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Through the device accelerometer, you just gently shake the device,you can get the same effect to roll the dice.

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E-Card 1.1.0 APK
E-Card game from the anime named "Kaiji" (watch it, awesome animeabout gambling). The E-Card game is like RPS with a twist. The gameis played heads-up, and we have two sides, the emperor side, andthe slave side. The emperor side have 5 cards: 4 citizens and 1emperor, the slave side have 5 cards also: 4 citizens and 1slave.First create game will get a random game ID,tell the game ID to Player 2 and input the game ID,wait for connection successful.Create game is Player 1,Join game is Player 2,Each player is given five cards. Player 1 is given four Citizencards and one Emperor card, Player 2 is given four Citizen cardsand one Slave card,Card RulesEmperor CardThe Emperor card beats a Citizen card, but will lose out to theSlave card.Slave CardThe Slave card loses to a Citizen card, but will beat the Emperorcard.Citizen CardTies with other Citizen cards, but will lose to the Emperor.ExamplesThe Emperor side plays Emperor. The Slave side picks Citizen. TheSlave side loses.The Emperor side plays Citizen. The Slave side picks Slave. TheSlave side loses.The Emperor side plays Emperor. The Slave side picks Slave. TheSlave side wins.The Emperor side plays Citizen. The Slave Side picks Citizen. Thematch is a tie.The rules are simple, but the subtle nuances are complex: There are5 sessions of 5 rounds with 5 possible hands each round, During ahand, the first player to act pick the first card and place itfacing the table, the next player to act do the same thing, andthey reveal their cards. The citizens beat the slave, the emperorbeat the citizens, and the slave beat the emperor, since he havenothing to lose. Obviously the emperor side have a huge advantage,but the slave side get 5:1 if it wins, since the only possible wayof winning is the emperor side laying down the emperor at same timethe slave side is laying down the slave.finally save the card player is winner.enjoy the game.
CEK國考大富翁 6.2.0 APK
正在準備國考您,是否正處於日出而作、日落而息,苦悶的備試生活,這樣國考大富翁正是您解悶的新選擇,兼具娛樂與學習,讓您透過遊戲,挑戰快速解題王的寶座,更在過程中漸漸增長應考實力。國考大富翁提供選擇題型之題庫,使用者可以單選或複選您正在準備的考科,打造專屬自己的遊戲。遊戲方式:選好自己的考科後,選擇的科目就會平均分配於大富翁的棋格內,從起點開始,透過擲骰子的方式,依照所擲點數,前進該點數的方格內,並回答該方格內考科隨機選取的題目,答對就可繼續前進,答錯就必須退回原方格內,依照此模式,盡可能以最快的速度回到起點,就可過關,並計算所花費時間。需注意遊戲過程中需保持網路連線才能順利下載考題!Your country is preparingto test whether it is at sunrise and sunset, depressed Preparatorylife, this is the new national test Monopoly Select your boredom,both entertainment and learning, so you through the game, thechallenges of rapid solving the throne, but in the process ofgradually grow examinations strength.State Examination Monopoly offers choice of exam questions, theuser can check the radio or you are preparing for the examsubjects, to create exclusive own game.Gameplay: selected their test subjects, the choice of subjects willbe evenly distributed in the Monopoly game grid, from the start, bythe way the dice, throw in accordance with the number of points,ahead of points within the grid, inside the box and answer the testsubjects randomly selected questions, you can go ahead and answer,wrong answer must be returned in the original box, according tothis model, the fastest possible return to the starting point, youcan cross the border, and calculate The time spent.Should pay attention to during the game need to maintain a networkconnection in order to successfully download the exam!
台灣漁船保衛戰 1.1.0 APK
台灣的郷親, 一起愛台灣, 這是一款保護台灣漁船的遊戲, 必須使用手機的陀螺儀, 搖晃手機來接住子彈, 避免子彈擊中漁船,當子彈打完就可以過關, 另外, 此遊戲也有網頁版, 可以用鍵盤的上下左右來進行遊戲, 網址如下,http://goo.gl/ikQ8D 較特別的是, 也可以用手機來當成網頁版遊戲的控制器, 歡迎大家試看看。 Taiwan'spro Hongo, Love with Taiwan, This is a protect Taiwanese fishinggame, You must use the phone's gyroscope, Shaking the phone tocatch the bullet, To avoid the bullets hit the fishing boat, Whenthe bullets kick can cross the border, Further, This game also hasa Web version Can be used around the top and bottom of the keyboardto play the game, The URL is as follows, http://goo.gl/ikQ8DSpecial, Also can use the phone as a web version of the gamecontroller, Welcome to take a look.
MjHunter3 1.0.0 APK
"MjHunter3" is smart program to know the cards. You can used smartmobile devices enter Mahjong, and the app will tell you what cardsyou need. You will not avoid any miss cards and lost money. So, itis your good assistant.
英文移動 3.2.0 APK
「英文移動」APP,是一個利用拼圖的遊戲方式來達到學習英文的教育型APP,將一句完整的英文拆解成一個個的單字,玩家要把單字用拖曳移動的方式依序組合成一個完整的句子即可過關。如何學好英文英文是單字的組合,所以學英文似乎就得背單字,才能增加字彙量,所以國人學英文,不論大人小孩,都先去背單字。可是背的辛辛苦苦之後,卻發現自己對於這些單字是又不能講,也不會聽,更不會用。最無奈的是,許多單字背完之後,卻漸漸地忘記了。記憶力增強的最重要關鍵,就是要找到快樂的學習方法,任何能讓你覺得快樂的學習方法,就是最適合你的方法。其實在我們學習的過程中,不需要刻意地去背單字,要把所學到一個字,反覆唸幾遍,而且單字是從上下文中學習的。學英文就應該先有聲音進入腦中,再學會說、會寫,而拼字則是最後再注意即可。「英文移動」APP有系統地將英文文法分門別類,並清楚解釋介紹其意義、功能及辨識方法,讓「語法」與「溝通」連結起來,使文法規則「活」起來,把單字及其上下文以「聲音」的模式記在腦中,意思及其運用方式必會瞭然於心,學起英文來才會又有趣又有效,原來~ 英文很簡單。"English Mobile" APP, is a puzzle game use way to achievelearning English Educational APP, will be a complete dismantling ofthe English into one word, the player should move the way bydragging words combined into a complete sequence sentencesclearance.How to Learn EnglishEnglish is a combination of words, soit seems you have to learn English words back, in order to increasethe amount of words, so people learn English, regardless of adultsand children have to go back a word.But after back hard, but thesewords are found himself can not speak, do not listen, but do notuse.The most frustrating is that after many words memorized, butgradually forgotten.Enhanced memory most important key is to find ahappy learning methods, any make you feel happy learning method ismost suitable for your approach.In fact, we learn in the process,do not deliberately go back the word, we should have learned oneword, repeated read a few times, but the word is to learn from thecontext.Learning English should first have a sound enters thebrain, and then learn to speak, write, and spell is finally payattention to."English Mobile" APP has systematically categorizeEnglish grammar and explain clearly describes its meaning, functionand identification method, so that "grammar" and "communication"link together to make grammatical rules "live" together,The wordand its context to "voice" of the pattern recorded in the brain,meaning its use will be clear in mind the way, to learn English andto take effective and interesting, original ~ English is verysimple.
你講我猜 1.8.0 APK
猜謎遊戲,從Google熱門搜尋關鍵字隨機挑選題目。Puzzle games, from popular Google searchkeywords randomly selected topics.
ShakeDice 1.6.0 APK
Through the device accelerometer, you just gently shake the device,you can get the same effect to roll the dice.
Random Order Text 2.1.0 APK
Random Order Text This is a phone App by lot drawing, enter thename of each participant (separated by spaces) and click "Random",the program will automatically random number to sort all the names.