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The K4 GSM Alarm & SOS Call equips LCD, supports temperaturehigh/low alert, it is not only an alarm system,but also a seniortelecare system.When it used as a GSM Alarm system, the user cancall in to Arm/Stay operation with a free charge from its phone.and plus different wireless detectors to protect its assets.The LCDcan display the current time, what sensor activated, and currentindoor temperature.When it used as the senior telecare system, itcan be used as a GSM Emergency call system, and also can dial andsend SMS to preset numbers while: Fall Down, Push SOS Button,Hasn't got up bed in time, carbon monoxide leak, or intrusion.Atthis period, the aging trend is very serious in all countries, andlots of seniors living alone.They are need urgently help insometime,also worry about death while sleep or fall down and nobodyknow it.Brevity,Fashion,Neat design;LCD display current time, whichdetector activated, indoor current temperature;Supports temperaturehigher or lower than preset value alert function;Big SOS Buttoneasy to push it;High quality of voice communication;Supports 6preset call numbers for SMS or Call or both;Supports monitoringsenior get up bed in time or not;Supports wireless fall downdetector;Supports total 16 wireless detectors or SOSbuttons;Supports free charge to Arm/Stay operation;Inbuiltrechargeable battery inside;Easy to use, no need to train;Easy toinstallation, can put on desk or onto wall.

App Information Senior Helper K4

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    Senior Helper K4
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    July 10, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd
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    A413,B Building, Western Silicon Valley, 5010 Bao'an Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, 518126, China.
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RTU5023 (temperature and humidity monitoring), RTU5026 (temperaturemonitoring), RTU5027 (analog monitoring), RTU5028 (powermonitoring), RTU5029 (3/single-phase power monitoring) seriesproducts are the temperature/humidity/analogpower/voltage/monitoring alarm.Can be set up according to thepractical application of temperature/humidity/analog/power supplyvoltage of the high and low limit alarm value, when the currentvalue reaches the alarm value, when will send alarm messages andtelephone inform the user.User can from the authorization number bycalling equipment number, will automatically reject and immediatelysend current status messages to BoDaZhe, users can query thecurrent state via text message instructions.Equipment can be set upon a daily basis fixed point and periodic reports the currentstatus messages to the first user.At the same time support theModbus RTU and Modbus TCP connection cloud platform, can throughthe network real-time monitoring of the current state.This seriesproduct can be used for monitoring temperature and humiditymonitoring, 4 ~ 20 ma, or 0 ~ 5 v dc voltage analog signalmonitoring, monitoring, three-phase power single-phase powermonitoring, monitoring, and is suitable for classrooms, publicplaces, hospitals, railway stations, food warehouses, offices,factories, libraries, LABS and so on, and any needs to be monitoredand support.