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Shadow Fighter is the best ultimate fighting game which is totallyfree games. In this battle game, you have to fight with realcourage and moves that you have in the inventory. Like others fightapp this free game is all new in the sendo arena having lots of newenvironments and arenas to getting in a fight with the realsuperheroes and legends of ring fight. Fite and vector 2 are allnew features in this real free app, The player has to fight withthe enemies and rush across them in a real battle and win his losttitle with fite. People mostly like the free fighting games so hereis the latest one in the category of free fighting games. Whetherit is fite app, fighting game or it is the real free fighting gamesyou must enjoy them all and play the whole story which is buried inthe past. The free fight game story begins with the taste of loveand thought of getting revenge from the enemies and the king of thecity who has to kill him and harm the free games hero and he shallreturn now and take his Throne back. So, you have to win from everyfight and battle to take the positions back and get more and morecourage from the fellow villagers, check your free shop and getsomething new from there to fight because all the enemies are wellprepared and upgraded. Shadow Fighter - Best Fighting GameFeatures: • Incredible shadow fighter players and enemies •Multiple 3D free fight games power modes • Movements of free appplayers and fite • 3D sound effects and multiple camera views •Fighting Simulation adventure

App Information Shadow Fighter - Best Fighting Game

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    Shadow Fighter - Best Fighting Game
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    October 3, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Strike Action Studio
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    Plaza No 253 MB, 3rd Floor street no 19, Sector J, Defense Housing Authority Phase 6 Lahore Pakistan
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Angry Strange Mom - Furious Running Game Nobody can beat the furyofan angry strange mother when she has no fear of anyone! Get outofyour house, and out of the market workplace. This strange momwantsto take out the rage of her previous enemies when she livedhere inthe past and all the bad apples in the neighborhood. Shejust toldyou kids; that no drugs, and stay in school? So you she’sJoin thefight for you and teach those bad hooligans a lesson oflife! Useyour mom-strange tastic fighting skills that she has inher handwith a mega-attack of superkick, and super punch to KNOCKthathoodlums down in the street! Use that block function andalsomonitor your stamina wisely when you are in between thefight.Unleash your all karate skills and martial arts prowess inthe townand alleys of your town. Your kids must be excited to showoff yourcool mom!Mom randomly gets serious in this latest 2018adventuregame. Unleash the ultra-real environment to complete allthe givenchallenges. Find hidden gangsters, all thugs, badcriminals,addicted drug dealers, and especially 3D bad classcutters! Put allthat bullies in their place with the best powerfulMom Attack! SoSoon enough when the police will be coming to helpyou out fromthat bad place in Angry Strange Mom - Furious RunningGame! Youhave to monitor her when she is in town in the outtimings, whenshe came home and when she came back to offer her somedrink andask to relax. She has a high technological system which isbeeninstalled in her mansion. So you have to watch out and waitoutsidethe home and when she came out of her house you have to getinbefore the doors get shut automatically. Then get into themainhall and see if you find anything useful. You have to alsosearchin the main hall, kitchen and her main bedroom where she hadallher stuff and collection. Collect all the useful things.Also,beware, there must be some traps or things that may harm yourmomand even would kill her. Get into backyard gymnasium and collectavolleyball from there. It's a huge and old house. So you willhaveto take every step carefully.Our Mom which is Granny also hasbeenlocked away in the Angry Asylum by the Fred who is an agentinwhite, and our granny is plotting her escape, and she needsmorestuff for all that to guide her through the streets onceshe'sbusted out! Change your clothes and look by buying newthingsincluding all that old stuff like 70's hippy gran, wondergran 3d,that zombie gran and even a 3D PENGUIN COSTUME of oldtimes! AngryStrange Mom - Furious Running Game Features: •Awesome3D and cityenvironments •Leve and Cool visual with stunningsoundeffects•Amazing all fighting tricks•3D attack animationswithadvanced 3D features•Easy and Smooth gameplay •Allgoodpersonalized story
Front line Commando Training : Super Shooting 1.0 APK
Front line Commando Training: Super Shooting is live real andangryman super city shooting in the frontline of specialcommandoadventure and real killer and enemy game. Perform your roleas amodern assassin gun shooter and start chasing the real sniperaimshooter. Show your abilities to complete the modern and deadlyarmycombat which has new guns to kill new enemies’ forces. Also,rescueyour newly hired military sharpshooter and strike the attack3D andgive them transport to reach safely on your secret missionplaceagainst police crime free. Accomplish the real addictiveandimpossible contract army mission and boombeach commando toreachenemy posts with your mission pistols like AK, Sniper,bazooka,pistols etc. to commando army warfighter 3D. Aim forheadshot realtraffic city hunter and helicopter in the sky toexpert the maintarget city shooter. The new games like Army desertdeadly snipershooter of enemy sniper and fire assassin attack withmounted theHigh-end, immersive widescreen gameplay!Lead the chargeon D-Day asthe leading commando and your team head tip of the spearin thelargest invasion of WW3 and WW2! Defeat the presentoccupationforces and take revenge and the city with storm thebeaches, clearthe trenches and clear enemies and washout all bloodin the townsas your battle through the countryside of war and boombeach.Inthis boombeach. Modern combat amd the strategy of war, wehave putthe most incredible features such as the front camera likeFrontline Commando Training : Super Shooting in and lasersnipershooting and identify those cruel terrorists with zoom lensand therealistic weather condition add the new features like raintrialsto complete missions. Front line Commando Killer: SuperShooting isthe best contract killer 3d shooting game-s of 2018 inthe strategymaking and killing. You are the one with mostresponsibilitybecause you are the lead of team and have more skillsin thestrategy war and civil war as you are the latest senoirsniper furyand millitant commando with most xperience of the modernkillercombat game x war.
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Today is the day of fight and battle with the warriors down thewave after wave of cruel enemy and deadly fighters and warriors inthe ring adventure! Or enter in the arena and the platform of cityfight to perform amazing stunts & blows of fight to defeat yourenemies!You have to fight against the deadly and warrior enemystickman and have shown no mercy in front of them. Hear the slowand sweet screams of your enemies and viruses as you performphysical tricks and stunts like punch,jump,arcade mode, andmercilessly destroy them with your skills, or strafe into them withpunch and hard punch like fire and roast their remains with yourvoice.It is an epic fight game having a lot of joy and seriousmatters in it so we are here to enjoy the full battle of warriorsand killers with a single punch and have more ratio of death withthem. We are extremely surprised to give free game and have morefor players of fights.In every adventure fights battle of the ganghero fighter ultimate fight, you’ll play the warriors and playerwho are on a journey of battle and fighting app the dark worldwhich contains with a lot of punches, locks, skills and awesomecolor players. Be ready for an awesome gameplay, you can be afighter and deadly and master the hero game. Do you have thethrill, courage & passion to become a master with the ultimatefight game!★★ MORE GAMEPLAY FEATURES FOR FIGHT ★★• Gangster Fighteron a different city Building • Kill the enemy and try to use morepunches and fights • Thrill and joy of getting more Coins as a ganghero• Highly effective & Simple Gameplay• Aim, fights punch andgo strike the real you have if skills• 1x1, 2x2, 1x4, 1x5 in thebattle groundHighly Addictive able and beat’em’up game with moreand realistic physics fights playing. Simple controls that you canwill perform the amazing stunts of gang hero fighter ultimate fightand blows to defeat your enemy.
Unleashed Rampage Gorilla - City Smasher 1.2 APK
The Best an unleash genetically super-sized creatures like gorilla,lizard, crocodile, and wolf in the biggest environments possiblevia Unleashed Rampage Gorilla - City Smasher – an extremelyadventurous app that will bring the destruction of the movieRampage into your real world! You have to get creative morerealistic and stage the perfect scene with George the whitegorilla, Ralph the biggest genetically formed wolf, and Lizzie the3D alligator using the controllers to complete the scene. You arefree to activate two different attack modes and watch that whatthese creatures wreak havoc on the 3D city environment.Additionally, you can also watch the movie and get all the specialmoves for the attack in the city. You are also allowed to capturethe photos and videos of all the 3D and rare beastly action thatare performed by the George and be sure to share them with yourmates and other players. Unleashed Rampage Gorilla - City Smasherwhich is the most realistic King Kong Rampage: Gorilla SimulatorGame of 2018 and the latest movie RAMPAGE. So this GorillaSimulator Game of 2018 is one of those white gorilla games in whichyou have to smash the city in a 3D environment and you can attackeverything and destroy them which cause danger to the city. Anangry Kong is on fire and he is on your side to protect the city inthis Rampage game and has broken off from the jungle where he isgenetically gone wild. This 3D Angry Kong is big Gorilla of ajungle and is destroying everything that’s coming in his way.Unleashed Rampage Gorilla - City Smasher is a gorilla simulatorgames that you could never be imaging and played before. In thislatest 3D Kong Rampage Game, control your giant and angry Kong andattack the big city environment and destroy the main targets. Youhave to attack fast because there is a time limit to smash the cityand destroy it with those other giant and horror creatures in eachlevel in this rampage games. Use the Kong’s special attack and 3Dmoves skills to destroy them immediately in this Kong Rampage Game.Unleashed Rampage Gorilla - City Smasher Game Features: - All 3dmonsters have their special moves and skills - Randomly generatedthe biggest 3D environment with the secret locations to destroy thecity - Great 3D graphics and authentic game music
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Click on the great escape plan step by step and break out theprisonto prove your innocence in level 1 it is the new and greatprisonthemed open city and world survival escape game of 2018!Youareshifted in the death row due to Prison some conspiracy and theoneand only way to save yourself is to smash and break out thestrongprison from inside your carrier room and you have to escapefast.You have to show friendly behavior to other staff andprisoners sobefriends with other Prison mates to get some Prisonhelp from them,fight with the other crime gangsters in the prisonto gain somerespect, or only dig adventurous escape tunnel frominside theprison. It’s all you can say the Prison Escaper: TheGreat SurvivalPlan!Special Game Features:- Ready to move, explorethe environmentand great fight in a 3D prison area- Pull out yourway out throughDifferent missions of Prison Escaper : The GreatSurvival Plan -Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects insurvive mode-Controls as simple so you can play just like the wayyou want!!