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This is official app for Service Plus Texas. With our app userscan: Call us with one touch Get GPS directions to our shop Requesta tow if you stranded Get service alerts about upcoming oil changesand services Request appointments Record engine noises for themechanic And much more.

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This is the official app for Orlando DUI Lawyer. We are experts inDUI defense. Our law office will help with your DUI defense or anyCriminal defense you may need. The nightmare of being charged withdriving under the influence can happen to just about anyone. If youdrink, there may come a time when you honestly believe you’reperfectly able to drive – but you’re not. This does not make youless than a model citizen. It makes you human. With our app userscan: Use the Being arrested button in the event you are beingarrested and we can help get you out of jail Call us with one touchRequest free consultations Get GPS directions to our office Send usdocuments from the app Record questions for the attorney Connectwith us through social media And much more
Salida Auto Repair 1.1 APK
This is the official app for Salida Auto Repair. Our full serviceauto repair shop has the most up to date equipment to keep yourvehicle in tip top shape. With our app users can: Get servicealerts for upcoming services Use our loyalty program that youcannot lose Call us with one touch Request appointments Recordengine noises Send photos of warning lights or broken parts Andmuch more
A1 Kim Palmer Bail 1.7 APK
This is the official app for A1 Kim Palmer Bail Bonds. Installingthis app allows us to provide faster and reliable bail bondsservice. Inside the app you will find GPS directions to all of ourlocations. Some other features include one touch calling, in apptexting, anonymous tip function, warrant search and a panic button.The panic button all you to input your information when you installthe app. In the event you are arrested, you can press one buttonand we will start the bonding process for you.
James Bail Bonds 1.2 APK
This is the official app for James Bail Bonds. A friend or familymember calls you from jail. They've just been arrested. NOW WHAT?Name provides bail bond services designed to get your loved onereleased and your live back to normal NOW. With our app users can:Use our panic button if you are being arrested Call us with onetouch Record questions for the agent See all the jails in the stateCheck to see if you have a warrant Get GPS directions to ourlocations And much more… Bail Check-in Feature: -When you activatethe check in/share location feature, the app will continuouslycollect and share your location even while running in thebackground. -After you enter the registration received from yourBail Agent, the app will automatically send your current locationto your Bail Agent. -This works even in the background so you don'thave to launch the app to notify your Bail Agent where you are.-You can always disable background location reporting byunregistering your device on the Check-in feature screen.DISCLAIMER: Continued use of GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life.
Paramount Auto 1.4 APK
This is the official app for Paramount Auto Service. Paramount AutoService was chosen and trademarked by The LINN Companies allowingus to differentiate our six Goodyear locations from others in themarket. We are a Triple A Approved Auto Repair company with A.S.E.certified Technicians Within our app you will: Our loyalty program,you will not lose this virtual punchcard GPS Directions to all ourlocations Ask the Experts any questions using our record featureSend us photos of any broken part or smoke coming from your vehicleso we can better diagnose your issue Request Appointments And muchmore!
Perris Auto Repair 1.4 APK
This is the official app for Perris Auto Repair Center. We are afamily owned full service repair shop that has been doing businesssince the early 80's. With our app users can: Call us with onetouch Get directions to our shop Record engine noises Send photosof broken parts Get service reminders Use our in app specials Andmuch more
Chapmans Bail Bonds 1.3 APK
This is the official app for Chapman"s Bail Bonds. Bail Process:Release from jail 30-45 minutes after bail is posted We are open 24Hours a Day. Payment Arrangements Available Credit Available withdown payment With our app users can: Request Bail Call us with onetouch Send anonymous tis about wanted persons Use the panic buttonin the event you are arrested Get GPS directions to our office
Midtown Bail Bonds 1.4 APK
Welcome to the official mobile application for Midtown Bail Bonds.We have three convenient locations. You will find GPS directions toall our locations within the app. Some of our features of the appinclude: App Sharing through email, text or Social Media, Recordsquestions for our agents using our record feature, One touchcalling, You can use our anonymous tip button if you have anyinformation on a wanted person or bail skipper that will give thelocation, date and time. Don’t forget to arm the panic button whenyou install the app so in the event you are arrested you can sendthe agent your information with one touch.