1.9.2 / August 2, 2016
(3.9/5) (2900)


This app sends you a notification when PokémonGO servers go back online after a downtime.

This is an unofficial app and it is not associated, affiliated,endorsed, sponsored or approved by Niantic or The PokémonCompany.

It gets uptime data from mmoserverstatus.com hence it could giveyou misleading results. Use at your own risk :)

Translated in:
- French by @FRPokemonGo
- German by @Flozzed
- Hebrew by David Pisahov
- Polish by Jakuba G.
- Romanian by Ovidiu Sîrb (@ovisirb)
- Russian by Alexander Sazykin (@Rightzel)
- Slovenian by RudiBr (@rudibr)
- Spanish (Santiago Gómez G.)
- Turkish by Ahmet Tümiş ([email protected])
- Portuguese by Leandro Martins
- Bulgarian by Ico Велев
- Greek by Adrian Ставракис
- Persian by Mohammed.I

App Information Server Status for Pokemon GO

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Server Status for Pokemon GO 1.9.2 APK
This app sends you a notification when PokémonGO servers go back online after a downtime.This is an unofficial app and it is not associated, affiliated,endorsed, sponsored or approved by Niantic or The PokémonCompany.It gets uptime data from mmoserverstatus.com hence it could giveyou misleading results. Use at your own risk :)--------Translated in:- French by @FRPokemonGo- German by @Flozzed- Hebrew by David Pisahov- Polish by Jakuba G.- Romanian by Ovidiu Sîrb (@ovisirb)- Russian by Alexander Sazykin (@Rightzel)- Slovenian by RudiBr (@rudibr)- Spanish (Santiago Gómez G.)- Turkish by Ahmet Tümiş ([email protected])- Portuguese by Leandro Martins- Bulgarian by Ico Велев- Greek by Adrian Ставракис- Persian by Mohammed.I
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