandtactics team, take secret dangerous battlefront,eliminateterrorists. In this sniper assassin game, experience thelasershooting, zoom in and identify terrorists and realisticweatherconditions during different missions. Hold your breath, pullthetrigger, aim the target and let the bullets blow them allup!
The game comes up with the amazing 3D graphics, controlsandanimation which give an exhilarating and thrillingexperience.There is no turning back and the 3d sniper games have toeliminateall miscreants indiscriminately without any hesitation.The trainedsniper has to ensure his focus and determination beforefiring hisfirst shot.
- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
- Tons of metal GUNS, Rifles and mortal WEAPONS
- ADDICTING game play (FPS)
- EASY and INTUITIVE controls
- A lot of guns, ak-47, sniper gun, riffles.
- Join the new Sniper Battle War
- Modern Assassin Army Agent
- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet

App Information Secret Sniper Commando Mission

  • App Name
    Secret Sniper Commando Mission
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 9, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Game Japa
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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  • Developer
    Email poolcool1973@Gmail.com
    1705 kings commercial building 2-4 chatham court Tst Hong Kong
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Do you like killing zombies? If you do, youwill like this zombie defense war game!Turn your phone into a battle field and snipe all your enemies. Youare an elite sniper shooter and an unsung hero in the war againstZombies attack on City.The end of the day is coming! This is the last world war betweenhuman and zombies.Cities are ruined, and human are forced to hide in their lastshelters. Your mission is to kill zombies!Features:- Stunning visual effects, high-resolution images and amazing soundeffects.- Head Shots of Snipers- Close Camera Sniper Shooting View- A wide variety of zombies- 1 Free Kill mode and 1 Mission mode.
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Last Zombies Shooting Game 1.8 APK
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The Zombie Rivals. Real Zombie ShootingGameWelcome to the greatest Zombie Survive War Shooting and actiongame. Enjoy in Latest version of zombie killing machine withfantastic environments with realistic sound effects and stunningGraphics, you have to kill the zombies in your zone and clear thehouses and dispatch deadly zombies. In dark houses you can use yourflash light to execute the dead people. In Zombie Survive WarShooting you have to be careful about the enemy. In this game youhave a limit time to shoot the dead man in late zone. So pick yourandroid phones and install this Last Zombie Survive WarShooting'and start killing zombies in this game and enjoy it withmore amusement in game. Aim at the zombies and take headshots.You have different weapons and map to fine the zombies. New amazingmode, different mode with different feeling. There are sixthrilling environments with horror sound. You have to CounterStrike the dead people. Nobody idea it would come to this. Whatstarted with a few remote cartons has now become a fight for thesurvival of the human. The country’s destruction is getting closerwhen CS contaminates a whole city to prove that they are serious.Then the special army commando team was hired to the frontline andkills the zombie before they kill all the people.There are multiple levels are in the game first two levels are indead people houses, the next three levels are in open environmentand the other levels are in graveyard.You have so many amazing guns selection in Zombie Survive WarShooting game like M4A1, AK74, AK47, Battle rifle: M1014, Submachine gun: MP5, Thompson, Vector, Pistol G18, M1911, DesertEagle. You can enjoy zombie killing game at multiple levels,thrilling battle boss and update your weapons and make use ofdifferent items.Zombie Survive War Shooting game is free to play where large rollerof zombie come to get you. Enjoy the feeling of killing largeattack of zombie’s bumping toward you. Choose your method todestroy all the zombies in the dead zone: aim to the heads and makea big reword, shahs the member and mass them like small insect withshell nova.GAME FEATURES:,6 amazing environmentClassical levels, Head shortIn app perchesMultiple weapons and gun selectionRealistic effectsHorror EnvironmentKill zombie get rewordHunting zombie 3D is the most realistic death war and action game.Become a contract killer, you feel as a real commando, you have tokill all the zombies in your area and clear the houses to killdangerous zombies. Shooting Zombie Survive War Shooting game isfull action packed and it’s absolutely free. Assassinate the zombiewith your favorite sniper weapon because you are a soldier from thearmy force. This game is here for your great excitement time. Useyour sniper skills to shoot every target you can in this shootingsimulator. Killing zombie is not board game, everybody likesshooting action game. This is the best chance for better shooter totest your sniper shooting skills.
Tank Assault in City 1.2 APK
Game Japa
This new 3D Tank war has great features ascompared to all the tank war games before this. You are facingModern set of Tanks, the enemy tanks will attack any time once youare close to it.So get yourself ready for the fight of your life against all theodds, the tanks will attack you with the rate of notts. Try tofinish them with one shot, Unlimited ammunition is given in thisfirst version to make user enjoy full of funEach hit from the enemy tank or the machine gun will reduces yourtank Life, So try to demolish the Enemy Tanks and win this FrontierWar against tank. Save your Land. So good Luck and havefun!!!!!!!!Game Control:- Touch and drag joystick on the screen for tank movement androtation in any direction.- Tank fire will destroy the target with a single direct hitGame Features:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing explosioneffects- Different Levels with new Mission- Tank fires bullets to attack the enemies.- Enemy Tanks and machine guns are fighting you with ArtificialIntelligence (AI)- Support for HD phone devices and tablets- Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI)
Car Drifting Race - Drift Max 1.3 APK
Game Japa
There is a large group of people that loveplaying car drifting games, they are familiar with all the popularand upcoming games of 3D car and drift racing But do you want toexperience a new stage of drifting experience? Expose your mind tothis very new happening and trial game. Yes we are talking aboutCar Drifting Race game. You will love playing this best graphicsand sound effects game. Don't forget to rest while playing thisgame, because this game is very addictive and once you have startedplaying this game; it will be really hard for you to leave.Are you fond of gaming and racing? then it is the best chance foryou to fulfill your dream of becoming the best car racer of yourstreet. You can play this game with your friends and family, tocheck how expert a car rider and racer you are. The more drifts youdo, the more points you will earn. Get ready to drive highperformance cars (turbo or naturally aspirated) and make them driftat high speed in tracks designed specifically for drift racing.Improve your racing and drifting skills and earn virtual money totune and customize your car. Race to battle the world record of theleaderboard or just for fun in the free ride mode. The tracks aresaved in your device, it is very simple to understand Car DriftingRace game, the controls are way too simple and work right in time,no delay in response and sharp turns and accurate drifts can bedone if you pay a little more attention to this game.How to score more points? The method to score more points is sosimple, You have to notice the angle and speed at which you want todo drifting. Points grow proportionally to drift angle, drift timeand speed. Infact this game is all about "Drifting" and you are thebest drifting master in the world. To become the world champion youhave to put in some efforts and posses those guts, you need to paysomething in order to get something. Earn more coins to unlock morebest cars from the lot, upgrading your car will increase the fueltime, car speed and drifting scores.Grab the acceleration bar,accelerate and steer your wheel to show a perfect shift. Satisfyyour need for speed by becoming perfect stuntman and driving aheavy car in drift mode.Game Features:Realistic simulation of all aspect (engine, drivetrain, tires, etc)of the carSpecific engine sound for every car with turbo whistle and blow offvalveBackfire effects with soundsEarn points by drifting at high speed, at high drift angle and, bylight touching walls during a drift4 addictive environmentsMore cars, but locked. You need to earn points to unlock themBrilliant user interface: it’s really fun top speed and cool toplay the drifting challenge, racingIntuitive game control will add extra game dynamics, simulation,rivalsYou can customize your sports car, you can add new tools forenhancing your drift performanceYou can select you driving track between asphalt, green, and sand,driver, rivalsEnjoy licensed music track for heightened driving simulationexperience. simulationReal feel drifts. Real physics. Enjoy playing the Car Drifting Raceto get more points and unlock new cars. Feel the drift with yourheart...Download Car Drifting Race now and experience super fast rivaldrifters, you will get your cars crashed but don't worry a new carwill appear immediately. If you like our game, don't forget toshare and rate our game. Thanks!
army checkpost cargo driver 3d 1.1 APK
Game Japa
are you tired of playing old similar boringsimulation games and looking for something exciting? try armycheckpost cargo driver 3d. This is an awesome game that hascompletely transformed the theme of simulation games. Get ready foran adventurous free driving game. Journey begun from an army basecamp. You are a driver of a military and being a military driveryour duty is to drive an army 4x4 truck throughout a mountain anddrop army commando to their check post. Challenging drive, limitedtime and mountain are the key task for a military driver. So showyour professional driving skills and transport soldiers from smallbase camp to main army check post. Soldiers are ready for abattlefield. They have enough time to reach a check post so yourduty is to drive a real monster 4x4 truck and help commando tofulfill their mission and drop them to check post from basecamp.An adventurous drive start when you start engine of big 4x4 truck.Tap speed and get ready for a thrill of drive around a mountain.Many updates are planned, please give me your opinion toparticipate in the improvement and development of the game!Drive throughout mountain has never been easy. Being a militarydriver you have to put your driving skills into a shoe of skilleddriver and prepare yourself for a dangerous ride with a variety ofcars to drive. So drive more and more and unlock your desire 4x4truck to transport army soldiers from base camp to army check post.Army check post truck gives you a real feel of an off road driveand help you to simulate your off road driving experience. So drivean army check post and get ready for a real simulation of an offroad drive. Drive army check post truck is a free game speciallyavailable for a cargo truck game lovers or parking games. You haveto drive an army truck and transport soldiers at given locationlike a real parking game. So drive your 4x4 truck and complete allmissions in a limited time. Now you can be an army truck driver andwork for saving your territory from enemies. Army checkpost CargoDriver 3D has unique war theme players need to deliver army convoyfrom one base camp to other through difficult hurdles.Start your day with army truck driving duty to transport militarymen and army cargo to their desired locations. Off Road hillstation environment is surrounded by the mountains and hills. Theroads are dangerous to drive but that’s what army truck militarytransport is offering you. Now it’s your responsibility totransport army cargo and officers. Take your army cargo truck overhills, mountains and on dangerous steep paths. Playing as the armytruck driver is a hard tasks especially transporting cargo, armyrelief and other military vehicles on dangerous hill sideroads.Simulation games are never going to be boring now. With army dutyand transportation tasks it’s your responsibility to fulfill youobjectives. Army troops are waiting for the relief funds andweaponry. Every check post has their own requirements and with armytruck you can transport army officers and cargo as well. Now it’syour responsibility to transport army cargo and officers. Drivinginside the mountain paths surrounded with big rocks and ruggedterrain is an amazing driving experience. Relive the army driverduty and complete all transportation tasks on time. Transport armyweaponry, relief, 4x4 jeeps and other cargo stuff to base campslocated on hill tops.FEATURES===========> Real Experience of Driving Army Truck> Thrilling Game play Levels on Off Road> Smooth Steering & Driving Controls> Indicators, Headlights and Pressure Brakes> Amazing 3D Graphics & Off Road Environment
Drift Car Parking xtrem 2017 1.0 APK
Game Japa
Real Car Parking sim 2017Drift Car Parking xterm Rebirth 2017 is an amazing cardrivingsimulator game; learn to become professional driver &buildhighest level expertise! Take challenge of driving car in day&night situation with the newest Drift Car parkingsimulator2017.Car drifting, car burnout, car power sliding it is agreatwatch for all sports car lovers. This would be a uniqueexperienceto drift the car and also park the car in amazing angles,while youhave completed all the stunning car stunts and impressiveroofjumps. Drifting car parking mania All on display in thiscardrifting game.Drifting car parking arena Drifting games or car drifting gamesarecommon on the store, but this impressive car drift parking gameisunique, here you have to achieve the proper drift angles inorderto complete your reckless car stunts and park your car at thesamego. Trust me its heaps fun.Game Modes* Career (Drift) Falcon* Career (PARKING) Falcon* Free (Drifter) Falcon* Accelerometer (gyroscope) or touch steering mode;* Slider or touch throttle;* Command your car with an on-screen steering wheel,accelerationand brake pedals and tilt yourStunning Features: Real Traffic car Drift Parking• Incredible city arcade along with difficult tracks• Time is added with each drift you make. More drifts means youhavemore time to enjoy.• Most amazing graphics and sound effects• Control your car by forward or reverse keys as you need.• Drift or jump your car and collect maximum points to clearthelevel and make a mark.• In free ride, stunt through the city and prove yourdrivingskills• The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation onmobiledevices• Big training track to improve your drifting andracingskillsAre you still reading this, come on and download Real TrafficcarDrift Parking 3D? Enjoy driving your favorite cars. And if youlovethis game you can share your reviews too.
VR Crazy Flight Simulator 2017 1.0 APK
Game Japa
VR Crazy Flight Simulator 2017 is arealisticand ideal flying simulator in vr which uses both headtracking andandroid controller for flight control. This VR flyingtour allowsyou to take off for cool and fantastic flight simulationvr tour.Fly around beautiful levels in first person cockpit viewatwhatever place you like. Skim the cliff edges as you hurtle downamountain and breakneck speed, or gently through valleys and sea.VRFlight Simulator for the mobile platform from the creatorsofFlight Sim, (#1 Mobile Flight Simulator Game).VR Airplane Pilot Flight Simulation is first person simulationgame,which tasks players to assume control of an airplane.Immerseyourself in the pilot’s seat and enjoy 3D vr tour indifferentmodes. This vr flying game include 7 planes that you canpilot withcockpit view, 4 detailed cities and over 8 airports. Youcan flyanything from private jet to jumbo jet with ideal andrealisticflying experience. The game features an immersive set ofmanymissions, dynamic real world weather system, trees andinteractiveclouds.VR Airplane Flight Simulator is right choice for jet simulatorandplane simulator lovers because you will explore skies neverbeforein virtual reality. To be the most enjoyable airplane travelin thesky you are free to visualize left, right, up, down forwardandbackward view.The player can fly anything from single-engine aircraft tojumbojets, with idealistic to realistic flight simulationexperience.The game features an immersive set of 60+ missions,dynamicreal-world weather system, trees and interactivecloudsForget other dumb repetitive vr games and airplane games, in thisvrflight simulator, your duty includes racing against time, rescueaman in deep of sea, and land safely on different airports. Therearemany levels in this vr airplane game, you have to take off andlandyour plane on runway. May you have do this many times inothersimulation games but you will feel difference in flyingexperience.Control your aeroplane carefully and pass throughdifferentcheckpoints to get extra score and points. It is a loteasier tomaster your flying in this flight simulator than in othervrgames.