1.0 / January 25, 2016
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Ready to show your gift as a saleswoman? Ifsince you where small you liked to play being a trader, you likeworking with the public and you have no fear, this is the perfectgame for you and for those enterprising girls wanting to advance inthe workplace, go ahead!

If you've always wanted to own your own clothing store, creatingunique pieces and advise the most prestigious girls on the planetthis is your chance to make your dream come true! Here you will ownyour property and your primary mission will be to dispatch all theexisting items, because the more money you earn before you'll winthe game. A great fashion show is about to be held in the citycenter and the girls will come to you to dress up, so get down towork and achieve to make unique outfits: miniskirts with linenshirts, cashmere dresses with hats, baggy pants, tight shirts, bigjackets with skinny jeans ... and many others with which you willsucceed on the catwalk.

Once you've selected the outfit don't neglect to add theessential accessories to excel to the top, whether high-endjewelry, chic bags, feathers in their hair, headbands withdiamonds... etc. You will enjoy a very simple interface to manage,just swipe your finger across the screen and guide your characterin the decisions that you think appropriate, Luck!

App Information Sell Fashion Clothes

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    Sell Fashion Clothes
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    January 25, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    500 - 1,000
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