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SelfieHabit is your passageway to see what we can never see - thesubtleties of the day to day that only prove their effect after toomuch time has passed for us to fully realize the weight of theirability to create change. - Chronicle your life: all its trials andtriumphs, its haircuts and style trends, its sleepless nights andblissful delights.- Record your I dos to forever and the blessingof growing old together.- See your bright eyed little ones becomefumbling, mumbling toddlers.- Document your new diet or workoutroutine to gain some additional motivation. - Follow your furryskittish kitten transforming into a toy mouse predator. - Archivethe world as it changes around you. - Take a selfie a day, andshare it with your friends.SelfieHabit gives us the chance torelive not just moments, but periods of our lives, the chance toshare a time lapse with new family and new friends. To see what wecan't see, what we've only, up until now, been able to barely graspin retrospect. Whether you use it for a few months or a few years,it's something you'll never regret, something you'll never forget.Time, cost and quality - either all three are mediocre, or one issacrificed for the sake of improving the others. We're so excitedto share this app and have made it not just free, but with so fewads, you'll probably never see them. We also decided from thebeginning to maintain your photo's complete quality as well asgiving you reliable access outside of your phone's storage withGoogle Drive. Because of these two things, the app will lack inspeed when entering the gallery and we thank you for your patienceand understanding.

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    Selfie Habit
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    April 1, 2015
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Commit 451
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    720 S Fairbanks Ave. Denison, TX, 75020
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365 Journals 3.0.0 APK
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365 Journals can be described as a daily journal. But it's morethan that. Your journaling is guided by a new prompt each day sothat you don't have to worry about what you'll write and you stillget a glimpse into your life. But this isn't just a daily journal.It's also a yearly journal. Once you fill out your journal for anentire year, the prompts will repeat and you'll answer them againletting you compare yourself from year to year, learning more aboutwho you are each day and each year. Features Include: - A generalnotification and/or individual journal notifications - Securebackup to your personal Google Drive - An optional PIN lockscreenfor privacy - Multiple journals As of right now, we have twojournals in the app - one with random questions covering a widevariety of topics and a one with quotes by the world's greatthinkers. We do have several others in the works and wouldabsolutely appreciate and love any prompt ideas you can think of:one for positive thinking, one for children, one for writing shortstories, one for vocabulary, and one for spiritual reflection.Weare also open to other journal topics! Please send emails tocommit451@gmail.com. We are so overwhelmed by the support wereceive from all of our users through reviews and emails. You haveencouraged us to become passionate about this project that's twoyears old as well as given us meaningful purpose. Always rememberthis is our app, not just Commit 451's. This app is more for you,our users, than us and therefore your feedback and support helps usto give you a better experience. You're all amazing!
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With LabCoat, you can manage projects, create issues, and evenaccept merge requests all from your device. We <3 GitLab andwanted to create a fully featured app, native to Android. WithLabCoat, you can: - View commits. - View, edit & close issues.- Comment on issues and merge requests. - Browse & view files.- Manage groups and project members. ...and much more! LabCoat isopen source! If you want to contribute, head over to:https://gitlab.com/Commit451/LabCoat Merge requests are greatlywelcome. Please report issues and give us feedback here:https://gitlab.com/Commit451/LabCoat/issues
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It's an app. An unofficial app. An app that is meh. About meh. Fullof meh stuff. You can check what's on meh. You can get daily mehnotifications. You can also share meh. But you can't log in. Youcan't buy. What'd you expect? It's a meh app. With meh features.The ones meh allows. Mehby download it. Mehby don't. Meh.Check outthe source, if you are into that kind ofthing:https://github.com/Jawnnypoo/open-meh
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Relive memories of the 8 bit era. Or convince your brother you justturned on his new console, even though he told you not to!See thescreenshots for an idea of what console boot sounds this appcontains. Enjoy!
Ch(app)lets 1.0 APK
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The Catholic faith is built upon 2,000 years of tradition. There'sa lot to learn and therefore a lot to overlook. This app collectsthe fourteen chaplet prayers of our Lord that reflect on differentaspects of His life, from infancy to His most precious wounds, tothe graces He's blessed us with like the Blessed Sacrament. Couldyou not watch one hour with me? This is what our Lord asks of us inMatthew 26:40. He sacrificed His life for us and we owe Himeverything. These prayers range from 15 minutes to 30. Perfect forwhen you're sitting on the train, the bus, perhaps on a flight. Inthe morning to help you wake up or at night to help you fallasleep. On your lunch break, when traffic is at a dead stop (pleaseconsider the safety of yourself and others, only use this app in anon-moving car if you're driving). And of course, when you want topray.We will be adding an additional 24 chaplets in future updates.
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This is a sample project to give you an idea of how to usePhysicsLayout. Enjoyhttps://github.com/Jawnnypoo/PhysicsLayout
BrightLines Icon Pack 1.0 APK
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Note this pack only works with NovaLaunchercurrently.Features:-144x144 XXHDPI resolution icons-Hand crafted and created with Android guidelines in mind-Frequently updated to keep the icon count currentThis is a bright and minimal icon pack with a neon inspiredlook.Request additional icons at:http://goo.gl/V9ZFr4Please note that this icon pack is a work in progress, as it takestime to craft each icon by hand
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As Christians we are called to pray the Rosary as a means tomeditate upon the life of Christ through the joyful, glorious,luminous and sorrowful mysteries. Mother Mary is the most gloriousand humble human in existence and is a beautiful example of how weshould live our lives - with a focus entirely upon Jesus so that wemight celebrate with our Mother, all the saints and mostimportantly with God in eternity. The Rosary is the most cherishedprayer of our Catholic faith. St. Padre Pio accurately refers tothe Rosary as a weapon against the devil and the evil he issuccessfully bringing into life. We should pray it often. Pray italone during your lunch hour, pray it before you go to sleep or asyou drink your morning coffee. Pray it as a family. Pray it withfriends. Remember your Mother because she wants nothing more thanto lead us to her Son.