1.0.0 / April 30, 2015
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Lead KUNOICHI to top of the castle!!
Tap screen to rise up.

She is always described sexy on TV show!!

Watch out hammers!
There are so many hammers swinging.
When KUNOICHI touch them,she die(Game Over)...

If you can get special item(Fire mark),KUNOICHI wouldbeinvincible woman.
Then,you should tap and tap and tap!!!!
But be careful.Terms of invincible is limited.

Aim to top of castle!!

Also play KUNOICHI series!


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    April 30, 2015
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Fall in love with my brother 1.0.2 APK
■StoryI have some kind of feeling to "him" at childhood.But I cannot close to him, because "he" is my family.He would have partner at future but it's not me.He would go another way.However, the more I resign you, the better I will be attractedwith any tiny your action.This feeling must be secret. Nobody can't notice.It would be taboo event to have this kind of love.So, I bet the key to my heart.But now he grow up, then...■ContentsTap item to grow him up. At the points, you can select yourchoice.He'll grow up several types depends on what you choose.Ending stories would be changed your choice.Also if you can see all of stories, you would see specialending.Character Illustration:Tama Mizuki
Sexy DOKI-DOKI Blanco 1.0.0 APK
Jump between valley with swing!(By the way,swing is called Blancoin Japanese)Drop KUNOICHI on prescribed point to get high score!!To tap on screen you can release KUNOICH to cross thevalley.But be careful about window.It could be against,follow,high or low.Where KUNOICHI can launch on land affected by when you tap onscreen and how window would be.Across the valley,get high score!!Also check KUNOICHI series!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.geobrain.KunoichiHope you enjoy!!
[Hard!]KungFu Tower NES-style 1.0.1 APK
Aim to reach the top of tower avoiding enemies!To tap ↑button on the bellow of screen,KungFu fighter can go uptower.Otherwise if you use the other button,KungFu fighter can go down.Be careful with how fast enemies move.Speed of their moving is different each other!Can you pass them to reach of the top!?This app is fun to have to play in the NES!If we will recommend this app if you like Kung Fu Panda or StreetFighter or NES!!Also check this app!!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geobrain.kungFuDefender[Recommend for these people]・Interested in Kung Fu・Love extremely difficult games・Want to kill time・Play free・Favorite for NES-taste・Love Action game(Especially Jump Action)・Like Kung Fu Panda・Like Street Fighter
KungFu Collection 1.2 APK
KungFu fighters are coming back!We've already released KungFu Tower.Taste like classic family computer.Also try this app!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geobrain.KungfuTowerAt that tower KungFu fighter raise tower avoiding enemies.In this app called KungFu collection,now they are partners to beatmonster!You tap monster to hit damages and beat it!!When you give them damage,you can get points to exchange item or toget fighter friends.Beat all of monster!Collect all of item!!Gather all of KungFu Fighter!!![How to get fighter friends]Tap STATUS on the left bellow screen.When you fill condition,youcan get fighter friend.After you get them,you can give monsters more damages.So that you can get more points to get item or get friends.[How to get item]Tap ITEM on the second left bellow screen.When you fillcondition,you can get items.After you get them,you can give monsters more damages.So that you can get more points to get item or get friends.
Lead KUNOICHI to top of the castle!!Tap screen to rise up.KUNOICHI is woman NINJA!!She is always described sexy on TV show!!Watch out hammers!There are so many hammers swinging.When KUNOICHI touch them,she die(Game Over)...If you can get special item(Fire mark),KUNOICHI wouldbeinvincible woman.Then,you should tap and tap and tap!!!!But be careful.Terms of invincible is limited.Aim to top of castle!!Also play KUNOICHI series!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geobrain.kunoichiBlanco
中間管理職の憂鬱 反撃の女子社員 1.1 APK
==コンビネーション公開==以下の押し順でコンビネーションが発生します!右→右:弱ヒット これは見つけた方が多い!中→右→左:中ヒット 見つけられたら凄い!右→中→左→右:強ヒット ネ甲です!==遊び方==・自分のコメントを選択して相手にダメージを与えましょう・口撃すると赤色の自分ハートゲージ(ストレス発散!)が1個たまります。10個貯まったら休憩してください。しばらくすると回復します。・口撃したら相手の青色ゲージが減ります。時間が経つと回復するので、退治はお早めに!・自分の口撃の押し順でコンボが発生します!大ダメージを与えるチャンス!!・3つのマルチエンディングあり!21世紀になったというのに、勘違いしたオッサンはうようよしてる?みなさんの周りにも、そんなのいません?HENTAI-OYAJIが?!なんなんでしょーね。まったく。そんなOYAJIはやっつけちゃえ!課長だか、部長だか知らないけど、私にかかればちょちょいのちょいなんだからwみーんなやっつけて、ステキなオフィスにするの~!私をハッピーエンドに導いてネ!!==こんな方には特におススメ==・上司のあんな発言、こんな行動にストレスを感じている女子社員の方・希望に満ちた新卒女子社員の方・これから社会に旅立つ女子・女子社員を部下に持つ中間管理職(特に男性)の方・将来中間管理職になる方・ゲーム好きな方!==ゲームについて==いつもお世話になっている(?)上司の方々にお礼(?)をしましょう!口撃で上司にダメージを与えてやっつけてください!ステキ(?)な上司が7人(も?)アナタを待ち受けてますw全員やっつけちゃいましょー!3人目あたりから倒すのがキツクなってきます。。。コンボをフル活用しましょう!コンボのパターンは近日公開(予定)!とある条件でのマルチエンディングになってます。全シーンみられるかな?クリア条件も近日公開(予定)!?★facebookやってます☆https://www.facebook.com/AppGeoBrain/?fref=ts== Combination public==Combination will occur in the following press order!Right → Right: weak hitThis is there are more you find!Medium → right → left: Medium hitWow If you are found!Right → medium → left → right: Strong hitNe is the instep!== How to play ==- Select your comments Let damage to opponent• The mouth attack to when the red of his heart gauge (stressdivergence!) Will accumulate one. Please be rest After tenaccumulated. To recover after a while.• After mouth hammer and reduces the opponent's blue gauge. Sincerecover over time, extermination is as soon as possible!- Your press order of the mouth attack combo in occurs! Chance toinflict great damage! !• Three Yes multiple endings!To refer that it has become in the 21st century, old man thatwas misunderstanding is crawling?Also around you, it is not like that of not?HENTAI-OYAJI is? !What a do Desho it. Not at all.Such OYAJI is once you beat!Do's manager, I do not know whether it is director,And Choi a do because w of if Kakare me ChochoiMean that by beat,And - to the nice office!Sleeping I led to the happy ending! !== Those who like to especially recommend ==Anna remarks boss, towards the women employees are feeling thestress in this action- The direction of new graduates female employees hopeful- Now women to journey to societyTowards the middle management (especially men) the Joshi employeeswith subordinates- The direction in the future to become middle managersGame lovers!== Game About ==Always you are indebted (?) To the people of the boss Let's thankthe (?)! Please be beat by damage to the boss in the mouthattack!Nice (?) Boss is seven (also?) Await your w everyone and would havebeat Machaut!3 defeat from per person is I will become tight. . . Let's takefull advantage of the combo! Combo of pattern is coming soon(planned)!It has become a multi ending in the phrase conditions. Kana seenwhole scene? Clear conditions are also coming soon (planned)! ?★ I am doing facebook ☆https://www.facebook.com/AppGeoBrain/?fref=ts
Drive KAIZOKU ship up and down,left andrightto search for goal.KAIZOKU mean pirates in Japanese.125 stages are in this app.Level of difficulty is higher and higher by stages.Can you escape from all of maze?
Crazy High Speed Truck Run! 1.0.1 APK
Drive crazy high speed truckavoidinganimals!There is cute cow and pig not for eat?!To avoid animals,you drive truck left or right.Tap screen bellow you want to move.But also animal can follow where you move!To pass them,tap screen just before animal move!!Be patient at the last moment!!If you get item,truck can fly!Again you need to pay attention when you put truck ontheground.Animals would follow you!!