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SF311 by CitySourced is CitySourced's officialsmartphone application for the City &County of San Francisco.Reports submitted are fully integrated with the City & County's311 systems to provide you a completely real-time, up-to-dateexperience and give you insights insights into issues that havebeen reported around you. Download the application today and startusing it to make your San Francisco a better place to live andwork. CitySourced is the leader in mobile civic engagement andprovides mobile applications for over 22 million residents worldwide.

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E-Citizen 2.1.3 APK
Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD), the City of Eastvale,the Rubidoux Community Services District (RCSD), and the City ofJurupa Valley have partnered to offer E-Citizen, a real-time mobilecivic engagement platform. E-citizen is a free and simple way toreport non-emergency issues within the boundaries of JCSD and RCSDservice area, and the Cities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley such as:• Code Enforcement • Graffiti • Illegal Dumping • Park Maintenance• Potholes • Water (leaks, flooding, etc.) • And so much more! Apicture is worth a thousand words and E-Citizen makes it a snap.Download it today!
CitySourced 2.1.0 APK
CitySourced is the world's leading enterprise mobile civicengagement platform. Using our solution, local government agenciescan provide their citizens and residents simple and intuitive wayfor them to quickly identify and report issues effecting theircommunities and quality of life. Issues such as potholes, graffiti,broken street lights, public safety, environmental and a host ofother options can be submitted directly into the city's or county'sword order management system. CitySourced empowers government touse technology to: 1) save time and money; 2) improveaccountability to those they govern; and 3) provide a positive,collaborative platform for real action. A picture tells a thousandwords and CitySourced makes it a snap.
Honolulu 311 2.1.3 APK
Honolulu 311 is the official mobile application for the City &County of Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu 311 provides a free, simple,and intuitive platform empowering people to report potholes, brokenstreetlights, cracked sidewalks, illegally dumping,vandalized/broken signs and more via your smartphone. A picturetells a thousand words and CitySourced Honolulu makes it a snap.Download it today!
City of Holland Mobile 2.1.0 APK
City of Holland Mobile is a real time mobile civic engagementplatform. City of Holland Mobile provides a free, simple, andintuitive platform empowering people to identify civic issues(public safety, quality of life, & environmental issues) withyour smartphone and report for quick resolution. A picture tells athousand words and City of Holland Mobile makes it a snap. Downloadit today!
Omaha Mobile App 2.1.3 APK
Omaha Mobile App is a real time mobile civic engagement tool forOmaha, Nebraska. Omaha Mobile App provides a free, simple, andintuitive tool empowering people to identify civic issues (publicsafety, quality of life, & environmental issues) and report forquick resolution; an opportunity for government to use technologyto save time, money, improve services, and improve accountabilityto those they govern; and a positive, collaborative platform forreal action. Omaha Mobile App is powered by CitySourced, the leaderin interactive civic engagement.
Use your smartphone to show BELCO - in real time - wherestreetlights are out, and where poles or overhead lines andequipment need maintenance. Just snap a picture with your phone andsend it to BELCO. We'll take it from there.
LAUSD Service Calls 1.9.1 APK
LAUSD Service Calls is a free and easy to use mobile service thatallows anyone within the LAUSD boundaries to report maintenanceservice calls using their mobile phone. Principals, Teachers,Students, Parents, and the public as a whole will be able to easilyreport issues to maintenance services for quick resolution.
SD311 by CitySourced 1.9.0 APK
SD311 by CitySourced is a smartphoneapplication for use in San Diego. Utilizing proprietary CitySourcedtechnology, reports you submit are emailed directly to appropriatedepartments. Download the application today and start using it tomake your San Diego a better place to live and work. CitySourced isthe worldwide leader in civic engagement. This application is notofficially endorsed by any local governing agencies.